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Acorns v0.3.2 - fixed smithing with mallet

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Adds Acorns as a food source.

Also adds a Wooden Mallet which is needed to crack the Acorn shells.

Acorns drop from Oak tree leaves and are highly nutritious. 
Acorn flour is gluten-free. It must be mixed with another flour and water to make bread dough.
It gives a 50% nutrition boost to bread.

Acorns can also be fed to pigs.

"There is no food that means more to me than the acorn, for the acorn fulfills both a promise and a fantasy: that the forest will provide for me. When I gaze across the [valley] I see more than scenery. I see thousands of acres of bounty, millions of pounds of delicious food dropped from the crowns of countless trees, waiting to be gathered by eager hands. I see more food than I could ever eat—more than I can even fathom. A wilderness and an orchard in one."
...from "Nature’s Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants" by Samuel Thayer.


At some point I'll add Acorn Griddle Cakes, too. These can be made without adding another flour.




Version 0.3.2
    - fixed the Mallet so that can't be used for smithing
    - added Russian translation (Thanks @Evil Toaster)
    - added German translation (Thanks @Kiava)

Version 0.3.1
    - can now be fed to pigs (Thanks for the suggestion, @DancingHoskuld)

Version 0.2.7
    - modified to avoid the barrel crash in version 1.14.0-pre.3

Version 0.2.6
    - fixed the Mallet so that it takes damage when used

Version 0.2.5
    - first release

Acorns v0.3.2.zip

Previous Versions


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  • ozBillo changed the title to [1.13.4+] Acorns v0.2.7
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you know traditionally places that harvested these make a specialized leeching container that gives the nuts and the tanin to be used, perhaps you could make a version of that that is a bit more expensive to make (needs a fitted basket as well as a sculpted bowl-base thing, normally the base is glazed clay that can be heated to refine the tanins, wooden ones are a thing but loose a decent chunk of the liquid by absorption and evaporation and the result is not as pure, and if the basket is wood rods instead of metal it wears out much quicker and gives less viable nuts (they last less time), metal still wears out over time but much slower, gold would of course never wear out... but its gold...  just some thoughts that may help.  the basin(clay) also doubles as a way to gently air heat the nuts post rinse to dry them quicker, more thoroughly, and more evenly all year.  model wise the base kinda looks like an acorn's lower shell with 3-6 legs going straight down from the ridge with slots for the basket rests in the ridge and the acorn-top-like lid covering the grooves when seated on top.

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There are many different ways to leach the tannin from acorns. I picked a cold-leaching method that fitted easily with VS. The mod is JSON-only, so I'm a bit limited in what I can do.
I hope at some point it will be possible to get 2 outputs from a barrel recipe. That way I could harvest the tannin from the leaching process.

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10 hours ago, Gallus0Razielim said:

Maybe for gaining tannin from acorns it could be the code used from oak logs to weak tannin, but reduces the liquid vol by half.

Not sure how possible that would be?

Currently, you can only get one output from a recipe. So, I can't get both tannin and leached acorns as output from the recipe.

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  • ozBillo changed the title to [1.14.0+] Acorns v0.3.1 - Pigs love 'em, too

New Version 0.3.1
    - Acorns can now be fed to pigs (Thanks for the suggestion, @DancingHoskuld)

    - fresh and dry acorns can be added to a large trough
    - fresh acorns will continue to dry out in a trough (takes a day)
    - fresh acorns can't be added to a trough containing dry acorns (and vice versa)


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  • ozBillo changed the title to Acorns v0.3.1 - Pigs love 'em, too
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  • ozBillo changed the title to Acorns v0.3.2 - fixed smithing with mallet
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