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  2. Herbs and cooking

    We have so many herbs and ingredients, but not much to do with it. I'll split this into two parts - Cooking/food recipes and herbal ones. So, looking at the existing herbs and plants, they have IRL applications that could be useful in game: Anything can be useful if you know how to use it. Now, doesn't that just fill your head with ideas? Herbalism: As a form of "alchemy", you need to start with a Mortar&Pestle to grind down herbs. We use stuff like this in our daily life - Infusions in the form of teas, lavender incense or an aloe ointment. In the game, you could dry herbs first (Which would be a great home decoration), and then mix them. So, focusing on recipes: -Sleep Tonic: Mixed herbs in a tea to let you sleep longer through the night - Lavender, Heather, Catmint, Cow Parsley, Poppies and Saffron can all be used to this effect. The plants should all be interchangeable for this purpose. Let's say you need 3 or 4 herb items, you can use the same herb, or different kinds for more potency/longer sleep. Add the ground herbs to a bowl with water and warm it up - Then drink. -Monster Repellent: A slow burning incense to prevent hostile mobs from spawning in the vicinity. Lavender, Catmint, Chamomile, Mint can be used as the calming agent. It can be mixed with Flax Twine, Saltpeter and Fat to make the actual burning bit. -Healing Poultice: A bandage with a herbal concoction smeared onto it to promote healing. Use a mixture of herbs to help with pain (Heather, Lavender, Dandelion, Edelweiss, Poppy), and stop the actual bleeding and disinfect the wound (Forget-Me-Not, Horsetail, Daisy, Cow-Parsley, Mallow), apply that to a bandage made of Flax Twine. I mentioned a Lunar Blossom flowers which only opens up during the night in the Discord. I was thinking it could be used as the basis for healing items like this. Alternatively, honey could be used for the same purpose, and it would help to provide the right consistency to the mixture. -Fever Medication: If sickness or poison gets added, you could counter it drinking solution of Heather, Catmint, Dandelion, Edelweiss, Cow Parsley, Horsetail, Poppy in any combination. Warm up and add honey to finish the recipe. Cooking: Now, this is probably going to be simpler, but due to the abundance of Salt in the game world, it should be used as the basis of any foodstuff. Be it cured meat, soups or salads. Raw vegetable/bread nutritional value could be decreased when recipes are added. It should be possible to use a knife on bamboo to get some Bamboo Bhoots for immediate eating or cooking. Seaweed would also make a great ingredient. The Saguaro cactus can be pressed for oil or harvested for syrup. -Soups/Stews: A Cauldron block over a fire pit would be required. Add salt, boil the water and then add ingredients. You should be able to use veggies, mushrooms and meat in them. Add some spices to finish off the recipe. The nutritional value could depend on the ingredients. Bone, Mallow or Meat should all be interchangeable as the soup base. -Stir Fry: A pan would be needed; Use existing Fat or a new oil item (Which would give the new jar blocks a use, hint hint) and combine food to your hearts desire. Basic requirements: 3-4 ingredients (Meat, veggies, mushrooms, etc), 2 spice items, salt. -Baking: Once a functional Oven is introduced, we could grind grain or rice into flour and bake cakes using honey and eggs. -Knife recipes: Since we have bread, sandwiches should be possible. Using rice, seaweed and mushrooms (Or fish, boiled eggs, soybeans...) could create sushi. There's a ton more you can do of course, but I've been sitting at this for the last 3 hours
  3. I find i run out of time in daytime and nighttime activities. default day and night is too short. On the darkagecraft server they doubled the time for both. So at night i find indoor activities to do like smelting, crafting, bees. Daytime is for exploring. Doubling both i think is a good balance. MC suffers from the same problem. Especially when you have mods that are nighttime specific you always seem rushed.
  4. I pretty much only do multiplayer now that that is an option. I'm never really bored at night normally. Post-copper I'm usually working on my house, working on crops, working on upping my ingot stock, smelting/smithing etc. Pre-copper I'm usually rushing pretty hard to copper. That means that during the day I might be harvesting trees or exploring for resources, but I always try to stay within a day of base and keep the time of day in mind. If it's a bright night I'll work at night, possibly, but often what I do is either dip into a cave to explore, or go underground mining. Once I have plenty of iron and coal, mining becomes much less an activity. In the end the only time I'm bored usually is if I'm out prospecting or exploring, it's a dark night, and I find myself in an area with no caves or no ores I want in the caves. It can happen, but for me it's pretty rare.
  5. @Balduranne /time set morning At night I go mining at places I've already scoped out, work on a fairly secure farm, or stay indoors crafting, smelting, and working the anvil. I play almost exclusively online. Yes, it makes a difference because I can't sleep the night away. No, I don't use commands to make it easier but I do set it to 60 hours in a day so it's half an hour of light, half an hour of dark. I do like how dark it is. I don't see why people don't walk around with a torch since there is dynamic lighting. I always carry a torch and place it down when I need to do something else at night though it'd be nice to have two hands so you can carry your torch in the off hand. Right now one of the issues with night is no one looks forward to the night. Sure the sky is beautiful and the fireflies are nice and the very first time you see it with the full moon and everything it's beautiful. Then it gets darker and the drifters come. It's not bad enough they have high spawns while caving so that you have to kill 10 or more on your way out, they also knock nonstop on your door all night long and the moaning. If you trap them then you just have to eliminate them the next day because they can't run off. I get they are the creatures from the lore that come out at night and has all the villagers scared and that the girl fights off but after so long it just becomes a chore. They become no longer dangerous and it takes a good 3 or more hits to kill one. You can light up the area to stop them but oil lamps aren't bright enough to cover a large area so you need tons of them or to replace your torches every three days and each time you log back on. The new boolean for blocks to stop spawning is going to help out a lot in that regard, but let's face it. Anything you do not want to do and have to stop and take care of immediately, that happens frequently and repetitively is going to grind down anyone. It's like in Skyrim when you are decked out in amazing gear, have slain numerous dragons, and heroic feats that everyone in the land would have heard of, yet bandits still think they can take you on as you stroll through the countryside. Drifters need to be more powerful, spawn less often, spawn more often in groups that act like a group, and to stop running into the wall and instead if they can't get to you directly and are running into a wall, use the left or right-hand rule where they follow the wall that direction in hopes they can get to you. What the game needs is night specific stuff. Let's face it, you don't go into some ruins just to clear out the monsters, you do so for the loot. There need to be nighttime activities. I suggest useful insects or creatures that only come out at night or mushrooms that are difficult to see during the day but glow at night. Having the stars not move or move slowly and being able to trace out constellations you can add to the journal and makeup stories or use them to decipher texts you found in ruins, or something to do with maps would be neat. A minigame to just pass the time inside by the fire while drinking some mead. Some sort of restful bonus to encourage people on servers to go to bed at night. Tie it in with alchemy, must be brewed under the light of a full moon. There was stuff like that in old medicine books because religion and healing weren't separate. Instead of a medicine book saying wait five minutes, it may say recite 5 hail marys. As cooking, leather and textile processing, weaving, and other stuff gets added there will be a lot more to do at the base which means more to do at night.
  6. Playstyles

