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  3. Through listening this music https://youtu.be/U5gIr9B5-kU?t=6543 thats from BATTLE FOR WESNOTH, I got the idea, what about little, but dangerous Earthquakes, if the player did enter a cave / catacomb, even without working, even if you do nothing some earthquakes, and falling gravelstones e.g. And by the way - I love so much this music clip from Wesnoth, its free, opensource, any chance that we could put own mp3 in the musicfolder? This music is great for dark caves.
  4. Got the same problem. Newest game and mod version.
  5. When using a Bottle on a barrel of mead (xskills mod), it turns the bottle into a fried bowl with mead. Theres no way to revert the process but its assuming.
  6. I have to admit I'm confused; you use the mixing bowl while it's on the ground, holding right click to 'mix' or like a quern 'grind' the ingredients together but I'm probably not being helpful so I'll be confused quietly lol; maybe l33tmaan can figure out what you mean
  7. Well its 4 servers but the 6 items from the mixing bowl, and just right clicking the ground with the full pot or bowl crashes the game
  8. 1.3.6 definitely helped with the lag in the crafting grid, thanks how do you put items in a bowl? (not a serving) and same, how do you put items in a cooking pot on the ground if it's not in a campfire?
  9. Noted, I will have a look. It's likely that tree growth is in yet another random part of the code which I missed.
  10. Can those be sold, or do they just look nice?
  11. You say that now, but what happens if the tech tree advances a bit? Autoloaders are very much a steam punk weapon, and then there are the new drifters, the ones with the nasty ranged attack. What are you going to do? Nerdpole during a storm? shoot arrows at it? Worse still, ranged locusts, and suicide locusts? Right now the game is geared toward bronze aged difficulty, but when things ramp up, a hard to make but long ranged devastating weapon might be what is needed. Worst case scenario someone would mod it in, and then we can have a flan's gun and planes mod.
  12. If you place a filled bowl or cooking pot on the ground with 6 items (not 6 servings) in it, it crashes the game
  13. Late night panning, girlfriend pulls the gold coronet, 1/19586.98 chance.
  14. You might check with Jobediah (author of this mod Advanced Backpack Construction System ) on how they do the colors in their bag slots; each size has a different color of its inventory slots, and I've seen no crashing issue with it.
  15. for some reason my yew saplings aren't growing into trees; I'll give it a few more days in game, but it's been stuck at 'will grow in less than a day' for awhile now. Loving the wood color for fencing and such ah, also a few recipes still managed to slip past you, like wooden doors still can't use yew wood
  16. When I respawn, my health bar refills based on the armor I'm wearing. So, if no armor, full health. If I'm wearing full Gambeson when I die, I'll spawn with like half health. Full tinbronze plate and I respawn with about a third.
  17. It's Expanded Foods, I'll take care of it.
  18. The tooltip when I cook with acorn bread crumbs is a bit weird, is that this mod's issue or Expanded food's?
  19. Love the direction you are going in with this. Tried it out without the Mystic Metals mod and am considering adding it to my server. I did have a few questions/suggestions though, if I may. I want to tweak a few things with regard to drifter types that will change battle up quite a bit- namely remove the ability to "pillar" up. What I'd like to see in addition to what you have added here is the following: Extend attack range of tainted, corrupt, and nightmare drifters on random attacks to be able to hit a player standing on a two block pillar. Not on every attack, but if they cou
  20. Yeah, I looked at their mod as well as one other. I'll message the author and see if they are interested in helping me figure out what I'm looking for, or maybe adding it to theirs.
  21. Mods and player count , those are the things I need but I got messages from several people saying I should check out citadel hosting which looks like exactly what I need
  22. Yesterday
  23. Maybe we should gain xp from cutting cattails / papyrus and that type of plants in forestry
  24. Please update if it worked thank you
  25. Yep my server and the mods are up to date. I will double check and test on my other servers then try again if they work there.
  26. You made the Sausages!!!!! yay! thank you! =D
  27. Are you sure you have the newest versions: 1.14.10 of the game and both xlib 0.5.0 and xskills 0.5.0? For me it seems to work now. Even on a server. Make sure that the server is also up to date. The "Unlearn skills aren't working properly" was a server error.
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