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Chiseled blocks don't count for a Room


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When using a chiseled block, the room does not count as a "room", and your food rate still increases when cold.

I'm not sure how difficult this one is to manage, given that chiseled blocks can be any shape.  I ran into an issue with a block I chiseled by mistake, but didn't actually modify it.  Because the block looks identical to non-chiseled blocks, it's very hard to track down.

If not possible to calculate rooms with chiseled blocks, maybe an overlay/dev tool to display valid room-blocks could help.  Seems like slabs are valid blocks.

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I've got rooms with zero chiseled blocks that do not seem to count as inside. All I'm using is a mix of full blocks and slabs, and two doors.

Room detection is a notoriously hard problem to solve in a freeform building game. It's entirely possible that something isn't quite running as intended there.

At the same time, I'm unsure how to correctly determine whether or not you're actually getting a bonus for being indoors. I've asked around but I've yet to receive a conclusive answer to what I need to be looking at.

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I can help a bit with the part about determining if you're indoors.  You need to do this when it's cold outside:

Open the Character Window, and look at your "Hunger Rate" under stats.  Sometimes it takes a few seconds to update.  If it's above 100%, then you're not "in a room".

But make sure armor/offhand item are not affecting you, and that it's actually cold enough for this stat to be modified.

Another note: in order to find my problem above, I split the room into halves with dirt blocks until I found where the problem was.

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