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  3. Hi guys. Trying to get into this auto map. But there doesn't seem to be much in the way of instructions. I've got the mod, I've hit shift+M. But what now? Can someone pls share some of their knowlodge?
  4. @Platinum Lynx@Darce@Amira All of you have been added to the wiki
  5. any chance of getting this mod updated to 1.15.1? loving the new wood colors and would love to make shelves and such with them
  6. Our server host found an error code: 14:27:52 [Server Error] [vschatbot-1.2.0.zip] Missing modinfo.json
  7. xandu, would you be willing to rename your bits to something else? shards maybe? your 21:1 ratio bleeds over to the vanilla bits (chisel on ingot) and you still get 20 from that but can't recreate the ingot because it requires 21 if xlibs/xskills is on the server or honestly, please go to the 20:1 ratio used by everyone else? (or make a config file where I can change it myself to 20:1) I love xskills/xlibs but that ratio will eventually make me just stop using the mod out of frustration
  8. Not "slow", no. You can choose between no time progress while no one is online, and regular time progress while no one is online.
  9. Hi, is it possible to set VS server to slowly progress world time without any players online ?
  10. I got this game a few days ago and I'm already liking it, and I'm excited to see where it goes in the future. I'd like to help with filling out some of the wiki pages (especially the stub articles), as well as improving general readability of existing ones. My username on the wiki is 'Amira'.
  11. Fellow players and I were lamenting the lack of food preservation on trade o mats, when it came to our attention that you can place a trade o mat in a room that counts as a cellar, and it will have regular cellar preservation bonuses. It would be even better, however, if there was a trade o mat that had vessel bonuses. Enter the Vend o Vessel. Made using a vessel and glass pane, this trade o mat variant has the vessel's food preservation bonuses for grain and vegetables, while allowing players to buy its products safely. Vend o vessels, the future of pie trading!
  12. As far as I know, yeah. I don't know if that was an intentional design choice or not.
  13. Sooooo, we can cut & dry them to make them last longer, but then they can't be used in food, correct??
  14. Pumpkin pies have eggs......just sayin'.
  15. A very minor detail, but given that hay blocks are flammable, should the thatch roofing blocks that they can be made into not also be flammable?
  16. Pies are... tricky. I've been playing around with them and they're currently coded to only allow filling from the same food category: This means I can mix odd things together, like mushrooms, chopped cabbage, turnip gelatin, and... I dunno, cassava. That'll all fit into a pie just fine, but if I used fruit gelatin, that would only work in fruit pies. I have absolutely no idea how feasible it is for multi-nutritional pies. Maybe we can check it out. Now you've got me wondering if you can put eggs in pies...
  17. Hi! I just bought the game because I saw itchio was doing Creator Day again, the thing is that I installed it but there was a problem, there was no sound (openal was installed), looking through the Linux distro/configurations topic I saw that there is a aur package, and looking it through pamac I saw that there is a flatpak package. My suggestion is to show the flatpak version when downloading the game as an alternative as it's easy to install and at least for me, it just works. Thanks.
  18. Distro / Kernel release : Manjaro 21.1.0 Pahvo 5.13.4-1 Mono / .NET package version : mono Graphics driver version : nvidia driver 470.57.02 Works for client, mp server or both : client Installation method used : itchio (install.sh), sound didn't work, found out a flatpak version exists which is easier and sound now works fine. Hacks (if needed) : None Vintage version: 1.15.1 (stable)
  19. I'm very excited to see what you do with all the new recipes that 1.15 gave us, especially pies. I'm a huge quiche fan; I'm hoping for like an egg, cheese, sausage, and mushroom type of deal. Anyway, thank you for all of your hard work, this add verve to the game. It sucks sometimes when it's the dead of winter and travel's a little restricted; cooking totally fills that gap. More roads is awesome, too, the round foot stones gave my garden a level of gene se qua. I can't remember if I have anything else of yours off the top of my head that deserves mentioning; all of the work that you folks do blends together so seamlessly that sometimes it's easy to forget which mod belongs to which person. At any rate, thank you
  20. Hi! I've been doing some helping with the translation of the game and I was wondering If I could also help with the wiki, I was told to ask permissions in this thread. Thanks!
  21. Strange, so apparently I chose 2 unstable places to begin with to settle down? Wasn't really paying attention to the gear moving I guess. Maybe I'll move one more time and pay attention to it before saying it's a bug or starting a new world.
  22. @Aledark Please report problems in Forum so i got a notification. Thanks for reporting i will investigate whats wrong. This is known and investigated. After request in then mod-support-channel there was no answer if i can do anything there, that the dead-notification is handle it correctly - there is no sepereate Death-Message declaration for animals.
  23. Welcome to the forums Areas do not become unstable over time. If you find an area in which the spins clockwise (or doesn't spin, if the wheel is full already), then it is stable and will always be stable. It will never become unstable. (Unless, of course, you have found a bug. But we've not yet heard this from any of the thousands of others that are playing on 1.15.) So look carefully at the cogwheel before you settle down and build a house. Also walk around the area a bit, to ensure you are not on the border between a stable and an unstable zone. If you can document a case of stability changing over time, we'd love a bug report for this. Just make sure that you don't run any mods while it happens. The devs need to be able to reproduce the issue without mods in play.
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