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Choose your favorite theme for v1.15! Gasp!

v1.15 Main theme  

941 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like to be the main theme of the upcoming version?

    • The Ocean update (fish, fishing, boats, oceans)
    • The Lovecraftian update (giant creatures, the first main story event, alchemy, richer ruins)
    • The Combat update (shields, improved visual feedback, ranged mobs, tool/armor repair)
    • The Homesteading update (fruit trees, alcohol, improved meals, more animals, more crops, birds, animal leashes, pies!)
    • The Industrialization update (water wheel, low tech windmill, brick kiln, firepit overhaul, elevators?, more mechanical power blocks, conveyor belts, etc.)

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How about exhaust gas that you have to channel outside. Even if ovens come later for cooking or to raise the temperature so that the exhaust gases have to be led outside"like with pipes". Otherwise you would suffer damage in closed rooms. It would look nice from the outside, for example in winter

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Just started playing this game a few days ago and I absolutely love it all so far. All of these options are amazing and they would all benefit the game greatly. Though I kind of see some of them being more of a progression thing in a way at least when it comes to combat leading to the Lovecraftian update. There are a lot of options for combat currently but refining the system and having more feed back is always nice. And I can see that being necessary for something like a big story update with more monsters and giants. What books i've found so far has been really interesting to I'm all for there being more lore in the game! I honestly cant wait to learn more about what is going on. However I can see any big story events held off for me, I'm still getting the hang of fighting monsters with copper spears and getting mauled by wolves. 

Industrialization I feel can happen at any point and I would be excited for every bit of it! any kind of possible automation exploration is all kinds of fun for me. Especially when it comes to processing certain things like grains or hell I can see the conveyor belts being great for pit traps and defenses. 

Out of all of them all though it's between homestead and ocean for me though. The food and farming system has drawn me the most in this game! Between the cooking options and food preservation system there has been a lot to explore. The variety has also being great with out it being inventory clutter level of stuff. I can see both offering a lot of options regardless of where you settle. An ocean update would bring some much needed life to the waters (and possibly horrors? The ocean is a terrifying place) Fishing is always really relaxing overall though and fun. More ways to get food? I'm all for it. 

The homestead is where I'm leaning towards though... especially with the food improvements and alcohol. I'm really curious as to what it will do overall. Some games handle it with buffs and debugs. I know some have certain types of alcohol gives different buffs like strenth or speed but your vision could be distorted slightly if you get drunk enough. Honestly with the temporal storm effects that happen I'm really curious as to what could happen while drunk. There are just a lot of possibilities for the Alcohol here that could hint at what we can see from a full on alchemy update which would be really interesting. I would love being a potion master in this game but I'll take brew master in the mean time! Also animal husbandry updates would be really nice as well especially a leash. I would be so happy with any update if a leash was included.

Hopefully at some point we'll be able to tame wolves. I got a wolf pup from a trader and was like "Oh Cool!" it lives in a basket now because I read it will run away if I place it. so for now I will be fine with my basket puppy!


Regardless of what is updated I'm just excited to see what is next in this game! Tyron this game is a blast so far!

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On 12/21/2020 at 12:48 AM, Arlind said:


How about exhaust gas that you have to channel outside. Even if ovens come later for cooking or to raise the temperature so that the exhaust gases have to be led outside"like with pipes". Otherwise you would suffer damage in closed rooms. It would look nice from the outside, for example in winter

I see several problems here, missing blocks make a room incomplete, and metal for pipes are nothing anyone is able to afford for quite some time into the game. maybe stone/brick chimney blocks of some kind?

I think it could be good to implement something like this early on, that way there will be much time to fix bugs with it before adding the Steam Age at some point.

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I choose homesteading because I like collecting stuff like the crops, flowers and animals it’d bring so it’s an obvious choice for me. I just hope the new stuff will be interesting and purposeful towards gameplay and not for the save of collecting. Additionally, I’m really hoping that we’ll see mounts to ease the burden of travelling far distances given the new incentive of more stuff to collect and explore new frontiers.

