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1.14.10 RabbitTechVS Survival Modded[EN] New map!

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Hey everyone! With all the new influx of players I just want to say even though we are an older server, we have a lot of features to help casual and new players have a good experience without hand-outs! You are able to play the game and get the resources you need from the get-go.

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3 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

No pics? 😛

Why share them right away when you can save them for a future bump to the post? ;)
Looking forward to seeing them as well, myself. I intend to set up a spear and archery range in my valley eventually. Curious what sort of range they have and what it looks like.

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Ah, yeah. The forums seem to only allow 4 MB of data uploads across your posts AND messages. Given how huge this game's screenshots are if you don't convert them to .jpgs... I dunno, maybe there should be a user gallery somewhere. Though I'm sure servers already cost enough money...

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I'm posting some of my furniture work here as I wanted to do a bit of advertising before I opened up shop in central spawn. If you wanna donate gears to my shop fund or would like to purchase some furniture (custom or pre-made), please message me on the RabbitTech discord @DeviLotte and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, thank :D






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