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    The owner of the server, so it depends on which you want to connect to. Public servers are run by people from the community, they're not "official". @Tyron should probably allow servers to set a one-line description as well as have servers in the list display an icon if they require whitelisting or a password.
  4. Vintage Story Version: 1.9.6 Distro / Kernel release: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS / 4.18.0-20-generic Mono / .NET package version: Installed mono following guide here (version installed is Graphics driver version: (AMD) Padoka Works for client, mp server or both: (clientside tested only) Installation method used: mono Vintagestory.exe & install.sh* tested (both work) Hacks (if needed): Following the guide here resulted initially in various openal32.dll, OpenTK.dll and libopenal.so.1 errors that depended on each other. The installation would error out and drop a non-working shortcut on the desktop. The fix was to install mono-complete, ca-certificates-mono on top of mono-devel and install libopenal1, via the commands: sudo apt-get install mono-complete, sudo apt-get install ca-certificates-mono, and sudo apt-get install libopenal1. Execution of mono Vintagestory.exe completed without error after that. *Also worth noting is if you got the mono method working but the install.sh doesn't work (e.i, the desktop shortcut isn't work) and you'd like to avoid heading to the game directory to use a command to launch the game every time you wish to play, you can create a simple sh with the mono Vintagestory.exe command in it, save it to desktop, and have it act as a "launcher" itself. See spoiler for more details. Finally some system related information from the testing. The game runs exceptionally well, better I think than it does on my Windows machine. GPU & CPU & RAM: RX 570 + i7-8700k + 16GB Settings & Performance: Very High Present with custom editing > [Image] (Performance was around 70-89fps average)
  5. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    ok, thx! Keep up your good work!
  6. Tyron

    Various Bugs On Mac

    Yup, I already added some debug logging to v1.9.7 for that. Will release today.
  7. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    @Tyron We can start.
  8. OK thanks. Not sure I could recognize what's unbalanced- I remember we didn't find much surface copper and we planned to try panning the next time we play. On every world- I have noticed that food is not an issue. Berries are so abundant I almost never eat bush meat or cooked cattail roots. So why farm? I'm sure this is in the future, but I think you need difficulty options. I don't miss the cave-ins from Terrafirmacraft but the starving was fun. Everything felt so urgent. Other than that- GREAT so far. I just want more time to play!
  9. Hehe, glad to hear you are enjoying the game! Something like that, yes. We take great care in trying to balance all the game mechanics. All of world generation is built to use relative heights (so for example ore XY spawns at 30% of sealevel) so a 128 world should merely be a scaled version of the standard one. Due to the immense amount of testing required to get the balance just right we however only test with 256 high worlds and as such cannot be certain that everything is as we intended with nonstandard heights. If you come across unbalanced stuff, we're glad to hear of it though! Then perhaps over time we can more confidently say that 128 high worlds also work just fine
  10. It does have a unique color on the map... it's also easy to spot if you see an exposed side. It has a golden, kind of metalic glint in the stripe.
  11. IMHO the rarity of bees is quite off putting of the entire game experience. All of the good lighting requires bee products and quite a bit of them. I have fat coming out the ears, mainly from the incessant war of the wolves I seem to be waging. The processing @redram mentioned would be awesome right now. I can't run around with my volume all the way up; one, I shouldn't have to, two, it's inconsiderate of the rest of my family to do so... three, I don't need hearing loss caused by the other sounds in the game when I have my earbuds in and the sound turned up (see #2 and Tinnitus sucks kids, take care of your ears). I've gotten frustrated enough to play with the bees in creative mode, just so I could understand what I might be looking for (and to see how they work, I like the processes btw). I dunno, may be my seeds sucks, I have only found one crop of soy, that was early on and I didn't know of the significance. Again, it shouldn't be so rare that a poor seed destroys a world you're already invested in. Don't get me wrong, I love TFC, so taking the long route to get somewhere isn't the issue, but there should be mechanics to use/progress to in order to overcome the obstacles. The RNG gods are merciless and there is a difference between rare and extinct. Bees might as well be extinct. If it wasn't for the graveyard mod I would have given up on the first of the week worth of nights I've been walking. @Tyron, frustration is not enjoyable, please fix this. How about making some flower an indicator... as in the flower doesn't spawn unless a beehive has spawned first. Make the general noise louder? They do make a racket if they are buzzing you for an attack. Expand the spawning conditions a bit. There seems to be a very specific spawn condition that is all to easily sacrificed to RNG. RNG sucks as a game mechanic, don't depend on it to do the right thing, because it won't (it's a trap!). If I didn't like the game so much, I wouldn't have posted this, I would've just deleted it. But this game has potential, so I'll stick with it, I want to see where it goes. But tonight... I'm cheating in a skep.. I'll even toss out the 12 beenades I have found in my adventures... hey, there's another option, a recipe to turn those into skeps? Fix the bees, don't let them be the downfall of something with this much potential.
