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Roman Concrete

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Hey! this is a quick suggestion for maybe adding in some Roman Concrete. Now in real life, roman concrete is made by first gathering up Limestone rocks and gravel(maybe finally a good use for Muddy Gravel). Then taking that limestone and burning it in a furnace. Once burnt, the calcium carbonate in the limestone turns to quick lime, calcium oxide. Mixed with water this produces slaked lime, calcium hydroxide. This is soft when first mixed, but with time absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and hardens as it reverts back to calcium limestone. To make concrete from this, you simply combine your gravel with your soft just mixed slaked lime, calcium hydroxide. The Roman's were the first to use this technique for making concrete and you can see how effective it is still to this day. Most beautiful and incredibly designed structures still stand today made majority of concrete. Anyways, that is all for this one i hope to see it implemented in to the game some day, thank you for taking the time to read this!

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