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  2. Based off of info from the wiki, the Seraphs are an evolved people who originated from the water. This may go a way to explaining why they can breathe underwater. That said, my impression is that they were a race of people that were in existence during the time noted in the journals and things; because they have detailed lore about clothing, for example, worn by key people who - I assume - were alive during that time. We have an awareness of events that we don't get from the artefacts we find. Also, we can read, which means the seraphs very likely share a common root language with that an
  3. Never. But there is a chance for horsetail to spawn on empty farmlands
  4. Okay... I can expand on those crashes: Create empty world Spawn Barrel Place Barrel Spawn 1 portion of cranberry juice (literally the raw droplets) Open Barrel GUI Try putting juice portion into item barrel slot Crash Are you sure you don't have some development texture copies floating around in paths not included for the distributed version?
  5. Today
  6. There are few things here, I would save everything but I might have heard that, when reinstalling, the less we keep the better it is I have a mod installed, but I'd also like to keep my -graphics settings -saved servers and IP linked with it Here is my folder content (in appdata) I guess I have to keep ModConfig ModData Mods Playerdata Saves Is that it ? Do I need those clientsettings.bkb / .json and serverconfig.json / servermagicnumbers.json ? Again, thank you for replying, much appreciated !
  7. Hmm, I'm not able to replicate the two crashes. I'm DEFINITELY not having issues with exchanging liquids between barrels and bottles, but I can't put cranberry juice in the same barrel as black currant juice. It won't let me. I am having those same issues with juices, though. It seems to interact oddly with the saucepan, putting together 2.5 +1.5 liters results in 5 liters, a full saucepan, while getting the same amounts from the screwpress using a bucket results in 11.75-12 liters (it seems to change). Darn, I thought we'd ironed those kinks out. I can look into config options, sure
  8. But it just triggers the normal autosavefeature (as far as i can see), it's not an actual quicksave (which could be loaded separately and won't get overwritten the next time the autosavefeature gets triggered, which could be after a player gets killed or similar events), or did you mean a game crash with "in case something goes awry"? In my opinion autosave and quicksave are totally different things. Nearly all (atm i know only a single one, Starmancer, which doesn't and that's still in really early development, but would benefit massively as often as it crashes when testing) sandbox ga
  9. I'm also curious If plants ever spread? If I plant a few lupines or forget me nots around my home will they ever spread?
  10. Is there (or could there be) config options to modify the saturation values of the foods in this mod? Also to perhaps disable certain recipes? Server I'm playing on is adding mods, but is looking to maintain a specific level of difficulty, thus may not want things like vinegar or salt from water.
  11. Yea I figured that out you just need 32 to make some charcoal
  12. I think that you have to burn a multiple of 32 (full stack) firewood, because you're not supposed to left space in the charcoal pit. That being said, why asking for a minimum amount ? With a single stack of 32, you'll only get about 8 charcoal, and you'll need many many more than that. You should directly build a bigger charcoal pit (at least 4 stacks).
  13. Suggestion: make textures for different ore quality
  14. Prospecting Pickaxe also for archaeological research? You could use it to explore hidden (covered with soil) ruins and later, if we have maybe this in the game also abandon catacombs, cemeteries in the game. Or a similar arch-pickaxe
  15. neat, are you on deviantart.com too? Thats my page too https://www.deviantart.com/zeropainter
  16. More bugs: Crash when trying to remove juice with a bottle from a barrel. (Presumably the same as @Lisabet observed) Crash when trying to add (fully expecting it to fail) a bucket of juice B to a barrel filled with juice A. (barrel had red currant juice, bucket had black currant juice). Using the same bucket to remove identical juices from fully filled screw presses will give more juice than the presses contained, and will in fact "overfill" the bucket: Press A & B had 2.5 L of juice each, using one bucket to first empty press A, then B results i
  17. Movable wooden chair and wooden table when you walk against it. No matter that you have to take it in your hand / in your inventory. I use the table as a mobile ladder for storing food. And wish, when you run something against it, that the chair or table can move. Moving by collision .... The ground should be flat for it. Otherwise it does not work or it falls down (staircase for example). oh, a craftable moving ladder would be also very neat. I mean a thing like this e.g. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/233410145168-0-1/s-l1600.jpg
  18. RobinHood


    thats not working, chatwindow is popping up, I changed for this reason some other shortcuts with CTRL. Filling Barrel with water no problem, just RMB. Edit: Ah okay, its fine I changed my Key for running/sprinting - Tab key much better for my leftt hand.
  19. Seems, it's not possible to craft a simple pan, when player uses kapok wood log in the crafting grid. If this is intended, I'm really missing logical explanation/exception in any starter guide, Wiki, beginners video, or similar. Otherwise, just take it as a bug report and an advice for fixing.
  20. Well, here you go: You just added "implement hoses & pipes" to your task list All joking aside, it's probably better to wait for 1.15 for this. The "rope physics" previews lend themselves really well to a low tier "hose" system, with maybe actual pipes as upgraded versions. Yeah, but there are a lot of recipes you can make with 4 unique ingredients. I think most people here would want to setup batch processing for things like "make dough", not "make this fancy salad with that syrup, these nuts, that oil and crispy nuggets of that fish". (No slight against piscetarians intended
  21. Welcome to the forums Unfortunately, lore entries are per-person for the time being. The story part of the game is only implemented very rudimentarily, and is slated to be expanded significantly in the future. In the meantime, I recommend collecting all the bony soil from ruins that you can find. It can be panned, and yields not only some valuable items, but also a relatively large amount of lore books.
  22. Aesthetic suggestion: Perhaps the yellow lines on the side could match the liquid's color? It would blend together better and also make the cork look more distinct. You could probably squeeze some more liquid inside, too. The walls look REALLY thick.
  23. I will always accept any help offered!
  24. Just curious! would you be interested in any custom modeling done? I love your current models, and I have plenty of Ideas I'd love to create and send your way!
  25. I would have to check but if I remember correctly there will be a save folder inside the vintagestorydata folder.
  26. I'm using Maestro to convert midi files to abc (First result off google), and every abc file gives an "Error parsing file, char index ###" error message. This one is char index 228. SHADOW2.abc
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