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Backpacks, linen bags, baskets should be able to be placed in chests

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I ran into the unfortunate situation where i didn't realize items are stored in baskets, and when you remove the basket- you also remove those items. I had to get a skep and I threw a basket on the ground because I don't believe they can be placed anywhere or stored- not realizing it was carrying my tin bronze stuff (that I spent weeks in game looking for tin for) in that basket. I am beyond pissed, and I do blame myself for being so careless, but i think its a waste in the end to not be able to at least store empty containers in chests (because what would I do when I get linen sacks and then want to transport skeps).


If there is already a fix in game for this, please let me know.



Thank you,


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wait, last time i checked at least as long as you keep the bag in your inventory the contents are not lost. i tried with a bit of dry grass in a basket because i wasn't sure anymore, but maybe one of the mods i use changed something.

And you definitely can store empty containers in chests i know i have a world where i did exactly that, after i had no use for the baskets anymore (because i got my hands on linen bags).

In my newest world i was lucky and had lots of animals and chalk around spawn, i went right from baskets to leather backpacks.

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You just have to move items from lower inventory slots (as many as the bag has) and then remove bag/sack before removing it. Then bag/sack will be empty and you will be able to pick it up in you inventory and not lose any item.

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TheEnlightenedOne: simply open your inventory, take the basket (or bag/sack) and check your inventory what part of it dissappears and if that part has some items. Put basket (bag/sack) immediately back and eventually take items from it. 
It is not possible to put not-empty basket/sack/bag into inventory because it'd raise the capacity of your inventory limitless...

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I will say that they should make it a bit more intuitive. 
I thought that the right most basket would hold the items for what's in the bottom most section of your inventory. But it doesn't seem to always be the case. I struggle to figure it out sometimes, and just rely on throwing all of my items on the floor, tossing the empty basket, and then picking everything up again. 

Also, in a somewhat unrelated note, would be cool if you could place backpacks/baskets on the floor so that they act as chests. 

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