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Uzur: A Village Story


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Uzur: A Village Story
You arrive at a strange land. Is this a dream?


Uzur is a starting, small community, modded server hosted in Taiwan (Asia & SEA Timezone).
We are looking for more interested players who'd like to take part in unfolding our story with us. Arrive at the village as an anonymous traveler and find work, then take up a role in our growing community. Vote on the progression of the village as a full member and embark on expeditions for resource and riches.

General Information:

  • Server runs modded: several mods to enhance crafting and resources or to add role-play aspect to gameplay. Get your mods downloaded when you connect.
  • Server runs at 24:2 hr. simulation speed. Days, months, and seasons are longer. Food decay, growth, and hunger rate are also slowed to 75%.
  • Server map is maximized with longer distances to polars, PVP is enabled but not encouraged.
  • Server runs 20 slots at the moment, and is (mostly) availble on the server list, without a whitelist.
  • Players joining can play survival freely but cannot claim chunks.
  • Landslides are a thing.

Role-Play Information:

  • Server has a varied player base from asia, the middle east and north america, but the main language used is English.
  • Server supports "RP" chat, limiting the distance of heard text communication. There is also an OOC channel.
  • Elaborate characters not required. Everyone arrives into the server as a traveler with equal opportunity.
  • There isn't a starter kit. You have to find work or go into the wilderness on your own.
  • Players who work for the village will be invited to become part of the village. Inside the village there are different social castes that dictate the amount of responsibility a player has. Each caste comes with it's own privileges.
  • The server attempts following the general theme of Vintage Story and is set upon the timeline and genre presented in the game.
  • Regular/Semi-Regular adventure/events are planned to take place with enough people around. (*custom made dungeons)

Conjunction Tips:

  • We're looking for folks who are looking to make friends as well as role-play and adventure together. Flavor of the week players need not apply.
  • We're looking for cooperative types. New players are also very welcome. Whether you want to directly take part or partake from afar, you're the type!
  • This is a private server. Please ask permission for giant projects (that might potentially eat up the server RAM or disk space), or do it in your own single-player world.
  • All ASLs welcome so long as you're capable of our guidelines. (see title link)

If you'd like to join or get more information from a text of by talking to one of the players, feel free to join our Discord server linked into the title of this text or add me directly: Buddha 梁思聖#0526

So long and safe travels.

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