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  2. The only way I can use my mouse is by pressing Alt (option), it works but its annoying.
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  4. I found this game through PSJ too!!! I've been loving this game.
  5. First, check that it isn't Windows Firewall. You'll have to allow it in "allow an app through windows firewall", your antivirus, and make an inbound rule both for the program on TCP port 42420 and a generic rule for allowing TCP port 42420 in Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. I've had trouble with Windows Firewall unless I did all three or even four of those. And even then, Vintage Story might not even be listening on the right network interface, for either Hamachi or your LAN. IPv6 can cause issues too. Otherwise, you could use standard portforwarding, but if you have Comcast and you are using the stock cable modem with Comcast you will NOT be able to portforward, regardless of if you add the port or not. The problem is that portforwarding, either intentionally or unintentionally, was broken in the firmware years ago. It says it does it, but it does not. Here's the safest way to do it otherwise: Put a Linux server on your LAN, and look up the obligatory steps (installing, generating an SSH key, copying it to the server, disabling password authentication, fail2ban, ufw, etc) Either follow the dedicated server instructions or use rinetd to forward the port from your PC's IP DMZ the entire server, exposing all ports on the server directly to the internet I would recommend not putting your Windows PC under DMZ. Windows has a lot of network services that it runs that could lead to your PC being compromised remotely.
  6. In case it would be helpful, this is what you would type: Is it possible that you left the brackets in the command? They are supposed to designate an option, but are not included. Please forgive me if you already know this. eta: dang, totally missed that Robert already mentioned the brackets. Sorry about that.
  7. Is there a way to change the default world gen layer height permanently? 256 is fine, but I prefer to play it with 320, and would like a way to look the setting and not have to change it .
  8. I love when I see a game that people take and expand upon. Just curious what is the community take on which is the preferred conversion mod, Immersion or Neolithic?
  9. Likewise, I found Vintage Story via PaulSoaresJr a month ago. I have never been killed by sheep and pigs as often as in this game, yet I keep coming back for more...
  10. why is this feature disabled by default? add difficulty?
  11. This is server mod. Mod allows players teleport to other players. Commands: → /tpr(equest) <player> - Sends teleport request to [player] → /tpa(ccept) - Accepts the teleport request Permissions: → for /tpr - "teleports.request" → for /tpa - "teleports.accept" You can change messages and teleport cooldown in configuration file 'teleports.cfg' teleports.dll
  12. Thank you Vintage Story team for an awesome game. Assuming that down the road there will be more added for food preservation such as an ice box, which would then need knives to cut the ice right? .... it would be a cool idea to be able to then take those knives used for cutting ice and strapping them to shoes or boots (once we are able to make other clothing items besides armor) for ice skates. It would also be cool to have skiis or snow shoes for areas of heavy snow fall.
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  14. Here is a list of all the /worldconfig commands for easy reference: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/worldconfig The two commands pertaining to your question are /worldconfig temporalStability [false|true] & /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed [0-99], respectively. Temporal Stability (the Gear) /worldconfig temporalStability [false|true] should be self-explanatory. Just type either true to turn it on, or false to turn it off. You likely either chose exploration as your difficulty (which has the Temporal Stability mechanic off by default), or you unwittingly turned it off when you made your world. Tool Mining Speed /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed [0-99] means you must enter a number from 0-99. So, for example /worldconfigtollMiningSpeed 2 makes your tools break things twice as fast. What Could Be Going Wrong (aka The Two Most Common Errors When Typing Commands) The two big things to be aware of when using any of the commands are the letter-case in the command, and making sure you are not actually typing the brackets when there is a choice of options (such as [0-99], for example). Letter Case For letter-case, /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed 2 (which is correct) is NOT the same as /worldConfig toolminingspeed 2 (which is wrong and will get you an error). /worldconfig is ALWAYS lowercase (even though there are some commands on the wiki that have a typo where it reads /worldConfig. That is the first thing to check. Then the command that follows usually has the first word lowercase and all proceeding words uppercase, so toolMiningSpeed, as opposed to Toolminingspeed. Brackets Including the brackets, such as /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed [2] is incorrect and will also give an error. You must not include the brackets for the value to register, so /worldconfig toolMiningSpeed 2 would be what you want instead. The brackets are only there to denote the acceptable input options or range of options, they are not part of the actual command. In Conclusion Those are the two main rules you must adhere to for commands to register properly. Check that you are doing both of them right and if the command still doesn't work let me know so I can diagnose the issue further.
  15. Is it possible to export part of a survival map and import it in a new world? I'm thinking just a 10x10x10 area of blocks with some chests of stuff.
  16. I've been flying straight in creative for 2 hours now and found no sign of either Lime biome or Halite. Am I doing something wrong or is the world creation just retarded?
  17. My MoreRecipes mod already added it.
  18. Hello im new to vintage story After some hours of playtime in the game i found out that my gear is missing just above my hotbar. Now i don't know if this is a option to turn on or off but i would think it isn't normal. So what can i do to fix this? My other question is that my worldconfig command is not working for me. I would like to change my tool mining speed, but when i type in the command i get an error that says that this command is not reconized. What do i do wrong? I hope someone could help me out Greetings leshley
  19. toastayy

    Trail Food

    Sounds promising. Definitely could appreciate some alternative to jam!
  20. Added new compatibilities, new version 1.0.2 available! For compatibility with other mods, you need CompatibilityLib. Supported mods: CarryCapacity, ExtraChests, BetterCrates.
  21. A simple library that makes it easy to add compatibility with other mods for assets. You just need to add your asset to assets/<yourmodid>/compatibility/<targetmodid>/<vanilla-path-and-assetfile>. They will only be loaded if <targetmodid> is loaded. For example: I have a More Variants mod (modid - morevariants), I want to add a patch to support Carry Capacity (modid - carrycapacity) and add recipes for Extra Chests (modid - extrachests). As a result, the assets will look like this: Source code/Releases: https://github.com/DArkHekRoMaNT/CompatibilityLib compatibilitylib_v1.0.0_1.13.4.zip
  22. We're not receiving experience on the server. Is there a specific way the mod should be configured?
  23. Edited 2 hours ago by Blue (battle berry) shame you didn't edit out your foul language on a forum children visit
  24. Much appreciated for the quick response! 'm eating a hearty meal in a bit now *__*
  25. The issue is that you have different amounts in each slot. One meat in slot 1, one meat in slot 2, and one berry in slot 3 is a valid recipe. Two in each slot also is. Three in each slot also. And so on. The number of items you place in each slot determines the number of servings you cook. For this particular meal, try one meat each in the first three slots, and one berry in the fourth. This should also work.
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