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    Who do I need to ask to request whitelisted permission for the story servers? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Does anyone know if it shows up on the map as discolored like regular clay? Is there a way to tell what is what by looking at individual blocks on the map?
  15. Looking at the clay.json asset file, the only difference I can see is triesPerChunk, which is 0.05 for blue clay, and 0.016 for fire clay. It simply appears to be a little more than 3 times as rare and otherwise identical when it comes to world generation.
  16. I was wondering if there was a way to find fire clay. Is it random or is there a specific place it is placed. Also, can you find it on the map based on its color? Thanks for the assist.
  17. I made a 128 high world, ignoring the warning to keep it at 256. I'm curious if there's a good reason to heed the warning- for example are half the world's ores missing now? Saying "I might not get the full survival experience at that height" only sounds like saying not falling off a mountain is cheating. This game is terrific by the way. I have over 7000 hours in Ark survival evolved and since getting this I can only think about this game. Keep up the great work and I'm sure word will continue to spread.
  18. Done: https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/313
  19. This might also be something for the Modding And API related tracking issue. I was thinking the big Mod update would be 2.0.0 - where we start properly using SemVer. Using behaviors more for functionality sounds very good.
  20. I have been struggling on how to approach this subject in a way that people can understand my meaning. I made a basic count of the mods in the #Mods Release channel of the forum. As of May/20/2019 we had 47 posts there. Some where re posts with a different name or just updates, some people just edited the old posts. Not considering that, of those, 27 were Content mods with no code in it, 20 were code mods. Of the 20 many were publish by me, and everyone knows I cannot code. Some were publish by people that struggle to code, I wonder how many of those consider themselves as proficient C# programmers. My point is that the easier way for people like me, and by the amount of Content mods, I am not alone, is if we could use the available code in the game as just attributes or behaviors, and just create json files. My idea is that if someone, be it a Dev or a Modder, wants to create a new block that uses any feature that is already coded into the game, they would not need to increase the size of the Game code. So the new block is a liquid container? It just need to have Attribute; LiquidContainer. Not to use the Bucket Class. There would not be a bucket Class. The bucket would use Attribute; LiquidContainer. This is a big change, and it would take time and effort to make it. I do however believe it would be worth it. One example, of how this would work, is how @copygirl is making her code for the CarryCapacity. Is a very extensive code, but anyone can use it without the need to make new code. We just set a block with the Attribute: Carryable. And that is it. There would always be room for actual coders to create new features, and they would be welcome. My idea, is that the game would really grow faster if this was done. So, my proposal, for the 1.10, is to be the Modder update. Another argument in favor of doing this now, is that the more the game grows the harder it would be to implement it latter. Mod authors with mods in the Forum are: 9 . Hobbes, Skodone, Tatazaki, Elwood, Balduranne, BunnyViking, MarkAAFK, Sunvald and TonyLiberatto. Mod Authors who do code are: 8 . Erik, Millo, Cout970, Stroam, Doam, Melchior, Novocain, copygirl, Now let's see how much controversy this post will bring.
  21. Wird es das Spiel auf Konsolen geben? Wenn ja ab wann?
  22. Hello, Thank you for the help Tyron, the explanation and setup was easy and now I am downloading the game.
  23. This mod changes the behavior of the particles of the torches, now some fall down and burn up during that time. Edit reason: Added Modinfo Torch.zip
  24. Hi @Rhyagelle You can buy the game with with the account you just created. Here is the online shop: https://www.vintagestory.at/store/category/1-single-game-account/ Or yes, you can indeed also get the game on the humble store, through the humble widget or on itch.io Once you made the purchase on any of these you get a specially prepared link that lets you create the game account and download the game. I hope that explains it, otherwise feel free to ask further.
  25. I hope there will be more than one model and the ability to reskin it freely like you can in Minecraft. I've been following the development of this game loosely for about a year now, and I still can't get over the appearance of the default model. I find the lanky proportions and unnatural skin tone unappealing.
  26. Hello, I'm really interested in buying the game, but I have no idea where to start. I have an account on the forum apparently, but I thought I was creating an account to make the actual purchase. I then found out they have the game on Humblebundle, so I want to make a purchase there. The problem is that I still don't understand how the redemption works. Apparently forum and purchase accounts are separate, so where do I go to make an account for the later part for when I get a key? Could someone explain it to me like I'm five please? Thanks!
  27. Depends on how you want NPC's turned off. If you want it as an in-game option, won't do that, but I can create a mod that should be easy for you to modify. I think even you could if you read my patching tutorial. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=JSON_Patching
  28. It's on my todo list. To be fair it's not near the top and I seem to only get to the top few items every year so it'll a few years for me to get around to it. Not sure how streams and farseek do it but my plan involves TFC2 land generation.
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