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  3. if you startet the map without the mod and then renable, i don't know what happend. never tested it. may be rollback to a point without disabling the mod
  4. @Rhonen Now we got another problem: I have disabled Primitive Survival but now we got this
  5. I figured that it seems to be a conflict between your mod and Primitive Survival. I have notified the author of PS.
  6. For anyone else having this issue & using this on a server. Remove the bells entity file from you game completely. Adding the bells.json above caused the mod to fail entirely & spawn drifters, i have no idea why as it does not edit anything.
  7. Working perfectly fine for me, right now. EDIT: looking at Discord, the regular domain is apparently down for maintenance, so bookmarks won't work. But if you click on the Wiki button at the top of this page, it'll take you to a backup domain, which is why it worked for me.
  8. Thor8472

    cant load wiki

    the wiki site is down?
  9. i can list you the mods we are using to. its no conflict on xlib
  10. These are the mods we are using. I think i tried removing MeteoricExpansion, ModBooks, XSkills/XLib, VSo-ModPackage before.
  11. ok understand but this error does not happen on our server with the current mod. so without chance to reproducing it, i can not realy help at this point. also if you say it was running with the update and now not longer... the newest version does not make any remapping. and when you say you updated your own mod pack to get it run again, then i fear their seems to be a conflict between the mods.
  12. Bell also crashes my server. We encountered our first one & when it makes a sound it crashes. This is the only entity mod i have, going to attempt to add the bell.json
  13. I have removed any other mod before and it crashed until i removed yours.It does crash on connection, so i do not even get onto the server to open up anything. The strange thing is that right after i updated our mod pack last night (cet) it worked, but this morning it did not. For me and others.
  14. @Kai Effelsbergit's running without any problems on our server. Only what i can read that any kind of Handbook problem - may be mod conflict? also wondering that your server crashes while handbook is client information as far as i know. So you are only opening the handbook and then game crashes? When yes, any kind of other mods which is influencing the handbook?
  15. We get the following crash on connection to our server which does not occur if your mod gets removed. Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Version: v1.14.7 (Stable)24.01.2021 10:26:08: Critical error occurred System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. bei Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiHandbookItemStackPage.PageCodeForStack(ItemStack stack) bei Vintagestory.GameContent.GuiDialogHandbook.InitStackCacheAndStacks() bei Vintagestory.GameContent.GuiDialogHandbook.loadEntries() bei Vintagestory.GameContent.ModSystemHan
  16. I'm on VS 1.14.7, how do I make a pelt and how do I fine worms?
  17. Personally I'd prefer not to use mods.
  18. I actually have temporal stability in this world turned off >.>
  19. The polished stone slabs have a line in the middle of their tops. This is quite annoying because i wish to make floors from polished stone, and using slabs would greatly help being efficient in material. But the seam in the top surface ruins it and makes them look quite ugly. Couldn't polished stone slabs have the same smooth texture that the full block has?
  20. Hi, @Volphox! Does your game freezes a bit when you clicking of right-clicking trade’o’rug? Can you load a game, place trade’o’rug in world, make a single right-click and exit, afterwards upload your client-main.txt and server-main.txt here?
  21. Maybe their temporal stability is low.
  22. Um, I'm not sure if it's this mod doing it, but I've only updated this one, survival categories and the teleportation network mods. As far as I know only yours changes creatures in any way. I'm having ghostly animals (and for a bit the drifters as well but they solidified after awhile)
  23. I've updated XSkills and started a new world. After 10 hours of fighting goblins, drifters, and bandits I was... one tenth of the way to leveling up Combat. This is rather demoralizing, is it supposed to be this low? I went into the files and boosted all Combat gains by 4 times and killing things feels like less of a horrible grind and more of a regular grind. Additionally, could you integrate the bandits from VSo mod collection into this? These guys are pretty tough and getting no XP for killing them sorta... sucks.
  24. Hey, I know that making new classes is super hard to do, but would it be possible to have a 'gestalt' version of this mod that lets you pick 2 classes? I often struggle with what to pick, and I see a lot of other people do as well. Having twice as many bonuses and maluses would be really interesting. People could still pick Commoner if they don't want to get crazy. Just IMAGINE how much food a Blackguard/Vanguard would need!
  25. So I found automap.html, but it does seem to be updating (1.14.5). Is that the correct file?
  26. Thanks! It's working great, I'll upload a new version tomorrow.
  27. This is absolutely brilliantly and works really nicely. I will definitely be using it more for future projects.
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