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Classes in single player, do people use them?

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I am still new to this game and I love it!  I was really excited to see the classes.  But I have mostly been playing single player and I find the classes seem to be so multi-player based I haven't messed around with them at all.  the negatives seem to high if one is playing solo or with one other player.

What have you all found when playing solo, are the classes still worth it?  

If I was a modder I might make a mod that lets you upgrade from commoner at a later point but only once.  I looked for class mods but haven't seen one like that yet.  If it's out there I would love to check it out. Mr1k3 More classes mod looks good

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The Clockmaker is definitely a multiplayer class. There's no reason to ever pick it in singleplayer, and honestly it's underpowered even on a server, and I wouldn't pick it there either.

The other three classes however are perfectly fine in singleplayer.

  • You play the Hunter if you enjoy ranged combat and high movement speed. Your main downside is that some ore blocks won't drop anything when mined. But if you are good at prospecting, it is easy to find plenty of ore - especially in singleplayer, where you are the only one who needs metal.
  • You play the Malefactor if you want an easier game start, and hate being eaten by wolves. Your main downside is the lowered maximum health, so you really want to get into breeding sheep ASAP to make cheese and get that dairy meter up, since that whole process takes a long time.
  • You play the Blackguard if you like digging and hitting things and surviving getting hit back. Your main downside is that you'll have a harder game start as you'll struggle with food and forage loot early-on.

If I wanted to rank them by new player suitability, the Malefactor would probably win out, though the Hunter is also good. The Blackguard is probably for someone who's not riding their first rodeo, as its downside hits right where newbies struggle; but if you know what you're doing it can be very powerful.

Personally I have been playing Malefactor in my world. Picked it more or less at random since the class system was new for me back then. But I've been really enjoying that it can traverse the wilderness without being a complete wolf magnet. Sometimes they won't chase you even if you already hear them growling.

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I've got about 50 hours in single player so far. I started playing with all the standard settings but permadeath, ie I would not re-spawn. I got to about 23 hours before I met my doom; I fell down a very deep hole from the surface while chasing an animal although I almost died a couple of times thanks to drifters spawning unexpectedly in my base. On second playthough I've died once - I was attacking a wolf (and winning) when another came up behind and ate me!

In both games I've played as a commoner - the only surprise I've had was that I couldn't craft arrows at all. I think anyone should be able to make arrows but obviously the relevant class should be better at using them (more accurate or greater damage).

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I enjoy the early game very much, and will usually spend a lot of time in stone age before choosing where my home would be. I'm pretty nomadic in my play style as well, setting up small outposts and traveling thousands of blocks in a day, stashing reed containers here and there if I manage to find anything valuable that I don't want to risk losing, returning later with more care to collect my loot.  This means a lot of foraging, and nailing chickens and rabbits on the run with spears usually, or a crude bow from time to time.

My class of choice therefore is the hunter, whether on a multiplayer server or on my own.  It serves me well.

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On 1/29/2021 at 6:56 PM, martinuzz said:

All classes can make arrows, the hunter just doesn't need chickens for it.

That actually could be a good reason to use the hunter... i have chests above chests of sticks, i have enough metal to massproduce arrowheads or sand/gravel/bony soil to pann for them the only bottleneck each time are feathers.

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