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New 1.14 mob encounter

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Had forgotten entirely about the new mobs and was caving late last night when a thoroughly creepy siren/ringing began. I was already headed out and hustled even faster to get safely to surface. Wasn’t till I got back here to forums and watched the 1.14 trailer that I put 2 + 2 together and realized I had encountered new mob. Well done on the creepy factor.

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Anyone has video of these mobs? :)  I know how they look, but would be cool to see how some content creator dealt with them. :)  I follow VS content on youtube as much as i can, but have not seen any video of someone fighting them. Havent met them myself yet. :)

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I think the Bell locust is very well done. I love how its eye is inside the bell so it has to stop and balance so it can view its surroundings, Also I like the tiny underdeveloped legs that occasionally twitch on its body. i also love the realistic noises it makes when it hops around.

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