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Version 3.4.2





Main features of Mod

  • Portcullis in different sizes (3x3 to 5x5)
  • Drawbridges in different sizes (3x4 to 5x7)
  • Gates in different sizes (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5)
  • Waterwheel Mechanical Power (breastshot, undershot and overshot technics)
  • Lampposts
  • Firebrazier
  • Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Vanilla-Doors, Portcullis and Gates
  • Languages: English + German + Russia


V. 1.x

  • Only client which interacts with Block is able to see animation (fixed)
  • Placing on blocked positions dont show message and removing blocks on client, server blocks replacing as expected (fixed)
  • Animation sync Fixed
  • Precheck of blocked positions fixed
  • changed portcullis part recipe
  • improved reverse construction from portcullis to new item which can be craftes to parts
  • Added Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Iron- and Wood-Doors, Fence-Gates and Portcullis
    • in Stone
    • in Wood
    • must be places in front of door/gate
  • Added Drawbridges
    • full animated
    • sizes: 3x4, 3x5, 3x6
    • preplace checks that full vertical and horizontal blocks are available ( example 3 x 4 x 4 blocks available)
    • after placing blocking the first vertical and horizontal layer of Blocks
    • recipes need ropes ;)
  • Fixed: Sometimes clients run out of sync during animations.
  • New Drawbridges
    • sizes: 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 5x6, 5x7
    • recipes included
    • pre-check behaviors like other drawbridges


V. 1.2.0-Alpha1


FIX to 1.13.0


V. 2.x

  • REQUIRES VintageStory 1.13.1+
  • FIX minimap textured
  • Fix texture-orientation on drawbridge
  • New textures, by  adding wood-material to each Drawbridge (Oak, acazia, birch, etc)
  • Compatible to previous version, by doing code-remapping!
    • Singleplayer will this map-patching reqested to the player!
    • Server will do that on the next start automatically
    • BOTH take some minutes cause of those many Code-Mappings! Stay calm 😉
  • Fix recipe for Floorplate Stone
  • Add Lockable to Drawbridges and Portcullis
  • Add Player identication to Floorplates
  • Fix Portcullis interaction caused crashes
  • Fix Lockable behavior not worked correctly. Other players could open the locked Drawbridges / Portcullis.
    Thanks for reporting @Tech_Rabbit 


V. 3.0.0

  • Rename mod for less confusing players when need mod
  • Improve reduce unecessary Code-Variants (Code ids) for Blocks
  • Add new Gates with different wood-materials

Important for Update from 2.x to 3.0.0. Please read!


What must you do?
In the best way, you must do nothing. The patcher is reacting when the chunk is loaded

But maybe there will be some "error blocks" (white blocks with the red '?' ), see workarround.

Default handling of Mod-Patcher 
All Drawbridges and Portcullis will be replaced, when a chunk is loaded. So far so good. The most tests of updating the installed mod where without any problems.

But by intensive testing, their can be happen sometime a problem.

What happens?
When the Drawbdige / Portcullis is placed in a way, that they are placed on multiple chunks, it can happen, that the replacing will not work zu 100%, cause the chunk may be not loaded.
This causes the game will show the "error block" ingame.

But no problem! Workarround:
Remove the Portcullis / Drawbridge. after that destroy the "error blocks". Place the Drawbridge / Portcullis. Thats it. Worked all time i tested.

Investment for tests where many days, cause i wanted to deliver the best way to offer a compatible mod.


V. 3.0.1

  • Fix compatibility problems between mods

V. 3.0.2

  • Fix: PlaySound when FloorPlate triggers BaseDoorBlock

V. 3.1.0

  • Fix: log spamming on tessalation
  • Add: support of VS 1.14.0-pre7

V. 3.1.1

  • Tweak background operations for all mods, include saving mod specific files to vintagestorydata/modconfig/<mod>

V. 3.1.2 (tested with VS 1.14.0 stable)

  • Tweak removed shared dll

V. 3.1.3

  • Tweak disable debug messages

V. 3.2.1

  • Add Mechanical-Power for Waterwheel (still no sound)
  • Add Penstock for overshot technic
  • Add Lamppost for more variant of lighten the night
  • Add support place and remove/replace lanterns from the lamppost
  • Add Russian language - thanks @ZigTheHedge

V. 3.2.2

  • Fix rendering waterwheel syncro when placing to other clients
  • Remove snow placing on Lamppost

V. 3.3.1

  • Fix memory leak after ending a game session
  • Add waterwheel-config-files in modfolder
  • Add some particle effects for optic

V. 3.3.2

  • Fix overshot component recipe to steel

V. 3.3.3

  • Tweak optimize tessaltion of waterwheel behaviors and flume behaviors
  • Fix water-spreading-behavior while water is lowering

V. 3.4.0

  • Tweak client sync for waterwheel-info
  • Add damage-module for the waterwheel, durability bound on the wheel-item
  • Add 'Large Repairkit' to repair the waterwheel-construction, not usable on the wheel-item
  • Add firebrazier

V. 3.4.1

  • Tweak Waterwheel Flume when high-ping tick-lags. Added a new Variant.

    When Overshot waterwheel was active while update, then replace the waterblock (on the end of flume) with another block. broke'n'place the last flumeblock. now you can place the new flume-output block.


  • Fix damage-module
  • Fix soundbug when firebrazier broken
  • Fix firebrazier as heartsource

V. 3.4.2

  • Fix precheck for Waterwheels which have a broken saved durability (see post here what happend) - thanks @Nozarati for giving the crucial clue
  • Fix en + ru locale for blockhelp-repair - thanks @DArkHekRoMaNT for reporting
  • Fix a bug for FloorPlates which encounters a very rare nullreference - thanks @ZigTheHedge for reporting

MOD Download


[if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]




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in the survivalhandbook should be the Portcullis-part available.
one "problem" is that the part's recipe rotate also the reverse-construction.
you have to craft it normally with


its realy simpel for now, but its the first version though :)

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Some WIP news for version 1.1.0-RC1:

working currently on the Floor-Plates

  • place in front of doors/gates/portcullis
  • open doors/gates/portcullis on collide (like the floor plates in minecraft)
  • auto-close opend doors /gates after 1.5sec.
  • auto-close portcullis after 6.5 seconds cause of animation duration
  • not working on trapdoors
  • Recipes will be
    • Stone Floor Plate: cobblestoneslab + stick
    • Wood Floor Plate: 3 planks + stick

working also on the Drawbridges

  • open / close with animation like the portcullis
    • sizes still not final: 3x4, 3x5, 3x6
  • without chains (sorry)
  • Recipes still in planning
Edited by Rhonen
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i have updated the planned features.
while the big drawbridges can not be triggered from outside when closed, i will see how i can create an interaction-block for this problem.

Planned features :

  • Interaction-Blocks for open / close bridges and Portcullis
  • different textures for drawbridges, based on materials
  • Big Gates / Doors
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  • 2 months later...

This mod is currently not working correct with the 1.13.x PRE Versions!
* Interaction- & collission-blocks are placed wrong.
* Also placing orientation is defect

Edited by Rhonen
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