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17 hours ago, JamesB said:

Nope.  Can't pour it out.  Can't put it in any containers that I know of.  Breaking the bucket does nothing either.  It's just a bucket that says it has "0.1 liters of resin"

I was able to get it out without issue. Bucket or bottle, you should be able to place it into a chest or something

4 hours ago, Pamela Wild said:

So, I can't seem to make bone broth in the saucepan. Is there a certain way the ingredients need to go in there?

Are you on 1.3.14?

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Huh? That's weird. For me, right clicking is what picks up the bucket. 

Yes, you can get resin from the bucket, place it into something, and have that resin cure into hard resin nuggets.
You can also keep it in the bottle or bucket until it cures, and still place the resin nugget into something.

Try right clicking instead, I guess? Whatever method you use to get liquids out of your containers, do that.

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5 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

You can make mix food the same way you grind a quern: by right clicking. Try it on the bowl. Is it not working?

Nope. I can open the bowl to add ingredients, I can lock and unlock. I tried putting a cooking pot in the mix, I just wanted to make pemmican. Right clicking does nothing.

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Okay, update. I took out all my other mods and with just this one, I tested some things in creative. I got it working, but apparently either pemmican is bugged, or I'm doing it wrong, because that's not an option. May have to use another mod for it until you patch it or something, because I'm not giving up this mod, I can't play the game without it anymore.


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Not really. I'm not home at the moment. Like I mentioned, I got the mixing bowl to work, but not pemmican. I tried regular berried, dried berries, meat nuggets, raw meat, with cooking pot, without. Couldn't get the pemmican to work. Everything else does, however, now that I've figured it out. I can work without pemmican for a while. You added a bunch of stuff I've been wanting in game anyway.

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