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Long distance travel in winter.

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Any tips or tricks for traveling long distances (a day or more) in winter climates? It’s annoying having to stop every few minutes to build a fire. The traders have warmer clothes I assume. I haven’t delved into the world of trading an rusty gears. 

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As mentioned above having fixed clothes using linen is the key.

Other than that, its better to put long distance travels to other seasons, meanwhile focus on other things and explore nearby caves and maybe find translocator which would bring you more south - that way you will have some area for "vacations" :).

I am playing on multiplayer server where time goes on if other players are online and i am not, so i haven't experienced long winters myself (Logging in after some time has already spring coming).That helps with cold, but makes things worse with food spoiling. But if i would play single player i would simply more focus on caves during winters and base work, i think.

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Traveling in winter is a tedious job. Have good and repaired clothes, avoid water, travel during (unfortunately short) day only to avoid necessity of building shelter and fire.
Or limit your travel as much as possible to translocator routes only.
Or better concentrate on home-base works and nearby caves and places during winter, 

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Hmm I’m basically doing all this already 🤣 I am also playing on a server but I play every day or so so can’t really wait around. I mean I COULD but why should I 😁 I tried so save all my base building for the winter but am impatient and really want to find some rare seeds in ruins. 

thanks guys! 

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