A nice touch would be to be able to set your mount to follow path blocks in your road network or a marked location on your map. That be more immersive than just fast travel. I’d also like to see more hostile animals like bears, leopards and lions. I prefer those over stuff like drifters for realism.

My second option would be the lovecraftian stuff given it’d have more stuff to collect, though, better terrain in regains to river and oceans would be nice. 

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I love animals and taming in every game, its always a focus for me to collect them, and if we got fishing and stuff i would want a fish tank to display my rare catches! 

Ocean- boats would be amazing, and fish would be great too! And would be nice to have something to do with sea weed and other ocean things, as well as a real ocean biome.
Lovecraft- Alchemy Alchemy Alchemy! I love it, even in minecrafts simple form, this game could make it 10x better! Richer Ruins is also a big highlight. But large creatures needs combat rework imo.
Combat- would be great, but not as great as most of the other options. I do find current combat pretty lacking.
Homesteading- More animals, birds, leashes, and pleeeease real capture/taming methods! Cooking is secondary but nice. Though adding pies to my cheese wheels and crock pots would be kinda cool.
Industrialization- This seems to be one of, if not the main, highlights of the game thus far, what sets it apart from its thousand kin. I would love to see even more of it in every way! Though water wheel would likely require the ocean update, as we dont even have rivers or naturally flowing water. 

Tough to pick my #1,

But Alchemy/Industralization
Animals and taming and fish variety
Ruins, boat, and Combat.

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My vote was also for the homesteading update to come with 1.15 for reasons that many have already stated.

I'd vote for the Lovecraftian update to follow that (really wish there were more dangers and challenges in the world to deal with, ruins to explore, and really looking forward to seeing the story/lore to unfold in the game), followed closely by a combat update. 

Any of the other options rank the same for me after these three.

Might I offer that as part of the homesteading update, there is some form of fishing added to the game, and possibly some form of snare/traps for small animals? Even if it is fish traps or trot-lines/limb-lines?  We don't need to see fish in the lakes/ocean yet, but it would be nice to find value in bodies of water other than just for reed collecting.  I added the primitive survival mod just for these two thing mainly, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some aspects of that mod are a little over powered for my taste, but still, it has added a small element to VS that I've felt has been missing for a long while.

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SUPER hard to choose!

My first thought was... "You forgot the option, 'All of the Above'..." ;)

Anyway...I had to go with Lovecraftian. Combat would be nice, but not needed, really, until we get more monsters and dangerous animals (bears, komodo dragons, anaconda, tigers, buffalo, etc). The Ocean was probably my second choice...for me, I *love* fishing in games. I can sit there and just fish for a good 10, 20, maybe 30 minutes before I want to sell my catch, eat, sleep and get back to fishing! Boats would be VERY cool...but I'd also like to see more than just 'boats like in MC'. Different kinds; a 'raft' for the beginner (2x1). Then 'canoe which can hold you and one 'block' of whatever (3x1). Then 'boat' which is the big one (2x3). Maybe go even bigger with a 'cargo boat' that is a boat but allows a rope towed behind it to pull a 'canoe'. Basically, boats should primarily be for transport of goods across large bodies of water. :)

All the other stuff would be great too! I think the key reason my bro and his friends stopped playing was because of lack of 'stuff to do, explore and find'. Crafting is great and all, kind of the point of the game, but chipping wood for 4 hours...well, sometimes you wanna just go explore and see what's out there. 



Paul L. Ming

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I choose the ocean life because that was the first thought to strike me when discovering the game a few days ago : What ? So much water everywhere and nothing inside, not even a single crab ?

Moreover, this is a "lack" that a new player can (and will) discover in the very first hours on this new world. The other updates come after, in order of appearance. So, such an update would benefit to every player.

By the way, many thanks to Tyron and all his team for this great game. It's not common to have the devs team replying to the questions of the players, and I fully appreciate this. So many times, they stand high in their ivory tower, definitely unreachable. Also, the first feeling I had when discovering the game is that the devs team are really enjoying their work and really coding a game they want to play with us. And not just "If we had this option, how many more licence will we sell". Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.


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