    As most have already noticed, Minecrafts "gamemodes" are called "playstyles" in Vintage Story. There are currently four intended playstyles, of which two are playable now. I want to discuss how they could work, or rather how I want them to work in detail. Playstyles should provide tweaks to mechanics or new mechanics to the game, but should not limit or extend the games content (i.e. new blocks, animals, monsters). This makes development of playstyles significantly easier and also prevents some playstyles to be superior and more viable. Playstyles and world types should be split. For each playstyle there should be a fitting, preferred/preselected world type, but other world types can simply be chosen from a list. This finally eliminates the problem of having to start a world in "Survive and Build" and cheating to become "Creative Building", just to play a world that is not superflat. Custom playstyles and worldtypes. They can be easily created, saved and shared, just like texture packs or mods. Custom playstyle should also be able to require or limit mods and world types, even limit the player to a player created map (linking extra content to playtyles them) to make this the preferred process of creating modpacks/adventuremaps and allow users to experience modded VS in a much easier way, where they can't screw up installing things. Custom playstyles should be able to be easily created through ingame menus and alternatively json editing. Playstyles are also a difficulty setting of sorts. There is a difference between a servers playstyle and a players playstyle. The player can have a different playstyle than the server, but in some settings the server has priority. In Singleplayer the servers playstyle is always changed to the players playstyle. Playstyles can be changed by cheating. These ideas would make playstyles a real thing and not a simple renaming of gamemodes. I want to further discuss the planned playstyles in detail, as well as configurable options for custom playstyles. Playstyle settings: Resource gathering: disabled: blocks the player destroys yield no drops enabled: blocks the player destroys yield drops Flight: disabled: player can't fly/noclip enabled: player can fly/noclip Block breaking speed modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Player reach modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Health: disabled: player is invincible simple: eating food regenerates health normal: hunger is drained to slowly regenerate health realistic: only herbalism/alchemy can heal Hunger: disabled: no hunger simple: hunger is only drained by regeneration or running normal: hunger drains by performing actions like walking, breaking blocks, jumping. brutal: hunger drains over time, doing anything will make it drain quicker. Hunger drain modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Hunger punishment: disabled: no punishment for having zero hunger breathless: no running when at zero hunger hungry: debuffs at zero and low hunger starving: debuffs at low hunger and damage at zero hunger starved: debuffs at low hunger and death at zero hunger Nutrition: disabled: no nutrition management simple: three types of nutrients (protein, vitamin, carbohydrates) realistic: five types of nutrients (protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, fat, mineral) Thirst: disabled: no thirst simple: can drink any source of water normal: can't drink seawater realistic: water needs to be purified or it could poison Thirst drain modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Thirst punishment: breathless: no running when at zero thirst thirsty: debuffs at zero and low thirst dry: debuffs at low thirst and damage at zero thirst dried: debuffs at low hunger and death at zero hunger empty: debuffs at low/zero thirst and instant death at zero hunger and thirst Warmth: disabled: not temperature management simple: only extreme conditions will require temperature protection realistic: death by cold will be common if you are not careful Gloom: disabled: no damage in the dark easy: debuffs while in total darkness hard: darkness can debuff and damage you Monsters (Technically they aren't really monster, but creatures from the future): disabled: no monsters mysterious: monsters limited to ruins and caves, no respawing worrying: monsters respawn in caves and ruins frightening: monsters appear anywhere dark terrifying: there is nowhere to hide, they are everywhere, everytime Animals: disabled: no animals. peaceful: animals will never attack the player passive: some animals will fight back when attacked territorial: animals won't instantly attack the player, but warn the player if he comes to close and only attack after that aggressive: some animals will attack the player on sight massacre: any animal will hunt you down and try to kill you, especially butterflies Monster damage modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Monster health modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Animal damage modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Animal health modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Player damage modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Player health modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Player inventory mode: creative: inventory with an infinite supply of everything in the game infinite: no limitation on inventory space normal: inventory is limited, expandable by bags realistic: inventory is limited, player can only have one bag equipped Player inventory size modifier: Configurable number between zero and one point seven hundred cemuntillion. Weather: disabled: no weather normal: weather exists, no tornadoes realistic: weather and tornadoes exist Seasons: disabled: no seasons normal: seasons change in regular intervals, normal order random: seasons change randomly, random order westerosy: Long winter/summer, short spring/autumn, random length for winter/summer Light sources: infinite: torches never burn out semi-infinite: torches burn out, but other more advanced lamps not realistic: all light sources burn out Block gravity: normal: only few blocks will be affected by gravity realistic: most blocks fall, mines need support beams Farming: easy: soil nutrition doesn't exist normal: crops will require a specific nutrient in the soil, but replenish the others hard: crops will require a specific nutrient in the soil, but fertilizer is needed to replenish it Ranching: easy: animals will regularly respawn normal: animals won't respawn, they reproduce passively hard: animals won't respawn, manual breeding required Survive and Build (the default playstyle): Resource gathering: enabled Flight: disabled Block breaking speed modifier: 1.0 Player reach modifier: 1.0 Health: normal Hunger: normal Hunger drain modifier: 1.0 Hunger punishment: starving Nutrition: simple Thirst: disabled Warmth: disabled Gloom: disabled Monsters: frightening Animals: territorial Monster damage modifier: 1.0 Monster health modifier: 1.0 Animal damage modifier: 1.0 Animal health modifier: 1.0 Player damage modifier: 1.0 Player health modifier: 1.0 Player inventory mode: normal Player inventory size modifier: 1.0 Weather: realistic Seasons: normal Light sources: semi-infinite Block gravity: normal Farming: normal Ranching: normal Creative Building (no problems, just building): Resource gathering: disabled Flight: enabled Block breaking speed modifier: 0.0 Player reach modifier: 5.0 Health: disabled Hunger: disabled Warmth: disabled Gloom: disabled Monsters: disabled Animals: disabled Player damage modifier: 9000.00000000001 Player inventory mode: creative Weather: disabled Seasons: disabled Light sources: infinite Block gravity: normal Farming: easy Wilderness Survival (realistic survival, not hardcore death scenario): Resource gathering: enabled Flight: disabled Block breaking speed modifier: 0.5 Player reach modifier: 0.66 Health: realistic Hunger: normal Hunger drain modifier: 1.2 Hunger punishment: hungry Nutrition: realistic Thirst: realistic Thirst drain modifier: 1.0 Thirst punishment: empty Warmth: realistic Gloom: easy Monsters: disabled Animals: territorial Animal damage modifier: 1.6 Animal health modifier: 1.0 Player damage modifier: 0.8 Player health modifier: 1.2 Player inventory mode: realistic Player inventory size modifier: 1.2 Weather: realistic Seasons: normal Light sources: realistic Block gravity: realistic Farming: hard Ranching: normal Survive and Automate (less survival more building): Resource gathering: enabled Flight: enabled Block breaking speed modifier: 0.6 Player reach modifier: 1.5 Health: normal Hunger: simple Hunger drain modifier: 1.0 Hunger punishment: breathless Nutrition: disabled Thirst: disabled Warmth: disabled Gloom: disabled Monsters: mysterious Animals: passive Monster damage modifier: 0.7 Monster health modifier: 1.0 Animal damage modifier: 0.8 Animal health modifier: 1.0 Player damage modifier: 1.0 Player health modifier: 1.5 Player inventory mode: infinite Weather: normal Seasons: normal Light sources: infinite Block gravity: normal Farming: easy Ranching: easy
  7. Looking for feedback on nighttime in survival mode

