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The mod adds Temporal Mirror, you can save a point (Sneak + RMB on the block) and return to this point (Hold RMB). Mirror craft from sign and temporal gear and has 5 uses.



P.S. The plans add a second mirror, for teleportation to the players (Terraria forever!).  And improve the model, but most likely it will already be in 1.3, when  VS will support regular .obj models. Perhaps the return point will not be attached to the item, but to the player, or it will teleport to the player's spawnpoint.  Because Initially, the subject was conceived as a way to return home.  Or it will be configurable (it remains to understand how to make configs in VS)

P.P.S. In very distant plans, to return to the original idea of the mod and add teleportation blocks.  Or put it in a separate mod.  Wacky love of modularity, feel like a TE author. 

Source code/Releases: https://github.com/DArkHekRoMaNT/TemporalMirror



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