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Paxel v1.2.0


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This mod adds a new tool ... the Paxel.
Paxel is a so-called portmanteau word created from the words pickaxe, axe and shovel. These are also the main components of the tool.
Accordingly, you can use it to mine everything that the individual tools can mine. By combining them you save 2 slots in the inventory.





Mod compatibility

  • It can be sharpened on the grindstone from the Necessaries mod by ZigTheHedge or the Necessaries Fix by Maamessu.
  • With Helve Hammer Extensions by DArkHekRoMaNT installed, you can have the paxel head forged automatically. The function was implemented directly into the mod.
  • With Legendary Mobs by FunnyBunnyofDOOM you can make the legendary Paxel. It is not as powerful as the legendary tools, but stronger than the steel paxel.
  • Small patch for better interaction with Richer Than Dirt by Quixjote mod (hint from Maxilos33).


Ideas and plans

  • each paxel gets its own shape
  • Bone as a handle for the stone paxel
  • stone paxels in loot vessels
  • Animation in third person mode for the different block materials (shovel, axe, pickaxe) ... Aesthetics thing :)
  • new tool mode ... 1x1(normal), 3x3(charged), 5x5(super charged), but only for the iron, meteor iron and steel paxel






Download: Vintage Story ModDB

Edited by Mandikor
Version upgrade from 1.1.2 -> 1.2.0
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I don't want to rush you in the slightest, but is there an update on when this might be available for 1.18.6 or will you be waiting for 1.19? Both this mod and the mining tools mod are really good to have when trying to stip mine and gather more ores, dig up dirt, and just durability-wise in general.

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