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  • Vintage Story Modding Capabilities

    BunnyRunning.thumb.gif.2764f812ef2c1f0090563356f2c41d0b.gifOur very own tailor made editor for modelling and animating
    Built as an open source project, the VS Model Creator contains all the features you need to create your own models and animations. To get it, go to the releases page and get the latest installer .exe file. 

    Powerful JSON Asset System
    All block, items, creatures, trees, ore deposits, crafting recipes, structures, world generation components and more are openly readable JSON files. There are already countless mod possibilities without even touching a line of code.

    The official wiki contains several guides on how to modify or extend upon the JSON asset system.

    Rapid Iteration
    Many of the assets and even code mods themselves can be reloaded during runtime. If you do require a complete reload, in 99% of cases it's enough to just reload the world without restarting the complete game. Furthermore the game loads up swiftly, so you spend less time in the loading screen and more time on creating. 


    For the Programmers

    Built in a beautiful Language
    C# is not only open source and cross platform, but also let's you easily inter-operate with native libraries and it's Syntax let's you write highly expressive code.

    From the ground up with modding in mind
    Even the Survival Mode that ships with the game is just a mod! In other words we ourselves use the mod API to build the game content. Want to reduce the voxel engine to it's bare bones? Just delete the VSSurvivalMod.dll mod. No more game version mod update nightmares because the game architecture or it's 3rd party mod api completely changed.
    You don't even need an development environment to build mods, just open up a standard text editor, code away and save it as uncompiled .cs file in the mods folder - the engine will compile the mod for you! 

    Clear and Feature Rich Mod API
    Don't like JSON? Code your own loaders through the mod api. Or build your own world generator or your own entity renderer. Need custom networking, custom shaders, custom tesselators, server only mods, high throughput block access or custom chunk data interfaces? We have it! The API module of Vintage Story contains over 40.000 lines of code for you to use in whatever modding projects you like.

    Good Documentation is crucial
    Even the best of APIs are worthless without adequate documentation, so we try our best to document every API property and every method in code as well as providing a reference documentation, a range of tutorials on our wiki and a number of sample mods on github.

    Readable Source Code
    More than half of the game is under a readable source license on github, check it out for yourself: 

    • vsapi - the mod api library
    • vsessentialsmod - basic gameplay content, such as physics simulation and entity rendering
    • vssurvivalmod - the survival mode of vintage story
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