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Simple Bastard

AbjectPovertyCraft Modpack (v1.10.4 compatible)

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Attached is an archive which contains all mods presently required to log in to AbjectPovertyCraft. As the list of plugins expands, this modpack will be updated accordingly.

Mods included are as follows:

BasicArmourMod v0.1.8, by Melchior
BlockPhysics v1.0.18, by Novocain
SeawaterMod v1.0.1, by Novocain
WaypointUtilities v1.1.5, by Novocain (this isn't required to play on APC, but I included it anyway due to everyone using it anyway) 

I'm sure everyone here knows how to install these, but in the event that they do not visual instructions can be found here.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask for help on the AbjectPovertyCraft Discord.







APC Modpack.zip

Edited by Simple Bastard
attributed credit to authors, updated modpack

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