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New 1.14.10 Server (Mature Community) (Aura Fury)

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[Canada-East] - Aura Fury Vintage Story Server

PVE Whitelisted Modded 1.14.10 Server
Friendly and mature community, mostly 18+, very active server and voice chat. Multiple languages spoken and allowed on server, main language is English
To join PM EconBrony or apply on our website at https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us

-Dedicated box located at a Datacenter for optimized settings and low lag even with 30+ players on
-Boosted Discord for high quality audio/video and direct chat with VS server through discord
-Content creator friendly servers and discord
-Mod Creator updates in our discord from multiple modders in the community
-Server settings close to vanilla to provide true survival experience
-World completely built in survival and by the players, the players decide how the world looks
-We run with the Aura Fury promise so no worries about world resets or wipes 
-Player run events and projects
-Mods include: BetterCrates, CarryCapacity, ExtraChests, medievalexpansion, FarmlandDropsSoil, matterbidge and workbench-expansion. Join our discord for more info.
-Multiple game community

Check out our website at aurafurygaming.com. Registering for the forums is not required (they are brand new), but is recommended. Apply to join the group by messaging me on these forums or filling out the member app at https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/join-us 

Thanks for considering Aura Fury and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Aura Fury Discord: https://discord.gg/GnPAnY9

Aura Fury Mod Pack.zip

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we have added the mods created by one of our server members: BetterCrates and ExtraChest

We also added CarryCappcity, medievalexpansion and workbench-expansion. We will send the info to you once you have joined the community

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Happy to report that Aura Fury is one the most active servers out there. On busy nights we see between 13-18 players on at a time and on slow days we still have around 8 players on. Our discord voice chat has people on almost everyday as well and our text chat is very active. Come and join our friendly community!

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