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This mod adds various items and a new papyrus paper press which can be expanded with recipes.
Currently it does not add that much but i plan on expanding in the future. I am aiming for a mod that will improve survival aspects but also add some decorations to the game.
If there are any bugs or something you would like to see with this mod feel free to message me on the Vintage Story Discord server -> Th3Dilli
  1. glowing glass / glass slabs in various colors (creative only - no recipe)
  2. paper making from papyrus
  • rolling pin tool
  • paper press
  • paper lantern (sphere)


Works in singleplayer and on multiplayer servers. 
For multiplayer add it to the server mods and you should be fine ;)

Harvest papyrus with a knife to get raw papyrus.





Papyrus Paper making:

sliced.png.6c7861c5f9a90ae39a3eadd0385ca31c.png                worked.png.d37dec0daf7b9118e96cae4c2840a0f5.png

soaked.png.9546e59013d665684241029b203ae027.png                        soaking.png.e6c4bf6592fdc2866a8698a6d3d63721.png


Paper lantern Lit recipe:




Glowing Glass / Glass slabs:




Paper lantern (sphere) 






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1 hour ago, Kai Effelsberg said:

So, can we use the paper to write notes?

so right now you can not, it is just used for the lantern recipe but i will look into it how i could achieve that.

44 minutes ago, Bladimiro Herrero said:

I like the idea of the paper lantern, do not like the design though, to blocky, can you make one inspired with some Japanese style? and as you are at it maybe a recipe for some shoji. . .that would be a great addition for decoration, doors, windows thank you !

the current design is just the already included one form vintage story but there was no recipe for it so it was creative only. 

ill look into making some more usable stuff from paper so thank you for your suggestions ill try to make more decorations with it ;)

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On 10/31/2020 at 5:47 PM, DArkHekRoMaNT said:

Create a json patch for Paper Lantern, please. Remove/replace /attributes/handbook/exclude: true. Now you can't see her recipe in the handbook.

thank you for pointing that out it seems i forogt about it ;)

mod got updated
added: paperlantern sphere
renamed the mod since i made a mistake. blocks will be updated but items not unfortunately

atm i a bit busy thats why there where no updates yet but once i got more time i am on planning to add more stuff ;)

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