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New Server: Vintage Story Old Glory

Mr Handy

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Are you searching for a pure, unmodded experience but feeling overwhelmed by the sea of modded servers? WELL, LOOK NO FURTHER!

I present to you an incredible vanilla server tailored to your desires. Let’s dive in and explore what makes this server extraordinary.

Details: A server that is 99% VANILLA *(conditions may apply)
World Settings: A crisp, cool 30-day cycle giving you a solid 24 hours per month.
Spoilage Rate: No more teary eyes over rotten meat with a 0.7 spoil rate.
Hunger Rate: Keep that tummy satisfied with a 0.7 hunger rate.
Gravity: Feel the thrill of active gravity causing rockslides.
Cave Ins: Beware, the caves are closing in.
Server Run Time: Halts when players are offline.

The server has just recently launched, so hurry in before this unlimited time offer ends!

Listen up, folks. I know you want this—no, you need this. Let’s dive deeper and see what else is in store.

Location: Hosted on a reliable service in New Jersey, USA, minimizing strain for our Western European friends.
Storage: Tons of storage, no worries in sight.
Speed: Lightning-fast speeds that would make Zeus jealous.

If you’re like me and tired of so-called vanilla servers bombarding you with “60 mods need downloading,” this is the place for you.


As always, there is. The server is whitelist protected to keep our experience pure. There’s a short application process and a captcha that takes about 10 seconds. Once approved, you’ll be in the server in no time. Click the Discord link to join and get the server details.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the game!


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That is correct, I spoke with you in private but wanted others to know that a captcha is required to view the full discord page. This hinders bots from flooding the page. Thanks for joining the server!


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September is here and everything is crystal clear! Our server is thriving and stronger than ever. Small villages are sprouting up, and there's even more to come! Our first major project is underway, and we need all hands on deck. Don’t miss out—come join our fantastic community today!


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🎉 **Join Our Thriving Community at Old Glory!** 🎉

We're approaching the end of our exciting first year, and what a journey it has been! While the winter may be harsh, the warmth and kindness of our members make it all worthwhile. Help is always just an arm's reach away!

https://discord.gg/gqKX99NBJG🔗 **Join our Discord today** to become part of something truly special. I can't wait to welcome you in! 🌟

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Posted (edited)

Are you craving a true vanilla experience with the option to enjoy some RP with others? WELL, LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Introducing ⭐ Vintage Story Old Glory ⭐ — a server designed to satisfy all your needs!

We have a whopping FIVE MODS — yes, you read that right, folks. Only five, and the server is more alive than ever.

⭐ Let’s take a look at what this amazing server has to offer:

✅ A Vanilla Feel: Embrace the charm and simplicity of vanilla with all its beloved features.

✅ Growing Community: Join a welcoming and helpful community that’s always eager to lend a hand.

✅ Overall Great Experience:Enjoy a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience!

⭐ And let’s not forget those QOL mods we’ve got in store:

*️⃣Log In Protection: Say goodbye to login woes with our 8-second protection timer! Just be sure not to move, or you'll break the protection.

*️⃣Player Corpse: Tired of losing your gear 50k blocks away? Worry no more! Our convenient corpse mod ensures your items are waiting for you (freshness not guaranteed).

*️⃣Better Fire Pit: Keep the temperature rising with this mod. You’ll never feel the chill again!

*️⃣Carry On: Lift life by the bootstraps with this handy mod. It packs all your carrying needs into one neat package!

*️⃣Harper's Immersive Tools: Love role-playing? This mod is perfect for you! Show off your shiny tools on your back and make your friends envious of your sleek steel shovel.

📅 We’ve just finished our first year, which we will forever hold dear, but we must go on. March has arrived, and the farming season is alive once again!

Get in while the getting is good, folks!

Click the link to join the Discord for whitelisting. See you soon!

🎉 https://discord.gg/gqKX99NBJG 🎉



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