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  2. Distro / Kernel release : openSUSE Tumbleweed / 4.19.12-1 x86_64 Mono / .NET package version : mono Graphics driver version : Nvidia 410.93 Works for client, mp server or both : both Installation method used : untar; 'mono Vintagestory.exe' for the client; 'server.sh' Hacks (if needed) : Had to run 'sudo cert-sync /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt'
  3. Rainer Hurtado

    Vintage Story Fan Lore

  4. Rainer Hurtado

    Vintage Story Fan Lore

  5. Rainer Hurtado

    Vintage Story Fan Lore

  6. Rainer Hurtado

    Vintage Story Fan Lore

    Some Fan-made Lore for Vintage Story I have made some completely non-canon and fanmade lore. Some will have evidence in the game files and most will be completely made up.
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  8. Balduranne


    You need to get it from Discord
  9. Alexandre Gallois


    Hy, I can not find the version 1.0.6 of the mod "totems". And I neede it to connect to the server ... Where can I find it ?
  10. Balduranne


  11. Alexandre Gallois


    Vintage Story Player name: HapiXela Age: 24 Time Zone, If you prefer Country and or State. France Do you agree to follow the server rules? Yes, I agree to the rules!
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  13. Balduranne


  14. Peter Siederer


    I want to get whitelisted! Vintage Story Player name: cHyper Age: 42 Time Zone, If you prefer Country and or State. Austria Do you agree to follow the server rules? Yes, I agree to the rules!
  15. Balduranne

    Game Design and Suggestions

    I have to agree with everything, especially with the wiki part. The way the progression works is awfully specific, and I had to follow a tutorial to learn or understand any of it.
  16. Balduranne

    Armor and nutrition

    I like the idea as long as you don't need to keep your nutrition levels at almost top level like with healing in MC.
  17. Balduranne

    Storage Overhaul

    Hey, I can play the game again! I think the biggest issue VS has right now is storage shortage, especially in early game. There's an awful lot of items to pick up, and unless you know what you're doing in early game, you'll run out of space very quickly. So why not allow the player to just put things down? It would make sense for many resources, like rocks, sticks, leather. Allow for making stacks the same way we can do with ingots and firewood. Why use chests then? For one, a chest can store more items per block, and possibly larger stacks than the stockpile method. You also wouldn't put everything on the floor, or it might get swept up by wind or get contaminated (Feathers, grass, seeds, grain). Chests would also still be used for block storage. Specialized storage While we're at it, we could expand the variety of storage blocks/furniture we have - It would make more sense to have sacks, jars and maybe bigger wicker baskets to store certain things that wouldn't go on the ground. Storage like this could either use a 'regular' inventory, or they could accept only one type of item in larger quantities. That way, you could have a storage room with sacks of flour, grain, feathers and what have you. Jars could store liquids, baskets would hold fruit/vegetables, while barrels would serve as vegetable storage. Besides extending the ability to store things, I think it would add a really cool aesthetic to storage rooms, instead of just having lines of chests against the wall. Admittedly, I didn't mention meat in any of this - Depending on how spoiling/preserving mechanics are implemented, meat could be stored safely in a cellar/cold room (After being preserved), or hanf from hooks. Other uses When drying mechanics are implemented, the stockpile mechanic can be used to dry meat into jerky, mud bricks for construction, or leather for tanning.
  18. Milo Christiansen


