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  2. This is a Vanilla server that will be used for mod development. When my mods are updated/complete this server will be changed to a modded server with only custom made mods. Website: www.doomlandgaming.com IP Address: Discord: https://discord.gg/ej5Pd4B
  3. Oh! Oh my, those fences look BEAUTIFUL. It looks like I'll need to fix up the wooden paths as well, and add the new wood. Thanks for reminding me!
  4. I'll double check once I get home from work but the server never technically crashed so im not sure if it even generated a crash log. It just went totally unresponsive until it disconnected everyone. Console log acted as if everything was normal, usual client disconnect messages. Can't reconnect until it reboots though. edit: Unfortunately I do not have any crash logs, and the normal logs have been overwritten since we disabled features and started playing. I've updated to 1.9.2 and re-enabled everything at default values. I will update if it happens again. edit again:
  5. Please give me the crash report, once you can
  6. It has happened twice now that I will try to start a world and it just sits at "Return again." Not sure what the issue is or what I should do to correct the issue. Please let me know if there is anything I can provide to resolve it. Thanks. Wade P.S. Forgot to add I am using 1.15 pre 3
  7. I may know what is causing this. I try to fix it tomorrow. I know. But someone in my discord suggested it and i thought it was a very funny idea even it is quite unrealistic. I add it to the list.
  8. "When milking an animal you have a chance of {0}% and additional {1}% for every day the animal was not milked to get cheese instead of milk." That is not how animals work! I'm still laughing at that. You forgot to mention Salty Backpack.
  9. Have a bug in 0.6.0-pre1. When trying to fill a small trough with flax grain, the trough accepts the first grain without issues, but I am unable to add any more than 1 portion of grain to the trough. If I break the trough, I get back my flax grain, but that grain no longer stacks with grain that hasn't been put in a trough. Currently only level 1 in husbandry, so no skill points have been allocated.
  10. I run a small 1.4.10 server for just me and 2 friends. Just updated this yesterday to 1.9 and as soon as anyone mines rock or ore the server stops responding. The only way we could get it to stay up is to disable cave ins, gasses, the new locust enemies, and POSSIBLY the breath bar. I turned off everything new and it was stable so we decided to just play instead of keep messing with it. I get home in 4 hours and can post log files if needed. Nothing was pointing to this mod specifically, or any mod really. I just tried disabling new features as it's the only thing that changed when
  11. Go to the config and set GasesEnabled to false. If you do not see the option, delete the config, and load up a world to generate a new one
  12. Is there a way to turn this off?
  13. Finally got around to making a tutorial video for the mod, also just released a patch so the firepits and torches should release carbon monoxide over time.
  14. Here is the first preview for the mod version 0.6. It should work with the game version 1.15.0-pre.6. It probably contains some bugs. XLib: -Added StatsAbility class which can modify multiple player abilities at ones. -Added HeatedEffect and HotEffect(heal over time) effect templates. XSkills: Features: -Sunflowers, Amaranth, Peanuts, Cassava and Pineapples are now affected by the farming skill. -Grown log sections are now affected by the forestry skill. -Milking animals and collecting eggs from henboxes now give experience for the husbandry ski
  15. Maelstrom


    How about something like this...
  16. I know this isn't listed for VS 1.15 as yet, but figured I'd mention: Running 1.15pre6, the Stone Foot Path recipes conflict with vanilla Dry Stone Fences.
  17. It is a bunch of settings now, by default it will have no effect on your cave generation, it only will if you change those multipliers
  18. Could you add again the ability to completely disable crazy caves for those of us who don't want to play with them? Because not everyone enjoys having to deal with vast dark caverns but some of the other stuff your mod adds are kinda nice, and it is a jarring shift from the rest of the mod where you can pick and choose what to enable.
  19. I've been using Lake Ice, I just hit it with the chisel first and then pick it up. It's a decent work around, I just wish glass was chiselable ; ;
  20. I don't think the game is meant to handle liquid > solid transitions.
  21. There are still quite a few blocks that can't be chiselled with that setting turned on. Dirt, cob, stone path blocks, glass, and others. That setting, even though it says "all" only allows you to chisel most blocks, not all blocks. It is a bit misleading.
  22. Thats really a nice idea. There should be definitely more possible uses for those gears. I got those on mass and dont know what to do with them. ^^
  23. Finally got the barrel of resin to cure! I had to break the barrel in order to get the resin to drop, which is kind of what I expected.
  24. I have an idea for the mentioned Zombi, what about, that you need kill a zombie twice. Fist with your weapon, but If you don't burn him with fire, he will come back. A zombie you need killd two times, first by weapon, within in a small time window with fire again.
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