    I only have a problem during new or crescent moons. On DarkAgeCraft where the day is much longer it tends to be worse, but with vanilla settings there is always something to do inside or in lighted areas.
  8. Goddess yes. If I'm on a server, I usually just log out and do something else until night is over. I can't see anything at night, and the wandering Drifters and occasional wolf out of nowhere mean I usually just sit on top of a dirt pillar and throw rocks at things. Daytime feels really short, and night is just a bore. I've yet to find any bees, so even around my own house it's too dark to really do anything other than knapping more tools for the next day... And smelting is so wood intensive that I don't do it at night (Since I can't go out and chop treees). There's really no motivation to go out at night - Drifters are just a nuisance that will only erode your health and break weapons. They only drop one item, whose functional should be tied in with something else. I do use commands for items sometimes, but if there's one for skipping night, I'll have to start using it. Even without any monsters to bother you, it's still really damn hard to see anything at night.
  9. Hey guys, I'd love to hear your current thoughts on the state of survival mode at night. I have my own opinion on it, but I'll wait until we get some votes in to share it, so as not to skew the results one way or the other. If you feel like including more than just your vote, here are a few more questions that don't really fit into the multiple choice format. What do you usually do at night? (In the context of the game!) If you were to start a new game, what would you do at night before reaching the late copper age? Do you mostly play solo, or do you play online? Do you think that makes a difference for you regarding nighttime stuff? Do you ever use creative mode commands to make things easier?
  10. [VS-] Darkagecraft PVE: First Public Modded Server

