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SO I found that if I plant pumpkins in a way where you use cobble or any none soil block on the corners of a tilled tile you can increase yields

x   o   x

o   p   o

x   o   x

The pumpkin vines tend to travel north south east and west in long runs so keep them 5 to 6 blocks apart. I generaly  put my tilled block three away from a water source block cover it with a chisseled cover and then put in my solid blocks around my tilled tile. hope this helps. on average im seeing a solid 4 pumpkin average per plant in this pattern often with 5 or 6 pumkins per plant. pumpkins can and do grow on the non soil blocks but when the vines grow in long runs rather than bunching up all around the main plant when flowering they tend to have more places to drop fruit.

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1 hour ago, Elizabeth Wilhoit said:

How do you harvest pumpkins and get seeds? I'm not getting any seeds back.

Just put the pumpkin in the crafting grid.  You don't get flesh though, in that case.  It's seeds or flesh, not both.

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