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New Propick mode, new Tanning path (v1.12.9-rc.2)

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Dear community
v1.12.9-rc.2, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Kind of minor feature update, this v1.12.9 thing is becoming 😄
Due to popular "demand", the prospecting pick now has a secondary mode that will tell the exact distance to ores within a small-ish radius, it is however disabled by default for the Standard and Wilderness survival mode. Use command "/worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius 6" to enabled it in you world with a search radius of 6. Reload the world once setting has been applied. I do not recommend to set that number beyond 10.

Screenshot by Cathy

Game updates

  • Feature: Added papyrus roots. Papyrus can now be properly replanted
  • Feature: Added an optional secondary ProPick mode that tells the exact distance of nearby ores. Only enabled by default in the exploration game mode. Enable in your own world e.g. via /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius 6  (and then reload the world)
  • Feature: Windmills now accept another set of 4 sails for +25% more power (existing windmills still have the same amount of power)
  • Feature: Leather working can now done without Lime. Borax can be ground into powdered borax, which when mixed with water can be used to soak hides.
  • Feature: Added new world config option to set the global ore spawn rate
  • Feature: Can now configure the audio output devices inside the sound settings
  • Tweak: Temporal storms raise the spawn cap of drifters by up to 50%, reduced drifter fleeing chance upon getting hurt
  • Tweak: Reduced fleeing chance and increased fleeing speed for wild pigs, bighorn sheep and wolves
  • Tweak: Increased durability of hammers by 50%
  • Tweak: New model and texture for the command block
  • Tweak: Updated translation files, Updated trader buying/selling lists
  • Tweak: Tool mode and recipe selection dialog now floaty with immersive mouse mode
  • Tweak: Play a sound when using the command block
  • Tweak: The lore book nows has a 3d model
  • Tweak: Reverted some changes so that "/waypoint add color text" works as before in v1.12.8
  • Tweak: Pinned waypoints are no longer cut off by the map border. Waypoints now scale with the GUI Scale slider
  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to place a lore item into the display case
  • Fixed: Drifters fleeing the player during daylight even in caves
  • Fixed: Able to create invalid waypoints that crash the game
  • Fixed: World customize screen, world config values were not translated
  • Fixed: Players able to interact with the world while in Spectator mode
  • API Tweak: Can now do api.Render.PushScissor(null) to disable gl scissor mode without affected other components (the previous state is restored with .PopScissor()
  • API Fixed: Game crashing when trying to add liquids into the barrel from a mod domain
  • API Fixed: Error when calling Disconnect on player death


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