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  2. yes, or enable the extended info in the development tab of settings.then you can read the item-code in the item-tooltip.
  3. @Travis Pluid Have you got the lectern? You can't open the book without it (and a couple other things)...it's a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. The bigger question is whether or not you really want to open THAT book.
  4. I can't figure out how to open the book, or how to use the relics. I can put the gears on, and I can place the relic on the pole, but nothing beyond that.
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  6. You can try type .edi in chat. This must turn on extended debug info and add line with code to item description.
  7. How do you figure out what an item's Item Code is? Like, for example, a temporal gear?
  8. You're right my shapes were broken! I figured out what the issue was - I needed to create my own .jsons under the shapes folder and assign the new shapes my new textures. I was referring to the vanilla shapes which seem to only be able to pull in textures related to that specific bread. I'll probably need to create a .json for each bread-fruit combination, but I think I can get it working now!
  9. I have been killing drifters in my mine for hours now and not getting lucky. Is there a change I didn't know about? And is there solutions to the difficulty in finding these like a farm?. I am on the hardest difficulty so they kill me in 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 hits. I built a pillar in the middle of a cave that has trenches around it kinda like a mob dropper and they never spawn around it so I've never used it. I usually have to lure them over to it so they fall into it but by then it kinda defeats the purpose because it's unsafe to find them as I can get cut off. I'm just looking for ways to effici
  10. Having played with some mods/games with cave-ins, cave-in's in games generally aren't a threat unless a player is being really careless. It makes you use up more resources during caving to make the supports, but that's generally it, since well used supports will negate the dangers of a cave-in. It's also generally not a danger for exploring generated caves, so without some sort of threat, it's easy for someone to just walk down a cave, mark all the ores, them come back with some supports for easy mining. Underground fire/smoke can be resolved by not placing too many dangerous light s
  11. I've somehow lost the block id hud in my survival game after popping into creative and changing a few small worldconfigs. Now I'm having trouble finding the command that will give it back. Help?
  12. @l33tmaan Shapes broke, add game: to shape path
  13. @Sukotto82 so that the bush can be generated in the world you must do worldgen) Create simular this in the worldgen folder: [ comment: "Patches of blueberries", blockCodes: ["smallberrybush-blueberry-empty", "smallberrybush-blueberry-flowering", "smallberrybush-blueberry-ripe", "smallberrybush-blueberry-ripe"], minTemp: -2, maxTemp: 18, minRain: 0.3, maxRain: 0.7, maxFertility: 0.5, chance: 0.1, minForest: 0.5, maxY: 0.85, offsetX: { dist: "gaussian", avg: 0, var: 15 }, offsetZ: { dist: "gaussian", avg: 0, var: 15 }, quantity: { avg: 5, var: 12 }, }
  14. You mean changing the file path to something like assets/breadberry/itemtypes or lang or textures or whatever? I just tried that and this happened. So uh... I guess that's progress, actually? Let me mess around a bit and see if I can get things looking right. Here's the updated file, if it helps. BerryBread.zip
  15. Lol. Now your texture should overwrite the vanilla texture of the black currant berry. What does this berry look like in the game?) P.S. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't use the game domain for your mod. Although in 1.13.4 overlays are a bit broken anyway and can only work with game textures (fixed in 1.14). You need rename it. For example, assets/game/textures/<yourmodid>/item/food/fruit/blackberry
  16. Because I don’t have currently my friends to play with me in multiplayer and animal husbandry with new longer pregnancy rates is almost pointless in single player (world is not active 24/7 and it takes way too long to be useful), then I went for industry, burning bricks etc and waiting them to heat up one by one, so next one can start burning made me to really want kiln already few versions ago. And water wheel could be good alternative for not so reliable wind.
  17. Yeah, I've been having that problem a lot, then it'll turn out to be something stupid like a missing comma or bracket...
  18. I haven't looked yet because of what the problem might be. At first glance, everything is fine
  19. That seems like it might be a little out of my depth, but I'll look into trying that anyway, thank you. Any tips on getting the textures to show up right? I've sort of been flailing around trying to get anything new to appear.
  20. No. For different categories, you need to create a code mod. For an example implementation, you can see BlockMeal class (used by bowls)
  21. This mod is great, thanks for making it. I've added the temporal gear to my list.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Yeah I'm going to have to fix that when I get some more time, I've uploaded a patch that removes the 3x3 drilling in the meantime as a quick fix. This one has been working fine in 1.14 so far despite the drill thing and It also has fixes for tools on the toolrack.
  24. Wise decision 1.0.1-A: - Fixed Sneak+Click behavior of pigments. Now it is possible to use charcoal in a Forge again
  25. 3 block radius from the water block. So 7x7
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