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  2. Client+: Cheat-free client-side chat commands (v0.2.0)

    It sounds like you put it in the right place. Does "client-main.txt" have a line something like the following in it? Loaded x mod classes (... ClientPlus.ClientPlus ...) If so, then exactly what command are you trying to use? ".online" and ".moon" (without quotes) are the only two commands. Does the game play a clanking sound when you get a chat message?
  3. Make Lanterns with Lead

    Please no. Bronze is the hardest (useful) metal to get in the game at this point. Glass? Sure. Bronze? No.
  4. Granite Rock requires Tool Tier 1 ( Stone to Break)

    Yea, it should write tier 2 (copper). Changed it now.
  5. Wood processing

    I would love more involving lumbering mechanics, just a simple "cut tree down, logs end up on the ground facing away from where the stump was (is?), then you have to individually cut up each log to collect it. There was also mention of other lumbering tools such as an adze for making canoes, it could also be used for making more primitive roughly hewn planks, perhaps you only get 1-2 per log and the recipes you can make with them is more restricted than normal logs.
  6. Making berry bushes less OP

    Making them take longer to produce would also help. Then maybe adding an extra time needed for the plant to recover from being moved. Perhaps when you replant it gets a few extra growth stages which double or triple the recovery time compared to just picking.
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  8. Make Lanterns with Lead

    I was going to suggest that lanterns cost too much, but stopped myself thinking they shouldn't be too easy to make. Gating them behind bronze rather than simple copper is probably a good idea, while reducing the currently absurd ingot cost. Maybe the recipe should be Clear glass(or just clear quartz) Torch Bronze Bar Glass itself should be a rather more difficult thing to aquire, there has been mention of glass blowing so I'm sure later the recipe for things involving glass can be a bit more complex. Historically lead has been useful for tons of stuff, pewter specifically, but roof shingles, pipes, practically anything we currently make out of plastic might be made out of lead because of it's low casting temperature and malleability.
  9. Client+: Cheat-free client-side chat commands (v0.2.0)

    Not working for me. It just says Command not found. Question, should I add to the install folder or to the AppData folder? I added it to the Install folder where I also have the creative and survival files.
  10. CarryCapacity

    I updated the mod to version 0.2.0, making it a little bit more usable. Changes are: Added a delay to picking up and placing down blocks (can vary per block). You now need to hold right click for half a second to pick up a chest (0.2s for basket). Fixed rotation and rendering misbehaving. Block is placed upon death.
  11. Make Lanterns with Lead

    Also, OCD too strong, CAN'T RESIST, have to mine Galene. What to do with all this Lead?
  12. Make Lanterns with Lead

    You right in a sense although a Rich lead/copper alloy called Molybdochalkos used to make candle holders and other simple utensils.
  13. Make Lanterns with Lead

    I'm not sure I follow. That's not really historical as far as I'm aware. Unless you mean as solder? Lead would be great for bullets if we ever get slings or guns, quenching of some metals in special recipes, babbitt for machinery, and batteries if we ever go steampunk. Also probably alchemy. I think lanterns would be better as brass or bronze, and could have different tiers that cast more light with the incorporation of silver and glass, which would tech them up a bit. As opposed to lead which is stone-age, really.
  14. Helping The Old Player

    Ya, the specific zinc in granite case has been brought up before, and I think it was pretty much said it was an intended 'challenge' at the time, but I'll just second this sentiment. I don't think camouflage ore is really the kind of challenge most players are interested in.
  15. Make Lanterns with Lead

    Yeah, I see lead nuggets on the ground sometimes, and don't even bother with them since they aren't good for anything. If they could be used for lanterns I would at least look twice
  16. Is that a mistake? As much as I know we do not have any stone tool that can mine. maybe it should say Copper.
  17. Make Lanterns with Lead

    It would be a very good use for a metal that right now is just wasted.
  18. Helping The Old Player

    Even though there are a lot of young players, there are also a lot of old guys that play VS. I usually only need glasses for reading and do not wear them to play my games. I Noticed that some of the ores are really hard to see, depending on the rock. One example is Zinc on Granite. Would it be possible to make the ores more visible? I am pretty sure not to be alone in this.
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  20. How much should Vintage Story cost?

