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Stable Christmas Patch Hotfix (v1.14.4 & v1.14.5)

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Dear Festive Community
v1.14.4, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Whoops, looks like some rather major bugs slipped through the cracks. Hopefully this update will clear that up.
[Edit:] Also released v1.14.5 to fix a crash bug in the lighting engine!


Game updates

  • Tweak: Added /serverconfig passtimewhenempty
  • Tweak: Updated community translations
  • Fixed: Worldmap pinned waypoints at the map edge no longer interactable
  • Fixed: Able to use cleaver right click mode to damage players
  • Fixed: Shelf contents not visually updating
  • Fixed: Long-standing sunlight bug when closing off a 2-block high room or passage
  • Fixed: Missing Stone Path block name
  • Fixed bugs introduced by v1.14.3
    • Placing a block on top of a snow covered chiseled block corrupted it
    • Underground lakes set the wrong rainheight map values
    • Room and greenhouse issues if spanning chunks
    • Rain droplets effect on water still visible with snowfall
    • Occasional sunlighting issues


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12 minutes ago, Shinohakobita said:

Just a quick thank you.  Started new world with 1.14.4

you mean right after 1.14.5 got uploaded? ^_^ (same here, just installed 1.14.4 opened it and got greeted by the message 1.14.5 is available)

At least now i know what Tyron meant with the crash bug...

Edited by Hal13
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