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  2. The game could use more movement options, but I would rather see the translocaters get more love as the fast travel option. I find that roads are enjoyable to build and use in this game, especially when the terrain is rugged or just impassable, but they are only worth it for a few reasons: traders and some mines. If you could fast travel from any trader to another, roads would cease to have any real impact. There is no point to boats unless you could bring a lot of stuff in them as your character can swim just fine. If this does become a thing I would expect a significant cost to doing it (20+ rusty gears per km or something similar).
  3. So turn rocks into sand for more panning? Wouldn't mining the ores normally be more metal efficient and faster anyway? Why bother? I also don't really like how it passively rewards the player with "byproducts" for zero extra effort. If people want resources, they should have to work for them in a survival game. Just giving it to you is not going to make it valuable to the player, they should have to mine them as ores. If you want these available as early teasers (or gambling) for players just make the nuggets of the ores spawn in the ruins' loot pots. This system would also make players have to decide whether to keep these one or two special nuggets early on in their limited space or chuck it out for something immediately useful or more valuable (which I am fine with, but you may not be with the FOMO thing you said above) Doubling the ore just doesn't make sense as you said, but I do like the idea of crushing ore with the pulverizers, which would be nice if only to prevent having to replace the hammers I normally use in exchange for time and power. You would get to save the metal for the hammers for something else and it would be a nice function for an otherwise underused machine, but it would not break the game.
  4. Hello, I really like the idea of the stone path adding a runspeed modifier. However, I'm not a huge fan of its appearance in mid-late game builds. I'd like to suggest adding a speed modifier to more blocks- specifically the craft-able stone and brick blocks. They are also more [street] road-like than the path blocks. As such, I think 1.4-1.5x speed would be perfect for the standard block/slabs. It would allow for more aesthetic flexibility within our builds while maintaining survival usability.
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  6. Me and my friends are trying to start a new save on our multiplayer world, but I can't find a way to restart the world. I have attempted changing the world name in the basic settings and the name of the world's file name in the config settings. Even changing the seed hasn't done anything. Any help would be appreciated ;-;
  7. It would be nice if we had, in addition to Exploration/Creative/Survival, a Custom Presets worldgen category that simply remembered the last settings selected there.
  8. I can help here, I had to master the lighting system essentially to get my mod to work. There are 3 types of light: Sunlight - This casts down from the sky to the ground. A rating from 0-22 is defined by the JSON in your world file. Every light level blocked reduces this. Unlike what you might expect, light level produced by time of day is not affected by this, that's done on its own separate thing during rendering or something. This means that anything that checks light, unless it also checks time, won't care if it's day or night. It will treat the block as fully lit if it's exposed to the sky. Block Light - Same thing as sunlight, though the 'brightness' of block light is 1/3rd or put another way: a sunlight of 6 overpowers a block light of 18. This reduces by 1 per distance from the block emitting the light. By far the simplest light source type in the game. Entity Light - This light value works like block light except it has half the range: With each block reducing 2 levels of light. This isn't actually tracked by game itself but it can easily be inferred by simply reading the "V" of its HSV level and doing some simple math. Entity Light sources include players holding light sources (fun fact: you can put colored glass in lamps to color it) entities that are on fire, dropped light sources and spider mechanicals attacking you. If it's an entity casing a light, it's Entity light. All lights have an HSV value, yes, even sunlight. (This can be defined in the world JSON) Hue determines the color, Saturation determines how much color, and Value determines the brightness of the color. In the case of Entity Light (and potentially all light), V determines the strength.
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  10. Huh seems that the chisel recipe for lamellae gives half as much bits as it should. That's probably a bug. EDIT: Yeah it is. Scales are supposed to be the ones that give half material. The clear solution here is to make lamellae cost half as much to make in the casting process, maybe then people would actually use it.
  11. Chickens go for small throughs and other animals for large ones. So you can have chickens pretty much anywhere, they don't get in the way. But if you have a sheep pen right next to a pig pen, and put in feed that both of them like, there's a risk. I mean, it's not guaranteed to go wrong immediately, but I have seen this behavior happen when I tried to subdivide my sheep pen so that only the "correct" generations had access to the trough. At some point, the other sheep went crazy.
  12. Given this behavior, is it then best practice to keep all sheep/pigs in one area and chickens in another?
  13. Farmland blocks refill their moisture level only once every couple minutes. It's certainly not ideal, maybe this will change in the future. But for what it's worth - if such an update tick were to happen while it's raining, then the rain would indeed add moisture.
  14. This is an impractical idea in general, because filled troughs cause nearby animals to want to eat from them. If an animal from pen A gets the bright idea that it must eat from the trough in pen B, it may start throwing itself against the separating fence until it eventually gltiches through. ...Or, at least, that's how it was so far. 1.15.6 is bringing some unspecified improvements to trough feeding behavior. Unsure if it addresses this. Will require testing after the patch goes stable.