    I also voted for the 10E, mainly because I think the game even though is playable lacks some basic features. I like the game, I believe in the project enough to buy it and support it. I just think the comparisons are inevitable and most of the player base already own Minecraft, so in their mind, the question is: "Why should I pay money for a Minecraft like game, if I can just download a mod for free?" Like I said, not my question, but I believe it would be for many people.
  21. Making berry bushes less OP

    I think seasonal harvest would be the way to go. Making things overly complex without needing to just adds unnecessary work for the developers.
  22. Making berry bushes less OP

    I guess the main question is how far are we from a calendar year That would solve many food issues and at the same time create a lot of others.
  23. How much should Vintage Story cost?

    A modest price increase to 10E for now, with stepped increases to 16E for each large increase in content. When finished, to me it would be worth 20E easily. The fact that it is moddable makes it worth more, in my opinion than a lot of games by big studios.
  24. Making berry bushes less OP

    Saw there was some discussion of berry bushes and their OP-ness on the discord. Wanted to post a suggestion for making berry bushes less OP. Basically the suggestion is that to move a berry bush, you have make a linen sack. This sack allows you to transport one bush. It's basically like the burlap sack in a ball-and-burlap tree. The mechanic could be holding the sack, having dirt and shovel in your hotbar, and right clicking on the bush. The sack and dirt are used up, and the player gains a B&B berry bush. The shovel loses some durability. You then right click with this B&B bush to plant it. You do not get the sack or dirt back, and hopefully you placed right because you'll have to use a new sack to move it again. This places a fairly steep cost on moving berry bushes. Of course, it could also be made that bushes only produce at a certain time of year, once the game has a calendar year with seasons and such. That would also greatly reduce their OP-ness.
  25. How much should Vintage Story cost?

    I've voted on 10 Euro's. (I think in Euro's not dollars, sorry). I don't think 10 Euro's will scare off enough people and when you want to raise it later on, you don't have to pass the magic '10 bucks' barrier. It's easier to price up from 10 then from 8. That been said, I strongly believe that the opinions of Stroam and Copygirl are valid. I'm no marketing expert, and I believe this game is worth more then 10 Euro's, but keeping it very accessible early on might be the right way to go.
  26. Client+: Cheat-free client-side chat commands (v0.2.0)

    Added chat message received alerts, this feature needs 1.5.1.
  27. sharpening, weapon damage, material

