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Steaming ahead.... slowly

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Dear Community,

in the back of my mind I always feel like I could be so much quicker developing the game if only the circumstances were just right. But then I wake up to the real world where I have previously made commitments as a father, husband, home owner and, for better or worse, leader of the team behind Vintage Story. When I do make a commitment, I usually honor them for many years. Not to mention the whole world dealing with the worst pandemic in a century, the gardening season starting and my less than stellar health conditions. I did also allow myself to slow down a bit, to reflect over the previous 4 years of very intense game development. Felt almost surreal to be peacefully sitting in the sunshine and not having the feeling of being a huge slacker 😄

Anyhow. I think I'm getting back on track now. In recent days I finally started to tackle one major part of the seasons mechanic - seasonal foliage. I made a video of the work-in-progress I got so far. Its a fast forward cycle-through of seasonal colors. Note that each type of foliage has a different color range.

There is still more major parts of the seasons mechanics left to do before we could think of a pre-release. Beyond that, there's also a number of nifty features already implemented for the upcoming release, which I already showed off in Discord on #devlog:

For modders an .obj and .gltf Loader, which lets you import models from popular 3d modelling programs. For example, sloped blocks \o/

The world map will be persistent

Block Entities are now handled more efficiently. Amongst others, this means the game can handle dozens of thousands of chiseled blocks easily. Here's 62.000 of them in one screenshot running at a smooth frame rate. In version 1.12 this would cause extreme delay when placing/removing blocks nearby so many chiseled blocks.

Chutes got an upgrade. There will be horizontal and vertical chutes, including an archimedes screw for vertical upwards transport, which requires mechanical power
archimedesscrew3.gif.ff816b003d9e829fdabe790f4b288cfd.gif  2020-04-13_21-04-34.thumb.png.60f457a02f60d08f1c1f8c7718619f27.png

Some extra graphics fidelity is a must 😉
Water surfaces will feature specular reflections

There will be an experimental immersive first person mode that should give you another edge in world immersion


And lastly, I rewrote how plants in pots and planters are handled in the game, so you can expect a few interesting additions on that end 😉

Adding new game content like this, ideally while tackling interesting programming challenges is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, I am supper happy and grateful that I can do this full time now. Thank you very much for your support! And now, onwards to v1.13! ✊

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You are doing great work! I am glad you could enjoy life and glad too to hear that you male some progress on the game. love what you got so far!

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Whoah, surely making a lot of vintage quality immersion improvements there! All fit to ensure players will love the game for many years to come, get inspired to create mods, expansions and numerous of their own or adapted vintage storylines, and spread the word to invite many others to enjoy numerous varied single and multi-player worlds and adventures, with friends and future friends and friendly foes. Do take your time and enjoy the quality of real life besides this life project ... while pondering which faces and edges of your marvellous shiny gem to work on before it will enter the world as a brilliant beta. Cheers! 🍺😎👍

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I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and your team have done. I bought the game a couple of years ago after watching HelDM playing an early version, but was unable to run it on my old computer. Sadly, I forgot about it with work and life, but found it last week after going through old files and cleaning out the old laptop for the kids. You've done a great job with the game, and I love the survival aspect and hope it continues, please don't lose that part of it. The survival of my player always gets my interest more than simple running around and building things.

Again, thanks for all the hard work, and I wish you continued success in both your business and home life. 👍

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This game is my overall favorite game right now, can't wait to see it develop. You've done a great job so far, keep your health up bud thanks for all the updates as well.

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