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  2. Very nice concept! But ... eh ... why the physical appearance of a light image reflective mirror? What's light reflective on a temporal gear? Calling it a 'temporal compass' and giving it a corresponding appearance might make it a little more fitting to the theme imo.
  3. New verison 1.2.1: - Added mirrors from different materials - Added mirror frames - Added mirror frame mold - Durability is now material dependent
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  5. Hello, quick question. Does this mod impact how entities are generated and spawned in the world as well? I'm some times getting massive hiccups in the game and freezing. And on several occasions I've stood in a rough center of four loaded chunks and there were 895 entities there. (I used the -clearentities- command and it said it deleted that many.) Once deleted, the lag and hiccup stops untill the next ingame day where another set of 700+ entities are being spawned in on the fly. Chickens and armadillos specifically, though some times the boars are affected too. Have not seen it yet with wolves or sheep. Keep up the good work! Awesome mod in general.
  6. Hello, dear developers, from faraway Russia!:)Today I reviewed your game. Usually, I never posted on such forums about how to improve the game or make it even cooler. I liked your game so much that I decided to write this review. Well, firstly, I want to note a number of advantages. The game is very pleasing to the eye, a wonderful soundtrack. Also, I would note a rather complicated crafting system, which, in my opinion, makes the game even more interesting. Secondly, I would like to list those things that I, as a player, would like to see in Vintage Story. I express my own opinion, which may go against yours, but I will be very pleased if some of my ideas fall into the very bull's eye:) 1. The plot. Finding various ruins on the map, I would really like to know what happened to this world. If the game does not provide for a full story, then you can come up with some explanation or opening remarks that will introduce players to a short course of action. 2. Transport. The game has very long distances, and exploring them on foot is boring and long. I say, based on my experience of similar games. Therefore, I would like to see animals in the game that could be used as vehicles in the future. It may not necessarily be horses, maybe you want to add some fantastic animals you made up:) 3. Again about animals. It seems to me that there are not enough animals. I believe that a few more new species can be added. And it would be great to tame the wolves so that they become our companions in exploring the wonderful world of the game and help us fight monsters or hunt. 4. Settlements. For a change of landscape, I miss villages and cities. Note: maybe I just spent very little time in the game (only about an hour) and they just have not yet met in my way. Then I apologize for the carelessness and this paragraph is removed:). That's all I wanted to say about the game. Good luck and success in developing games. P.S I apologize for the mistakes in the text. I was very worried:)
  7. Last week
  8. The text below is what i posted in the 2020 feature list. My first vote is definitely for transportation of the animal kind. Minecarts and such are great but I feel like a animal would be much better. I am a huge horse fan and none of the games I have seen have cool horses. Minecraft horses are just so lame. You get on and off a couple of times and viola their tamed. Its just not fun. But horses with a actual taming process would be absolutely amazing. I would absolutely love horses in the game. If you were to add them the should have herd mechanics. Like a stallion and a couple mares in a herd. The stallion would protect the mares from predators and lead them to the best grazing spots. To get to the mares you would have to trap/distract the stallion. You could also tame or break the stallion but it would be a lot harder. In order to break or train a horse you would have to start with getting them used to you, such as feeding high value treats, and just being around them. Once they get used to you, you can try lunging them in circles in a round pen. Then you could put a saddle pad and bridle on after a bit of lunging. You could then lung them with the tack on and eventually add the saddle. After they get used to that you could try riding them in the pen. If you have done all the previous steps right then it shouldn't buck you off. It could still just be a cranky horse and buck you off anyway. After a while of riding without being bucked of you could ride them around your world. I would also love to be able to breed the horses to get better stats like speed, stamina, and jump height. Here are the thoughts I am adding to it now. I really think that horses as transport animals would make the game much more fun. I would also like a variety of horse colors coats and patterns Like main colors and then head and nose markings. For the head markings: A star, a small round circle in a contrasting color on the upper forehead. A blaze, a long wide strip down the front of the head. Maybe even a rare trait that gives the horse contrasting ears. For the main body markings: A paint variety, appaloosa markings, hind quarters and flank one color with the rest of the body another. For the leg markings: Socks small, medium, and large (large coming up to the knee). Then there could just be some solid color horses, or horses with a mix of all or any of these traits. It would also be very cool if the horses could have a trait system that makes it so the parents would give their traits to the baby. Maybe the baby would be slightly better or worse in the speed, jump, and stamina. The baby would have a mix of the parents color and markings with a very small chance to have something new. This is a tun to ask for but if even a small fraction of this was added I would be over the moon Thanks for reading!
