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Vintage Story Survival Mode

Singleplayer and Multiplayer

A massive, procedural world

Emergent biomes, strange ruins, and rare geological structures are waiting to be discovered

An immersive survival experience

Your journey begins in the stone age as a hunter/gatherer. Work your way up the food chain with authentic survival features such as knapping, clay working, NPK farming, and ranged combat.

Invite your friends to hunt together with multiplayer!

A geologically diverse underground

Various rock strata and large scale mineral veins permeate the sub-surface. Underground ruins and massive caves impose a sense of mystery.

Your prospecting skills will guide you to the richest deposits, but remember to take your trusty pickaxe and mining explosives!

Refined metalworking

Pour and shape your gathered metals with your own hands. Progress through the Metal Ages to acquire the strongest tools and weapons.

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