    @Smile You are whitelisted! Have fun!
  11. Player name: Smile Age: 24 Time Zone: GMT+10 Do you agree to follow the server rules?: Yes Keen to lag it up from Australia, lets go.
  12. Config File

    A config system like this is a lot of work for little gain, particularly if it has a GUI. In short, it is the kind of feature that would be added to game that is well along in development, in the polishing phase, not something you would add to a game that is not even close to finished. Frankly, I'm kinda tired of "suggestions" that read more like demands listing features that are minor at best while the game is still missing major features.
  13. Config File

    I think there should be a "custom playstyle" button on the playstyles selector that would open up a menu like this that would let players easily customize if mobs/hunger/hearts/etc. are enabled, some modifiers like a mob damage modifier, hunger drain modifier, etc. but not to specific settings, like damage modifiers for every single entity.
  14. Config File

    Not really, and the wolf was just an example of another thread. My idea is something like this: Now Ark sold more than 10 Million copies and has today more than 4000 Mods. Obviously having a config file did not diminish the possibility of mods. But having that config, made the game more enjoyable to a great number of people. Those people bought the game and advertise it to their friends. Its for players that have no idea how to edit a file, as simple as that may appear to us. When they try they make errors and the game does not load. This kind of config makes possible for the player to change basic settings by himself, no need to ask or wait for a mod. Config files will never replace the need for mods. Mods add blocks, items and Entities to the game, They add entire mechanics, and can even overhaul the World and terrain Generation. that will never be part of the Game Config. I do not need it for myself. I can edit a file, even if sometimes I need a little help. I am thinking about the player that tries the game and is unhappy or frustrated. Maybe he dies so many times that he will just stop playing the game. Or maybe the game is too easy and he thinks silly. with the ve move of a slider, both players will be happy customers. Understand that difficulty is just one of the settings in this config file.
  15. Sand

    yea, im also not too fond of an idea about reverting back to vanilla sand. Seeing a black desert in TFC was something truly impressive. Besides that, real life beaches can vary in color quite a bit.
  16. Water anomalies