  9. New verison 1.1: - Added lang for heldhelp - Created a repository on GitHub - Durability changed from 10 to 5 uses
  10. That is a type of option that will only emphasize the differences between the single and multi player experience. I'd personally rather continue with the present system than such artificial 'fixes' to a specific inconvenience (aimed at food decay). But on the other hand, it might just be an 'acceptable' alternative, possibly dependent on the way seasons will be implemented. Still curious to hear Tyron's view on any options btw. What happened on your server isn't unique. More server owners have seen new players join their friends or gamer community server because 'VS is such a cool game, come join and try it out' ... to then leave after a number of unfortunate events / moments of early game frustration caused by the different impact time dependent mechanics have on the server experience when compared to single player. The main issue is that the multiplayer experience is much less predictable because of this and many more 'casual' players simply won't return to an unpredictable game, even when it involves their friends, family or gaming community. Instead, they will seek out 'easier' alternatives for their casual entertainment. The investment of € 15 is relatively low and can easily justify a quick 'nope' for many players who are a bit less determined than the average present VS veteran. For the game (including an active, supportive and cooperative server community), to remain successful until and after beta launch, I think that keeping new players who enjoy the multiplayer experience may be key.
  11. It's really cool that you can make something else out of dough besides bread. Thanks for the mod
  12. What if spoilage was paused for players offline in their claimed areas? So if you claim a cellar and put your stuff in there, no spoilage while you're offline. Even make it so if you share the claim then that spoilage protection is removed. So the players have their own cellar; no weirdness for other players because they can't see into those storage spaces anyways. I think the big issue is going to new players to VS - add in crop problems in the winter and what little food they gather goes poof. You will lose players, i have lost players on my server because of this and they never returned to VS.
  13. They are out there, it's just very random.
  14. 19:28:47 [Server Error] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Vintagestory.GameContent.BlockMetalPartPile.GetDrops(IWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos, IPlayer byPlayer, Single dropQuantityMultiplier) at Vintagestory.API.Common.Block.OnBlockBroken(IWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos, IPlayer byPlayer, Single dropQuantityMultiplier) at Vintagestory.GameContent.ItemProspectingPick.ProbeBlockDensityMode(IWorldAccessor world, Entity byEntity, ItemSlot itemslot, BlockSelection blockSel) at Vintagestory.GameContent.ItemProspectingPick.OnBlockBrokenWith(IWorldAccessor world, Entity byEntity, ItemSlot itemslot, BlockSelection blockSel) at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.TryModifyBlockInWorld(ServerPlayer player, _hAKwbjnvpnXm3mK4ncrCpefwmAg cmd) at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.HandleBlockPlaceOrBreak(_zPEoTHWUNtCMZ1Y7jHl7xInordd packet, ConnectedClient client) at Vintagestory.Server.ServerMain.ProcessNetMessage(NetIncomingMessage msg, NetServer mainSocket) Prospecting Pick being used on a metal parts pile.
  15. Currently I don't find the traders very relevant. They sell things that don't add anything, at inflated prices, and typically only want to buy things I don't have or wouldn't want to trade, even if I did. I'd like to see traders buy more common items, even at low prices, and to sell more things that might be useful, like tools or scarcer resources.
  16. I played Unreal World for a while, too, and found it extremely realistic and immersive, even though the graphics are primitive. I really like all of these ideas, though I imagine they would require major new coding to the game.
