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  2. Thanks @Tech_Rabbit I've been testing it some more, and a few other people have been reporting back as well. It seems pretty solid, other than the fact that the recipe for the wooden lanterns isn't showing up in the handbook. Weird, because you can still make them....sigh.
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  4. v1.4.13: Fixed rime planter recipe (@luette) Added painting recipes and enabled small pelt recipe Added fern tree disassemble recipe Added wallpaper recipes
  5. Hal13

    Armor 2.0

    That maybe right but you did refer to my proposition where an armor would be able to take quite a beating until you even start to see the stats worsen. that's why i was asking what you would mean by needing frequent repairs. You refered to a proposition to not worsen the stats right from the first hit the armor takes but after a treshold (90% durability) is reached, which means you wouldn't have to constantly repair it to full durability, it would be sufficient to keep it in good shape (above the treshold). Btw. with copper being tier 2 and durability damage scaling in a tierA/tierB fashi
  6. No, you didn't write anything like that. The suggestion like you wrote it, looks like you wanted that to be a default mechanic, which is the biggest reason why i'm against it. A good suggestion gives as much needed information as possible, the little information you gave, gives the impression it only is a relevant mechanic for pvp multiplayer servers, and therefore as DrEngine said, may be a better mod idea than an idea for the default game (it doesn enrich the singleplayer or strict pve gameplay). I had to guess otherwise, because it seems you don't know the mechanics around b
  7. because for example copper tools are not durable enough and you want spares? and heating the forge once and do a longer smithing session to make several tools is more efficient in terms of charcoal use and time than heating it each time you need a new tool, not to mention finding them in ruins. That's right, but depending on the mold you wouldn't need a full ingot worth of it. apart from that, it eases alloying. And keeping a stack of shavings in a chest doesn't block anything from being used.
  8. I think the better form for such a functionality would be a mod.
  9. Thankyou! I can't wait to play the latest version of your mod. I have liked it so far, and fixing the fish issue is very much appreciated!
  10. It has been confirmed that PvP is enabled disabled for xskills. So, what we need is a mod that shows damage output in damage logs.
  11. Don't let our fourth or fifth place on the forum multiplayer thread fool you. The Wilderlands is alive and well. The other larger server threads keep bumping us down. No hard feelings though. A little friendly competition on the boards is good for moral.
  12. You can't do anything with just one metal shaving, can you? You can however save up, till you have enough metal to fully fill a mold. That is why I prefer a metal scrap system here more. However, getting back 50% of the metal is still much better than getting back nothing, also why would someone have unused tools anyway?
  13. no one ever said it would be common and how would it ruin traveling? and it would be a setting not required did i not say that? made tribes and leaders vague so it could be worked on over 60 hours on the game i know how it works
  14. Erik

    Armor 2.0

    Armor damage and therefore repair would be frequent, when having the system I proposed, where armor damage also means lower protection. For such a system resolving around "destroying" armor, the armor wouldn't last for a few hundred hits, but probably 20 or so hits when against a monster that would after the old system be in the same tier. And even when this wasn't the case, armor damage meaning lower protection means, people would be encouraged to always have their armor at full durability. As for a repair system that allows quick repairs without huge resource investments: Just whack you
  15. Not sure if youre already working on this but Luminiferous messes with light from lanterns that have coloured glass
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  17. Our website is getting an overhaul tomorrow and will have some down time, if the website is down and you wish to join, please shoot me a PM with your vintage story in game name and Ill contact you back
  18. Oops. Still a little glitch with the fish. I fixed it and re-upped with the same version number. Apologies to those few people who downloaded it already!
  19. New version up. Bump! See the original post for download links and more. New: Wooden Lanterns of various types... New: Wooden Lanterns - A simpler (primarily for aesthetics) lantern made from various wood types (requires a copper plate but no glass) - throws more light than a torch but less than a copper lantern. thanks @Kai Effelsberg Updated: German translation - thanks @Kiava Updated: New textures for cordage, fish fillets, and fish jerky - thanks @Ledyanaya Sonya Tweak: You can now right click OR shift right click to finalize a weir trap, or reset a dea
  20. Changelog: 1.2.4: Tweak: Changed folder structure for global config and data files. New Syntax: "mushroom", "olivine", "peat", "resin". New Codebase Features: Major changes to the core, enabling rapid rollout of ModSystems, inlcuding a file manager, embedded resource manager, and service layer.
  21. This is a great start! Can't wait to see this in The Wilderness Survival world we are in (And me being me.. would be great to eventually see it as a refillable artifact of some kind, but I know that is a bit more work)
  22. I love the detail in the game so far, and the depth and immersion that are created by those details. With regard to the way firewood burns, I feel longer burn times are needed badly, and more split wood per log would be an improvement as well. I would even enjoy seeing longer burn time and better charcoal returns from various wood types. Oak burns longer than pine, and some jungle woods are extremely dense and burn even longer and hotter and might make better/more charcoal as well. This could lead into an overall expansion of characteristics for different trees and wo
  23. I could honestly see this as a mechanic implemented into the base game.
  24. I need to clarify what I meant by hunt players- You would have to get close enough for them to aggro on you first, after that, they would be hard to shake off your trail. Polar bears in the north can track prey over very large distances, and if wolves hunt and eat us, there is enough meat on us to tempt a hungry polar bear. I would think polar bears should be rare- much more rare than wolves. Finding one would be a big deal and reap great rewards in meat, fat and fur if you manage to take one down. Having one aggro on you would also be a pretty significant event that you should have to dea
  25. I will fix this in the next update. It's coming soon.
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