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i welcome you to Pixel World Online!


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hello everyone, my name is Marcel, and I'm from the netherlands I go as HOST or HostMarcel on the internet.


let me introduce myself, I'm a father of 2 sons 1 aged nearly 2 and one aged 9 (my oldest doesn't live with me)

I myself I'm 37 and I'm a gamer when time lets me lol, I also have migraines and live with headaches nearly daily.

my name got given to me when I was 15 and was running my first own server, since then I have not stopped, and owning a game server is in my blood!

I have been playing another game and have been dedicated to it, (and still will on the side) but the time has come that I have only maintenance to do in the other game.

and I have spent a good amount of time on the game -->> image.png.cfbd02023b80a60f7aec7849c6d60036.png

however I want to focus on Vintage Story, and growing my server experience but I cannot do it alone!

I want to invite players and invite modders and whoever wants to drag along! I will be setting up a website that is fully functional for in-game content.

for example online game time reward exchange system, exchange game hours for in-game goodies! , or a daily lottery wheel that gives you rewards.

those are just examples of what I want to add.

currently, the vintage story server is in the testing phase and it can happen there will be a wipe, but if something like that happens rewards will be given out.

this until we have the perfect server for the community!

a discord server is in the planning too 😱


for now, the server holds 10 people but will move to a dedicated server this year. and will hold probably 100+

the server seed is generated by the domain name making it unique.

would like to join me on my journey of vintage story?

you can contact me through Discord ''hostmarcel'' 

or you can mostly find me in-game, come say hello 👋

I love feedback, information, and suggestions!


server info 



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