  17. Now, admittedly I'm a masochist so this might make it too difficult for a lot of players to be arsed with it, and coding might be a bugger. I've played a fair bit of UnReal World and I like how that handles survival. It's a true survival game. Food isn't everywhere, and for the first however many games you play you're likely to starve to death, if you don't wind up dying to a bear. To this end, I'd like to see some changes (or options to add these for a more realistic survival experience). Hunting: 1) Most animals are faster than players, or players no longer have infinite sprint time. This'll make active hunting more difficult and rely on strategy more. 2) Animals have line-of-sight, possibly adding sound/smell mechanics, so as to allow you to sneak up on animals before attacking them. Sound mechanics could be that if you step on a certain block type, it'll produce sounds that'll alert animals within X radius. For example, if you step onto a stick while sneaking there'll be a snapping noise that alerts animals within 10 blocks of you. I'd say while walking too but that'd get annoying when you're running through a forest. 3) Animals have endurance, and being injured slows them. This allows for persistence hunting, or if you get a shot off from a distance with a bow you can more readily catch up with the injured animal. 4) Tracks/trails. Some system which lets you see tracks that animals that have recently passed through have left. If an animal has been shot, occasional temporary blood splatters are left on the ground that allow you to follow the animal. 5) Passive hunting methods. Traps, ranging from small to large. A pit trap is simple, dig a pit and hope an animal falls into it. Allow the player to cover the top in sticks/leaves to cover it and make animals consider it normal terrain, but it collapses under them when stepped on by a large animal. Use rope for large snares to catch larger animals, and twine for small snares to catch things like rabbits. Fishing: 1) Active fishing. Active fishing is using a rod or spear to "hunt" for the fish. If fish mobs are added, making them ignore you so long as you're still so you can stand by the edge of a waterbody, wait for the fish to come to you, then spear them. If you're in the water, they swim away faster than you can catch them. The fishing rod acts as you would expect. You cast it, the fish comes to the rod, you pull on it. 2) Passive fishing. Fish traps, really. If rivers with flow are added, allow the use of funnels with a trap at the end to direct fish into traps. Agriculture: 1) Make it more long-term, high yield, high but sporadic effort. You have to make a large field, you can fertilise it to increase growth rates if you want (much like it is now), and harvesting takes some time, but so long as it's large enough the field will give you a lot of food and resources (such as hay for cereal crops, which can be used to feed animals or for construction). There's effort needed to plant a large field and keep it fertilised if you want, and to harvest it, but there's little effort after that excluding chasing off vermin. 2) Changes to crop growth based on temperature/humidity. If you're somewhere arid, only certain crops that can survive arid climes can grow. Less suitable crops will take longer to grow, and some will simply fail. Same for temperatures and such. Humidity can be overcome by using nearby water bodies to keep the soil moist, but temperature issues are there to stay. This could also play into seasons, with temperatures changing and so only allowing certain crops to grow optimally a certain times of year. If it gets too far outside the temperature range, crops will die so you can't use them as an improvised food store by keeping the crops going throughout winter. 2a) Add more crops suitable for certain climates that give certain resources. One thing I'd like to see is optional crops like coffee, herbs, spices, tea etc. that you can add to certain meals (or perhaps are required for more complex ones) or make drinks from so that it can be advantageous to settle in some places, and hopefully stimulate a bit of an agricultural trade network in multiplayer. 2b) Add agriculture traders so that you can access seeds (and animals) that aren't from the local area. 3) Animal husbandry. Already in game in a basic format, and from what I can gather it'll probably be changed anyway. As it is now, only certain animals can be "tamed" and it still takes some generations to tame them. Allow them to be used for more than just meat, fat, bones and leather, such as allowing sheep to be sheared for wool, cows/goats for milk, etc. And they *need* feeding. If you're somewhere grassy it's fine, so long as they have enough room they can just feed off the grass, but if there's not enough room or no grass (for example, because it's winter) they need feeding to keep alive. 3a) Some animals require shelter from cold/heat. A great big shaggy highland cow like creature is fine in the cold, but chickens aren't and need access to a coop. A highland cow would suffer in the heat and require something for shade, like a tree or artificial structure. More preservation forms would be nice, too. We've got brining, pickling and curing, but adding smoking and drying would be good. Drying can only be done in dry climates for obvious reasons, so either places that are so cold there's no moisture in the air (Or over winter if it gets dry enough then) or in a desert. Smoking takes time but only requires a smoker and wood.