  15. Ideally the bug report subforum or github. I see bugs from both getting fixed, not sure if there's an internal priority. In any case though, think less about where you put it and more about what you put in there. The majority of all bug reports are of such poor quality that gleaning any information at all from them is a challenge that might well be impossible, or may take more time than fixing the bug itself. Attaching a relevant log is a start, but if you really want to help, you can do better. Clearly state your game version and OS. Clearly state if you're using mods. Don't report a one-time 'ghost issue' unless it's particularly crippling. Try to figure out what made it happen, and try to force it to happen again. Write down how you made it happen again. In great detail. There can't possibly be too much detail here. If you managed to make it happen again, start a new world at default settings and with zero mods. Try to make it happen again. Describe the result. Provide screenshots if you suspect that they might help illustrate what you want the devs to see. If you're set up to record video (for example, you stream or do Youtube content), a video is even better than a screenshot. Watch your bug report and be prepared to answer questions you get. Even if it takes a week or more for questiosn to come in. Sometimes Tyron is on vacation, or he does focused bugfixing sprints once every so often but works on new features at other times. If you cannot make a bug in a modded game happen again in a new save without mods, don't report it as a bug! Try to find out which mod, or which combination of them, causes it to happen, then go to the mod threads in question and report it there.
  16. Sorry to not get back to you, I ended up using a chisel with it in the crafting grid and that for some reason works?
  17. Copper, right now. I haven't managed to work my way up to bronze yet. Modlist for me: - Acorns - Anvil Metal Recovery - better crates - Bullseye - Carry capacity - Extra Chests - Farmland Drops Soil - Medieval Expansion - Primitive survival -Spyglass - Expanded Foods - Extra Chests - Workbench expansion Checking with everything except metal recovery turned off in the mod manager, I seem to have the same issues. I've tried hammer, chisel, and saw in various configurations with no effect.
  18. Where is the correct place to report rc issues? Here or github or ...
  19. A late-game preservation method. It would require a glass jar, the lid would likely be a tin-plated steel (I don't know if other materials are viable, I just know tin-plated steel lids are used commonly in real life), and you would have to boil it in water. Once steam becomes a thing in the future, perhaps you could make a sort of steam canner as well.
  20. Version 2.1.1 released! This one should hopefully fix the bug described by Snappu, as well as a few other animation bugs that occured only in multiplayer. I'm glad you are enjoying the mod, and thank you very much for the report! As luck would have it that's a bug I can't reproduce because I only have one game account and one computer to play on, but I do have a rough idea of what might be causing it so I tried a quick patch. If it doesn't work, please let me know and I'll do a more in-depth fix
  21. I have the larger stacks mod, could it be something with that? I could try and test weird inventory stuff in single player. In single player it seems to be fine with any weird numbers of items and if I remove the backpack ability. I can access the server on my alt so it is something related to xskills and the server. I also had my server playerdata deleted and it didn't work. I then uninstalled and reinstalled vintage story and my mods but still did not work on my main so the issue is probably in the world file or wherever server side xskills data is stored. Then I tried manually giving myself the backpack related perks and even deleting my data in the xskills world data folder but it did not work. Any idea where xskills holds inventory data? Edit: I may have figured it out I will post some troubleshooting results if I can fix it and maybe figure out what caused it
  22. Does rain add moisture to farm land? cause it is losing moisture during rain faster then get any... I watered the farm land to 100% moisture and its been raining for well over 20 mins and the farm land is now 73% moisture it should be gaining moisture not losing it i think... or maybe i'm wrong cause it just went back to 100% with some rain
  23. In the wiki it states: Animals can consume food from 0.6 blocks away and mate at a distance of up to 10 blocks away. With this distance, will animals breed through walls, fences, gates/doors? If male/female animals are penned separately but side by side, would they breed through the separation? Also, will hares that are captured in a pit or other means despawn if there is still sufficient lighting? Will they lose weight over time? Being that they aren’t able to be domesticated and hence cannot be fed, the idea is to have a pen or rabbits (or even wolves) on hand to butcher as needed. Anyone have more info on this?
  24. In addition to what Silent Shadow said, I really like to use the new rope ladders instead of regular ones for my vertical shafts. They allow me to gather the ladder from the top of the shaft when I am finished with it and I can re-use them for the next one instead of having to craft another set of ladders.
  25. Do you have any other mods that modify the player inventory?
  26. Not that I know of. I don't know if this could be something related to killing someone who has extra item slots and not having that perk?
  27. I second this, I'd also like the abilty to turn off wild animal pooping.
  28. So I was panning some bony soil and dredged up a tin bronze lamellae. In the description it reads it smelts into 1x tin bronze ingot. It wouldn’t go into a crucible, forge, or even onto the anvil. I ended up trying the chisel, but it only recovered tin bronze bits totaling 50 units (half an ingot). I didn’t try building bloomery, maybe that’s how you smelt lamellae into ingots? Any direction would be appreciated!
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