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  • Why is the game not on Steam?

    Steam is a great platform to sell your game, we know. Yet, we would like to avoid putting the game on Steam for the time being to for several reasons:

    • Steam takes a 30% cut of the profits, which we see as unreasonably high, and leaving us developers with not much after the 5% transaction costs, 20% VAT and ~25% income tax deductions.
    • Steam policy prevents refunds after 2 hours of game play. We would like to be able to refund for longer than that. If you don't like our game, even after 2 hours of game play, then we don't want your money.
    • We ❤️ Independence ^_^

    That being said, it is still possible that the game will be on Steam some day.

    Does Vintage Story ever go on sale / be in a bundle / offer a %-off coupon?

    We sometimes give out use- and time-limited coupons to influencers with a target audience from low-income countries, such as Russia or Brazil. Beyond that there are currently no plans to sell the game temporarily or permanently at a lower price. Discounts on bulk purchases (20+ accounts) are a possibility, please contact us if you are interested.

    How finished/playable is this game?

    While we do consider Vintage Story to still be in early access, it has been fully playable since 2016 and is being developed with a carefully planned release cycle to always offer very stable gameplay. In fact, we have already fixed over 1000 issues as reported by the community. As for its completion - we cannot really put a number on it because we see no reason not to keep adding new content for many years to come. That being said, going through the main challenges alone should easily offer at least 100 hours of engaging gameplay.

    Are there any plans to ever bring VS to other platforms (mobile, console)?

    Quite likely. Once the game hits big enough sales numbers, we hope to find a publisher or game development studio to do the porting for us.

    I love what you guys are doing, how can I contribute?

    We are always very much appreciative of players that want to go beyond just buying the game. Here are some things that are always helpful to us:

    • Leave a review of the game so others can judge better if its for them.
    • Find a bug as listed on the Bug bounty program! We pay a little for it too.
    • Help us track, narrow down and consolidate all bug reports that we receive on discord, the forums and Github. Ideally, all bug reports eventually end up in a well formatted form on our issue tracker on github.
    • Be an active community member! Participate in the discussions on our discord server or our forums. Help out new players. Join a multiplayer server 
    • Spread the word so other know about the game, but please still respect other communities and their rules. Try avoid spamming the same message repeatedly.
    • Become a modder! Adding new content to the game keeps players engaged. Modding Vintage Story may be easier than you think.
    • Contribute to our wiki. There are many guides and pages still in need of being written. Please request edit access for the wiki on our discord channel in #wiki or on the forums. 
    • Translate the game or the wiki to your language.
    • Build fancy stuff, show it around or create and upload Lets play videos of the game to increase our visibility. Also we, the devs, always enjoy watching how others experience the Vintage Story, which also provides us with valuable feedback to further improve the experience.

    I really love what you are doing, can I donate you coffee or pay for community events?

    Yes, you can donate through Paypal or on Patreon!

    Can I make a video or stream of vintage story and/or monetize such content?

    Yes, certainly. Record away! For special inquires feel free to contact us.  
    We much appreciate if you drop us a link of the video / stream on discord in the #videos-and-streams channel so that we can watch it too!

    Can I monetize Vintage Story game servers?

    It depends. We are highly concerned that server monetization derails into Slot machine / Pay2Win mechanics, so anything that would go in this direction will likely be highly discouraged by us. We do not have a clear consensus on this topic, but here's how we feel about some of the monetization mechanics

    • Purely donation based: Sure, go for it 👍
    • Subscription based: Paying a recurring fee to get access to a game server is fine by us 👍
    • Digital goods
      • Purely aesthetic goods: Thinkable. 🤔 (Please contact us with a plan of your goals)
      • Game mechanic altering goods: No, we highly discourage that, especially anything that gives the player any sort of advantage over other players 👎
    • Ad-Funded: Fine for ads outside the game, thinkable when inside the game 🤔 (Please contact us with a plan of your goals in that case)


    Is there a demo I can try?

    Not currently. There is a free classic version of the game, but it does not represent the games current state.

    Payment on your site fails / A site doesn't load / The password reset doesn't work / I cannot log in

    Disable your AntiVirus Program, the false positive detection rates on these are insane.
    If that doesn't work, feel free to ask on the forums, our discords server or through support ticket.

    I would like a refund.

    Please write us a support ticket in that case. See also our refund policy.


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