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Mod adds different variants for existing blocks. 





Warn! Latest stable release: v1.2.1 (texture bug) or v1.2.0 (no animation). On v1.3 you can crash when opening a chest! (See v1.4, I fixed the JRE (hopefully))

Download: ModDB or GitHub 

Known issues:

  • Labeleld chests have a vanilla oak chest texture in inventory

Warn! For compatibility with other mods, you need CompatibilityLib. Supported mods:


CarryCapacity (carryable)
ExtraChests (recipes)
BetterCrates (recipes)
Necessaries (recipes, trapdoors like ladder)
Trade-o-Mate (recipes)

ZEEkea! (recipes)


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1 hour ago, Bladimiro Herrero said:

The models are awesome, the only thing is they don't work with "carry capacity" so I cant pick up the chest and move them around.

The pressure plates from " Medieval Expansion " work just fine for the doors.

CarryCapacity, ExtraChests and BetterCrates compatibility will be added in the next release.
Are the pressure plates working or not working? If they working it is strange :D 

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11 hours ago, Streetwind said:

I crafted a birch chest, and it seems it will only ever place in the same fixed direction. It does not face me upon placing, but rather always faces south.

Is this a bug, or normal for the current version?

It's strange.  My chests use code similar to vanilla chests.  And rotation works.  Are you using other mods?

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Yes! A modest number of them. You can find a screenshot of my mods folder attached.

Additionally, a screenshot of testing in a superflat world. In the foreground you can see a cluster of oak chests, and a cluster of birch chests. Both were placed while circle-strafing. Accordingly, the oak chests are a wild jumble of different orientations. The birch chests, meanwhile, all face the same direction.

After testing all available chests, this behavior is shared by all unlabeled chests except the oak one, which rotates fine. All labeled chests also rotate fine.

If you'd like a logfile, I can provide that as well, though I'm not sure it would show anything in this case.



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7 hours ago, Bladimiro Herrero said:

I'm still having the same issue as before, did you update the file that works with carry capacity as well?

Are the rotation still not working for you?  It's strange.

The compatibility mod with CarryCapacity is just one small patch so it doesn't need to be updated.

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  • DArkHekRoMaNT changed the title to More Variants v1.1.1 (added door, fence and forge variants)
  • DArkHekRoMaNT changed the title to More Variants v1.5 - chests removed

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