    Water appears to be luminescent, I think it is caused by bioluminescent bacteria in the water, maybe even bioluminescent bugs. Furthermore they seem to fear chunk borders so much that the water wouldn't flow. Not even reloading the world could cause it, but a block update next to the water causes it and the bioluminescent bugs to spread.
  17. Config File

    @tony Liberatto What you propose seems *really* redundant though. I don't see whats the differences between modifying a file called config.json or wolf.json. Both are essentially modifications of the vanilla game, with a slightly different syntax. Maybe what you actually want is just to make modding even easier, to a point that you don't need to learn json patching / creating zip files?
  18. Sand

    Ahh, I see. It's a question of personal taste. That's OK them. I understand the feeling, but for my self, I like the variety. I actually can't wait to have all the other rock types included in the game with all the sand and gravel types. TFC even had one type of dirt for each stone type. I think if it bothers you and maybe some others it would be worth to make a mod to substitute all types of sand and gravel to just one type. But I would not like this change for the game. You would be removing something that is already there.
  19. Config File

    Wait, you are saying that the fact that VS uses json files makes easy to create modes, but at the same time, it makes harder to create config files? Not every addon in tfc had a config file, as not every mod for Minecraft had a config file. Some had others don't. Just because the Game has a config file it does not mean that each mod also has to have a config file. One example: Mod X adds a new Hostile Mob, A Zombie. To be able to add this Mob it has to add to the class Entities and the kind of damage that this Mob causes. If the game has a config file that will use a multiplier for damage from mobs, it will be applied to any and all mobs in the game. The fact that Zombie was added from a mod does not matter. As long as the mod author used the existing classes in the game. I really do not understand why the reluctance in admit that a config file, especially if is included in the Game opening screen in the form of sliders, to avoid player error, will be a great addition to the game.
  20. single block or multiblock?

    I voted for multi-blocks. Of course, it depends on the situation, but some things should occupy more than one block of space. There may be situations when it may be useful to have the player place the whole structure at once, for example when the thing has too many components, but the end result is bigger than one block. Other times is just a question of assembling the right blocks in the right places, like the Bloomery in TFC.
  21. single block or multiblock?

    There a few different approaches to making equipment. Craft stuff into a single block you place. Like the forge in Vintage Story. Craft stuff into a single block you place but expands into a larger structure. Can't think of any at the moment but when there's not enough space it usually warns you. Craft multiple blocks and place them down in a specific pattern like bloomery in Vintage Story. All of these methods could produce either a gui-less or a gui version. Take the firepit in Vintage story that has a GUI and the forge which doesn't for example. My question isn't about the GUI aspect but the building aspect. If it depends, tell me below when, why, and what determines that.
  22. Config File

    To change the damage in the wolf damage mod is trivial. To change the wolf damage to any damage you want, unzip the folder, navigate to the patches folder, open one of the files you see there in your favorite text editor and look for where it says "value: 6". Change the "6" to whatever amount of damage you want and save the file. Once you are done modifying, make sure you get rid of the original zip folder. Then put the "assets" folder and "modinfo.json" back into a zip folder with the same name. We are not against config file in general. We are against stuff that takes more work to duplicate the functionality of systems already in place. A proper configuration file takes a dedicated place for configuration files so the players know where to find them, the game and each mod to have access to a file reader which with code mods sure, content mods, however, require no code and to keep that the game would have to detect each mod and then look for the configuration file if it exists. It then has to make sure each configuration file has valid information which I'm not sure how it would do that since it wouldn't know everything that is in the mod and what was changeable which you could try with complex parsing but I can't imagine would ever work flawlessly and would be a nightmare to try. Older versions of Minecraft and Ark Survival Evolved configuration files can and have to be there because the game and every mod requires coding which allows each mod to write it's own file reader and parser and the data the game pulls from isn't exposed. However with the newest versions of Minecraft that is no longer the case. You can add blocks and other stuff using json files without touching code. With Vintage Story most of the data is exposed in easy to edit json files.
  23. Hostile mobs

    If you want to continue to talk about hostile mobs feel free to do so but configuration talk should go to the following thread. continued on https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/484-config-file/
  24. Sand

    It has nothing to do with the mod. It's just always bugged me seeing vast deserts having unusual sand color. It's going to bug me more if the same happens with beaches. Also, each sand is based on rocks with different break patterns. Which means some of the sand would be smooth and round like quartz sand and some of it would be jagged like lunar soil which completely changes the properties of the sand. I'm posting this topic here as a petition to get the sand changed for the default vanilla worldgen. I could make a mod to change it to how I like but I figured if it bothered me perhaps it bothered others.
  25. LighSources

    Sorry I got the wrong picture. Fixed now.
  26. LighSources

    There's no sticks there. You mean lead?
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