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auditory distortion to any sound during temporal storms

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we have a temporal storm visual distortion, but not audio distortion!

The audio distortion should start up when temporal storms start, making audio go 5 pitch to -5 pitch rapidly until the storm ends (in example, foot steps should distort from the storm, if you swing a weapon, it'll distort, and if you eat it'll distort. just to give a few example, making the fact temporal storms distort also be auditory. it'll be crazy and disorientating, just like some of the visuals [might] be. (i never played since i have no way to, also hope it ports to console once you get everything finalized for the game))

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i think instead of using the pitch using a random delay to sounds (and other feedback) would be more fitting to the theme of the storms.

you may walk, stop, and then still hear footsteps. drifter sounds may be still there even after you've slain all there are directly around you. you might get the getting hurt feedback later...

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