    @RainbwCakesDeath You are now whitelisted, have fun!
  19. RainbwCakesDeath


    RainbwCakesDeath 19 Chicago IL, USA I agree to follow the server rules as I understand them
  20. Distro / Kernel release : Arch / 4.20.0-arch1-1-ARCH Mono / .NET package version : mono Graphics driver version : nvidia 415.25-5 Works for client, mp server or both : client, Haven't tested anything else. Installation method used : AUR package Hacks (if needed) : None.
  21. Currently roads made of path blocks increase player speed 1.2 times. This is quite good and noticeable, but feels not enough, I don't feel getting a good reward after all the labor. For long distances the time is still quite long. E.g. on the chrometech server I live about 500 blocks from Spawn and when I need to run there or to another player through Spawn, I don't like it because it is a long routine run. I cringe a bit every time I think about it. I.e. when I build a road I do it to choose a less worse variant, not because I want to get something nice and comfortable into the gameplay. To get less pain instead of replacing an early routine gameplay mechanics with something end-game enjoyable. I would like roads to be something which gives me enjoyment each time I use it and makes me feel proud of all the labor I invested. Or make me feel grateful to the road builder each time. This can be achieved e.g. by making the road speed multiplier dynamic, slowly increasing when you are on the road, up to much significant value. Thus you will have no problems when just crossing the road, and will get a nice speed boost when really traveling far. Also this hopefully will increase number of roads on servers, e.g. I would consider building roads to specific stone type quarries. And in future to specific wood time high-efficient tree farms, if trees growth will be limited by biome. Ofc in future transport mechanics might be more diverse and sophisticated, e.g. carts, horses, etc. Maybe until it is implemented addition of dynamic speed multiplier can make server interactions more enjoyable.
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  23. ColdComfort

    v[0.1] - STONE Hoe - (for VS 1.8.X)

    Ha, looks great! (Ironically, I coded a stone hoe last night, which was just a knife on a stick to make a hoe, so this is an improvement over that already.)
  24. My fellow dedicated Vintarians, version 1.8.4, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. In this version I ended up heavily tweaking the color, brightness,contrast and blending of the games ambient, fog and cloud system, as it was still not quite the way I envisioned. It may very well be that some colors are thrown out of balance again, please do let me know if that occurs to you. Other than that I do hope that particularly the blending of far terrain and fog is notably improved as well as the blending of fog against the sky. The fog near the horizon no longer follows a flat line but is wavy and in motion, albeit very subtly (see below screenshot). Let's see how that feels during gameplay. Version 1.8.4 should also be the first version that finally works for MacOS, sorry about that >.> As always, your feedback and bug reports are invaluable to the development of the game, thank you so much for your continuous diligence in playing and testing the Vintage Story [Edit:] Uploaded v1.8.5 to fix a server startup issue. Game updates Feature: ModMaker.exe now ships with the game. This small tool detects any .json file that you may have modified in your assets folder and creates a mod from those changes. This way, if you install an update of VS, those changes are not lost. Tweak: Tweaked color, contrast, brightness, etc. for the ingame fog, sky, ambient and cloud system Fixed: MacOS version still crashing Fixed: Water ambient not applied when inside underwater reeds or seaweed Fixed: Vertical scrolling in the handbook not working correctly Fixed: Some non-standard GUI scale issues. Particularly the settings screen should behave nicer at different gui scales. Fixed: A client thread crash did not exit the game as it should
  25. The whetstone could also lead to making a grinding wheel. I those
  26. Karmada


    player name: Karmada age: 27 history: I come from the Together We Thrive server for the Terrafirmacraft mod for Minecraft. That is actually where I heard about Vintage Story. We played in an old style staying true to the tools at hand. We played in a towny structure letting each player find there niche and helping each other. This is what I want more of, and sadly TFC is going nowhere but VS seems to hold a lot of promise. time zone: Central I agree to follow all rules
  27. Karmada

    Darkagecraft: Dominions RP

    discord link does not work
  28. So as I've been working on documentation, I've been getting ideas. I'm gonna share them here, starting with the Hopper. The Hoppers The hopper is a relatively simple device that comes in either a chute or a slide configuration. The chute configuration simply drops items from an inventory above to the inventory below. The slide configuration pushes the items to one of the four sides of the hopper depending on side the chute is facing. The Whetstone The whetstone is an item that will either take half a slab of stone or two slabs of stone. It creates a way to repair metal tools. However, the way it repairs is by re-sharpening the blade and removing material. The tool will last a considerable amount of time, and the damage on the tool is transferred to the whetstone. Repairing the tool is done by holding the tool to repair in your main hand and the whetstone in the off hand then holding right click until either the whetstone breaks or the tool is fixed. Later on this could get an extended durability bar for the tool's actual health and that goes down faster as you use a tool that has lost it's edge. (eg: the pickaxe, saw, axe, or sword) Tool Remains speaking of broken tools, there could be a point where your tool actually breaks and as a result you get what's left over. You can melt them back down into 1/4th the metal material used to make the tool (except stone obviously) or maybe use them as decoration.
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