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  • Why is the game not on Steam?

    We would like to avoid putting the game on Steam for as long as we can afford to for several reasons:

    • Steam takes a 30% cut of the profits, which we see as unreasonably high, and leaving us developers with not much after the 20% VAT and ~25% income tax deductions
    • They require us to sign a non-disclosure agreement, effectively preventing us from publishing sales numbers
    • Their refund policy prevents refunds after 2 hours of gameplay. We would like to be able to refund for longer than that.
    • They would prevent us from selling the game on our website at a lower price, which means we wouldn't be able to pass the cost savings on to you, the players.
    • Steam is run by a multi-billion dollar company that does little to improve life on Earth.


    Why another Minecraft clone?

    Vintage Story exists to realize our own vision of what a survival sandbox game should be like, and we could not achieve that by simply modding Minecraft (we tried!). Furthermore, we feel ethically driven to avoid feeding more money to multi-billion dollar companies, like Microsoft, where possible. We cannot entirely escape their grasp, of course, but we can at least try in some ways. This project is also intended to be something more than just another game on your shelf to pick up, play through and then put back as a dust collector. We want to create a community that's bursting with creativity, enthusiasm, love, and support. We want to inspire fellow players and game developers to be better in how we treat each other and the world around us. We would like to create a sense of wonder for everyone that gives Vintage Story a try. We would like to prove to everyone that the status quo is not good enough.

    However, if you are looking for a more factual comparison, have a look at our MC versus VS page.

    I love what you guys are doing, how can I contribute?

    We always very much appreciate players that want to go beyond just buying the game. Here are some things that are always useful to us:

    • Be an active community member! Participate in the discussions on our discord server or our forums. Help out new players. Join a multiplayer server 
    • Spread the word so other know about the game, but please still respect other communities and their rules. Try avoid spamming the same message repeatedly.
    • Become a modder! Adding new content to the game for others to try keeps players engaged for longer. Modding Vintage Story may be easier than you think.
    • Contribute to our wiki. There are many guides and pages still in need of being written. Please request edit access for the wiki on our discord channel in #wiki or on the forums. 
    • Translate the game or the wiki to your language.
    • Build fancy stuff show it around or make lets plays of the game. We always enjoy watching how others experience the game. 

    Can I make a video or stream of vintage story and/or monetize such content?

    Yes, certainly. Record away! For special inquires feel free to contact us.  
    We very much appreciate though if you drop us a link of the video / stream on discord in the #videos-and-streams channel.

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