    Yah rocks don't have the range for more than short distances I feel but hey, you always have a glut of rocks. I feel like his research the gambeson is more extensive than my own and that I've seen video tests that show it is more effective than leather armor. That being said I've seen Japanese wooden armor work better than leather armor. Leather definitely stops the blade from going deeper than it would on an unarmored opponent, does resist stabbing, and is horrible against slashing. The key for any armor is layers. @redram Yes silk armor can funny enough stop very early firearms. Maybe fabrics and armor need their own own crafting interfaces where you can layer different fabrics together and add them to different parts of the armor that affect the defense, mobility and look of the armor. As opposed to a selection of armors you can make like in Minecraft.
  28. Version 1.5.1, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. Builds, Mods, Screenshots and Suggestions are popping up left and right in the forums and discord chat, made by you lovely, wonderful people! Even @chapp007 returned with some life signs! Sorry I haven't been able to catch up with all the new posts in the Forums and perhaps one or the other bug report. If I missed something important, feel free to nudge me with it more directly. Anyyyhow, have some cool and mystical feature updates again \o/ Disclaimer: This release might be quite buggy, be aware! Visual game updates Stone tools: Make your stone age tools out of hard rock. No more flint shortages. New Tool: Scythe breaks a 3x3 area of grass or crops Fancy GUI Experiments. Can now open multiple chests and still interact with the world while dialogs are opened and stuff. Plaster the perfect house walling block. Available in survival In-World chat messages and crops no longer grow in darkness Full game updates list Feature: Stone Tools. Can now create stone specific axes, shovels, knifes and spears from granite, andesite, basalt and obisdian. Feature: Scythe. Can now break a 3x3 area of tall grass or crops at once using the scythe. Therefore tallgrass no longer breaks instantly Feature: New geologic province, the basalt area. You might find yourself in an area covered with basalt rock. Basalt may now contain obsidian as deposit. Feature: Set your spawn point. Go hunt a lot of drifters, the rest is a surprise Feature: Configurable day/night length. Via /time hoursperday [hours] you can set how long the day/night cycle should take. The creative mode now has a default day/night length of 24.000 hours. Feature: New Block: Plaster Crush chalk stones with a hammer, then bake it to get quick lime Combine quick lime with sand to get plaster Can be combined with planks to get various patterns. The diagonal and striped blocks can be placed with 3 different orientations, like logs. Feature: Vintage OS v0.1: Floaty and weird multi GUI Dialog Experiments. When opening a chest or the inventory, the player can still walk around and interact with the world. Can also hold down CTRL to still look around. Can now open multiple chest inventories at the same time Via `.clientconfig floatyguis 1` you can enable an experimental mode where the chest dialogs float above the chests. Can now move dialogs around by selecting the "Movable" option from the context menu that's now available on the top right. Dialogs can now be focused / brought to the foreground Feature: Chat message now also appear above the players heads Feature: Flint can now be broken out of solid rock by hand Feature: Craftable grass covered soil. Use 1 dry grass above 1 low/medium fertility soil to get grass covered soil (temporary solution) Feature: All creatures now play a custom animation when getting hurt Feature: Added frame tick profiler to the server in order to debug performance issues. Tweak: Pumpkins now give 4 times the saturation, for a total of 480 sat. Pumpkin fruits are now in the creative inventory. Tweak: Chat overlay is now more transparent and has a slightly larger font. Please let me know if that is a good or bad change Tweak: Linen bag recipe is a lot cheaper now. New recipe is 1 Twine above 1 Linen cloth. Tweak: Cobblestone Path now requires 4 stone instead of 5, hay bale requires 6 instead of 9 dry grass Tweak: High quality animation blending now enabled for all creatures, at notable CPU cost (1-7%). You can revert to the fast animation system in the graphics settings. Tweak: Moved death dialog down by 40 pixels so that spam clicking before death doesn't insta respawn you Tweak: Reorganized many debug commands. They are now grouped together into the .debug and /debug command. Tweak: Creature Knockback is now more pronounced Tweak: Crucibles can now hold only ingots and ores Tweak: Small berry bushes and full peat blocks are now burnable Tweak: Minor CPU optimizations in crowded creature situations Tweak: Work items can now be resmelted Tweak: Chests can no longer made from bamboo Tweak: Removed voxels while clay forming can be reused again Tweak: Crops now require sun light level 20+ to grow. They loose 10% growth speed for every light level below 20, with 0% growth at light level 10 or below. Not affected by day/night cycle or block light. Fixed: Worldedit block relighting off by default (should be on by default) Fixed: Drifters damaging players through blocks (chance of that should be greatly reduced at least) Fixed: Game crashing in multiplayer when clay forming and running out of clay Fixed: Alloying not working in corner cases Fixed: Able to add items to the creative inventory with right click Fixed: Breaking chests dropping a chest that is not stackable with the crafted one Fixed: Obsidian breaking too fast and not dropping stones but the full block instead Fixed: Game no longer crashes when a tool rack contains an unknown block/item Fixed: Game crashing when using hotkeys while a game world is loading Fixed: Added missing password field for multiplayer server entries. You can now properly password protect your servers Fixed: Metal sheets not rotating via world edit rotate commands Fixed: Forge, Bomb and bloomery instantly ignitable Mod API Updates Feature: Added mod icon support. Mods can now display an icon in the mod manager. Mod manager has now a disabled overlay for disabled or broken mods. (by CreativeMD). Tweak: Event API now also contains the methods to register a game tick or a delayed callback Tweak: The Server Events CanUse/Break and DidUse/Break now have a BlockSelection object as argument. Tweak: NetworkClientMessageHandler now has IServerPlayer as first arg Fixed: JSONObject.ToFloatArray() no longer throwing an exception on some values Fixed: Block loader no longer crashing if a block behavior does not exist Fixed: Smelting things in crucible not respecting the smeltedstack stacksize as configured in the combustible properties Fixed: BlockSelection.Clone() crasing in some cases Fixed: Death event not firing. Added more arguments to the death event Fixed: Saplings never growing New/Updated grid crafting recipes
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