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  2. Hello, just wondering if you're still working on this mod? I would like to base something off of it, but if you're going to be doing anything else I would wait. Thanks bunches!
  3. Mods in VintageStory often run on newer versions
  4. Hello I am interested in learning how to mod, and I would like to adapt your mod in a slightly different direction. Would that be alright with you? Do you have any tips? Thank you, AcidaliaP
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  6. Okay, it started working for some reason or another, after I made two more, different worlds.
  7. The spade is very nice! I actually never start farming until its far too late, just because I don't wanna waste my precious Terra Preta in stupid spots that I know won't stick around. As it is currently, I have to plan out and built a greenhouse to even be able to start planting without doubts!
  8. Yes, all the mods were made in 1.13.4 so they will all work in that version, its 1.14 that has spotty support for now, at least until its released.
  9. So, what does this actually do? Allow you to use a helvehammer to make picks and saws and such?
  10. Any chance that Second Hotbar could be made dependent on equipment, such as a toolbelt?
  11. Good idea, but it would not make sense for flax, as the flax fibre you get is the stalk. Maybe you would only get grass/hay from rye and spelt (and possibly rice, I don't know that much about the rice plant)
  12. I think the reason that all the fire bricks don't always drop is because they can crack while the metal is firing, from slag sticking to them and shattering them. But this is nice for at least ensuring that the chimney, which shouldn't really have that issue, drops all its bricks. Does it work in 1.13.4?
  13. There’s a lot to do in this game, and part of the complexity comes from proper time management. Quite often in this game I find myself writing things down, whether it’s future projects, the next day’s chores, or the goods a particular trader is looking for. While this works, I would love a way to do this in-game. Signs and charcoal exist, but they are stationary and require a lot of space for longer lists. I think there can be a better solution—something portable, that doesn’t require consuming precious charcoal. Wax tablets! Wax tablets are wooden tablets covered with a layer of wax, tha
  14. So, this is also an extra source of Tannin?
  15. I've been mulling over whether I should do this or not for several months, but I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and do it! What's the worst thing that could happen, right? Pre-Thoughts. Anyway, I think it's very important that Vintage Story has a form of story, or story mode if you will. A mode separate from regular survival as to keep it untouched and still an available option for those not interested in the story. I believe having one would help to set VS even further apart from Minecraft and establish it as it's own identity. Though adding in all the neat suggestions a
  16. Haha, yea I fenced them in now.
  17. You can probably extrapolate that out for the others, since we know all the variables. I have a ridiculous abundance of terra preta. So much that it might be viable to just run through a farm and replace it all
  18. Another tip: try to keep racoons away from you skeps, because they also like to "harvest".
  19. Four plots will also do, if you're limited in how much terra preta you have. It'll be right at the edge of not quite regenerating it, and the difference won't really be that noticeable. Other crops have different growth speeds and nutrient costs, though, so what I described is only valid for flax.
  20. I’m an idiot. I was trying to harvest them when they were populated, but not quite harvestable yet.
  21. that was my next question, how long does that take to rotate through. Which you very nicely answered!
  22. I was thinking about suggesting this myself not to long ago. The three guns types I thought could work are Flintlock Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. Rifle is long range, with good damage but slow reload. Pistol is average with mid range, okay damage, decent reload. And Shotgun is short but wide range, crazy damage, good crowd control, fast reload, but resource expensive. By that I mean consumes more bullets per shot, like five or ten per, or more. I would say the Rifle and Shotgun barrels would probably be stuck to the anvil, with the Pistol maybe bein' a mold. Barrel metal determines du
  23. Yeah, crop rotation is the name of the game. Besides, be happy that K fertilizer is the most useful, because the only plant worth fertilizing (flax on medium farmland) requires K. All other crops are barely required. I run like... 4 blocks of cabbage on terra preta, and I cannot eat all of that output. At least, not while taking care to evenly eat from all four food groups. Flax, though, produces fibers, and that you need in huge amounts. Plus you can feed the excess grain to livestock, which covers your protein needs. So now I have five 4x4 plots of terra preta, and I fill one of i
  24. I am reading through the handbook and wiki and it seems like most fertilizers aren't really that good at restoring nutrients, aside from K plants Bonemeal is N:3, P:30, K:0 Postash is N: 0, P:0, K:60 Saltpeter is N:13, P:0, K: 44 I also read that farmland regenerates nutrients over time. Since fertilizer is either rare, inefficient, or both, compared to how much food you actually need to survive, is it better to just rotate crops into different farm plots?
  25. Finding a vertical shaft cave will let you see a good ways down without digging. No way besides that though. Ya you shouldn't have found tin in chert. There do exist very rare shallow cassitterite deposits, but I think they're still stone type limited afaik. Best place to find ore depth info and such is the wiki. There's an ore deposits page.
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