  18. I'm just sitting here going "YUS! I'm not the only one!"
  19. Can you implement borderless full-screen? I have a 2560x1440 default resolution with 125% Windows UI scaling. Vintage Story fonts and icons all look just absolutely horrendous. I tried different in-game scaling options but none of them appear to fix the issue. This is the only game I've ever encountered this on.
  20. Sup @P3t3rix It's a 2 day age new installed ubuntu 20 server. If a player dies, syslog show: Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: 10:57:58 [Server Error] Mod exception: OnPlayerDeath Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: 10:57:58 [Server Error] Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: at Vintagestory.API.Common.Block.IsReplacableBy (Vintagestory.API.Common.Block block) [0x00055] in <97f87400996549bcaa796080030a18a5>:0 Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: at GraveMod.Systems.PlaceGraveOnDeath.DetermineGraveSpot (Vintagestory.API.Server.IServerPlayer player) [0x00097] in <c83b3d8a27204d9988766da3324a84b2>:0 Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: at GraveMod.Systems.PlaceGraveOnDeath.OnPlayerDeath (Vintagestory.API.Server.IServerPlayer player, Vintagestory.API.Common.DamageSource damageSource) [0x00000] in <c83b3d8a27204d9988766da3324a84b2>:0 Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: at (wrapper delegate-invoke) <Module>.invoke_void_IServerPlayer_DamageSource(Vintagestory.API.Server.IServerPlayer,Vintagestory.API.Common.DamageSource) Jun 1 10:57:58 vs VSSRV[4485]: at Vintagestory.Server.ServerEventManager.TriggerPlayerDeath (Vintagestory.API.Server.IServerPlayer player, Vintagestory.API.Common.DamageSource source) [0x0000a] in <2d6eef6f99694be1be89f6f6b9c7766e>:0
  21. just bought the game and i'm almost sure its to late for them to give my money back
  22. i also have the same problem, could you please help me? ill send the text server-main.txt
  23. Still have this problem on Linux in 1.12.14. I can see my waypoints, but guests can not see their own waypoints.
  24. @DasPrinzip A similar issue was reported by @Julius van Vern but we could never reproduce it. A clean server with the same world did fix the issue at the time. If it still happens on a fresh installed server could you post logs and maybe your world, so i can try to reproduce it ?
  25. Hello @P3t3rix @Kai Effelsberg , in Singpleplayer v.2.1.14 it works fine, but on server it doesn't - if a player dies, the items are in inventory, a waypoint is created and no grave is created Thanks
  26. While that's true, Vintage Story seems MASSIVELY more optimized than Java Minecraft, and even with Java Minecraft, I don't get any noticable performance hit with Dynamic Trees, even when using the option to replace every single naturally generated tree in the world with a dynamic variant. The performance hit is surprisingly small, especially given how Minecraft's block updates work. I'd wager that VS has a much more streamlined system in place behind the scenes given the more complex block-based values that need to be changed/referenced frequently. To be fair, the Minecraft mod doesn't do this, and VS wouldn't necessarily need to either, especially since VS has a much higher default load-distance. If a lore-reason is needed for why things don't seem to grow when nobody's around... Well... Time shennanigans. Also, the main performance issue with it in Minecraft is the semi-frequent block updates. Having all the updates happen at once would probably be more performance-friendly, it'd be less intensive than just generating a new chunk as it comes into view, since only some blocks would be changed to others. That said, the main thing I'm hoping for is the visually superior trees, the more stage-like growth (not necessarily as granular), and maybe stuff like slowly regenerating branches and leaves, which wouldn't be much of a performance hit given it's, well, slow.
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