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[Under Development] Atlas Civilizations - establish your civilization and write history


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The second iteration in the making...


Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/FAv6fZtmTa

Are you on the hunt for a server where you can join forces with your friends, engage with other groups, create your own nation, dive into roleplay, and even partake in some healthy competition? Look no further than Atlas Civilizations! Our world is intentionally smaller to foster closer group interactions, along with world generation improvements. By default, we enable PvP, aiming to provide a unique experience compared to your typical PvE Vintage Story server.

Now, you might wonder if joining our server means immediate danger of getting ambushed by other players. Contrary to any stereotypes, rest assured that such incidents have not occurred (at least not yet). We take pride in our respectful and welcoming community, with systems in place to make your journey from the spawn point a bit smoother.

At Atlas Civilizations, we believe that Vintage Story is most enjoyable when experienced with a group of friends who can complement each other and collaborate towards a shared objective. In our philosophy, that goal could involve founding a town, nation, tribe, or civilization, whatever term suits your fancy. Solo players are also welcomed, and some have thrived in this dynamic setting.

Roleplay is at the heart of our server. You can build your own town, establish trade networks, build roads connecting various settlements, host events, form alliances, and even wage war if the situation calls for it. The choices are yours, but do remember that your actions will have consequences, whether good or bad. It's all up to you to determine your fate.

Our server recently underwent a reset, and our dedicated team of developers is hard at work, drawing from lessons learned from the previous iteration to provide a quality server experience. We're actively engaging our community through polls and welcoming suggestions to ensure that we align with what our community desires. Join us on our Discord server to stay updated on our development progress.



The initial release took place on July 1st of this year. The project gained significant attention for being one of the few with PvP functionality and adopting a civilizations theme. Mods such as Rusty Shell, Firearms, and CivBastions became notable additions to Atlas. As the server's iteration progressed, claims were eliminated in favor of a reinforcement system, enhancing the PvP element. The player count for Atlas reached its peak at 24, securing a spot on the top server list and maintaining a consistent number of online players throughout. Civilizations like Comeria, Slvan, Ylldrum, Hedgehogs, Atlachan, and Daveahr flourished, while some declined early and others persevered until the end. The original development team consisted of a group of skilled developers. However, unforeseen technical issues arose, leading the team to make the difficult decision to reset the server and begin anew, armed with valuable lessons learned. During this challenging period, some team members chose to depart for other projects, and we extend our best wishes to them in their future endeavors.

Take a look at player builds from the last iteration:

Ylldrum courtyard


Spawn library


Cannons lined up on walls of Comeria



Hedgehogs tower




overall view over Atlachan


The Atlas team:
Marlim: founder, developer
Colecionador: developer
Viceroy: moderator
cydeadhunter: moderator

Any Questions about Atlas, make sure to ask! We hope to see you someday on the server when it launches, so make sure to follow this thread!

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4 hours ago, HerbDashwell said:

I see that big changes are in the works! Good luck to you all, love this server! ❤️

Thank you. Currently what is holding us back a bit are new Wildcraft mods because the old ones are discontinued and won't be updated. Mods that add content to world generation are always scetchy, meaning once you install them you can not easily take them off. In the meantime we are testing the mods we will be using 100%.

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  • Viceroy changed the title to [Under Development] Atlas Civilizations - establish your civilization and write history
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