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1.14.10 RabbitTechVS Survival Modded[EN] New map!

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Welcome to RabbitTech Survival Modded!

At RabbitTech we try providing a fun and immersive experience for all our players. We have changed a few of the vanilla game settings to fit this experience and provide an opportunity for the community to shape the server to their own vintage story!

Key Features:

One of the largest and most active/mature Vintage Story Communities

A custom mod installer to install all the needed mods in the right location in under 10 seconds (Windows only for now)

Nine (9) community built spawns so new players have an equal chance at resources

30 day months, days are twice as long (24 real life day years)

384 world height and 500,000 x 500,000 map

Discord chat integration so you can keep in contact with your friends even if you cannot play, see storms starting and ending, and other features

New player starter kit

Community, Discord, and Server events

Fun, friendly, and active community/staff

Democratic mod selection. The community picks via voting what mods are added to the server

Server hosted on good hardware, we have players from all regions with little to no lag.

Dedicated modder/admin team to enhance future experience

Mod list:

  • Carry Capacity 
  • Compatibility Lib 
  • Expanded Foods
  • Fancy Doors
  • Instruments
  • Lichen
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Meteoric Expansion
  • More Classes
  • Necessaries
  • Paints 
  • Player corpses
  • Primitive Survival
  • Rainbow Roads
  • Rope Bridges
  • Trade O' Mat
  • Workbench Expansion
  • Xlib
  • Xskills
  • Yabba (Chiselable Glass)
  • Zeekea


I.P.: survival.rabbittechmc.com:42422
Discord: https://discord.gg/VVtX7CCUuG


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  • Tech_Rabbit changed the title to RabbitTechVS Survival Modded[EN]
  • Tech_Rabbit changed the title to RabbitTechVS Survival Modded[EN] New map!

The server is great! Different spawns encourage you to be creative and the map invites you to go exploring.
The community is nice and everyone is welcome :)

❤❤❤ See you on RabbitTech ❤❤❤2021-01-20_04-07-32.thumb.jpg.7bbb8f1086030324876f4d7dba66e557.jpg


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I LOVE RabbitTech Server.  There are Teleporters that let you choose from the 8 cardinal directions, each unique in landscape and feel.  Awesome, friendly and helpful community of players.  Expert Admins and Staff always on the job keeping the server healthy and running smoothly.

I Highly Recommend that you come and join us in exploring, crafting, building and socializing in this beautiful game that actually teaches you what our ancestors had to do to survive and thrive in ages past.

I personally settled in the Frozen North as a Viking.  To hopefully take on the challenge of the brutal winters in the North Country.  Skål!






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this is an amazing server, the admins are very active and helpful and the community is awesome. our settlement is established over in west spawn daemnation looking for active members to join us in exploring farming and trading :) this game is alot more fun in a group so come join our active fun group and this great server and become part of the community


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hopefully more people jump in. we just recently had an aporkalypse event and it was epic... like 3000 pigs unleashed upon spawn by daemnation. who knows what chaos the next event will hold and what legendary stories youll be missing out on not being in there. BluryFace streamed the event so there is still at least that to behold...


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Amazing Server, Awesome community and really talented individuals across the board on this server I'm personally a part of the Viking north and love it up here. These are some things I've built :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2021-02-20_11-34-49.thumb.png.5f32e7ae3fe3bf2c292dd3f4617bf831.png2021-02-20_11-42-10.thumb.png.708e9da22a13d45db22574437662f985.png2021-02-20_11-11-56.thumb.png.d2276f973b24f7cf7bc5fb447841696b.png2021-02-20_11-31-03.thumb.png.2ea1cf892c28867fa2c669b05f1224f0.png2021-02-20_11-31-27.thumb.png.4a7248427b99162bde4e4cf4c45d24ff.png2021-02-20_11-32-21.thumb.png.4f0816eb150703479ef58f47b690c4a5.png2021-02-20_11-32-35.thumb.png.e0ad687377873241b009a9337bf7ff76.png2021-02-20_11-33-46.thumb.png.4ea43d3f26d1febe332c8783ec803b7a.png2021-02-20_11-47-22.thumb.png.9a91a3ae9eda92fa3a0b862c62edddbc.png

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  • Tech_Rabbit changed the title to 1.14.10 RabbitTechVS Survival Modded[EN] New map!

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