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         The only way to get sticks is exploring and breaking leaves. But sticks is extremely needed. Good half of all wooden craft requires sticks and you always must stop crafting and change plans to go and find some sticks. Adding crafting recipes must remove this problem. And there are two ways to realise it. You can make it from planks with a saw, but, like in the real world, that would be just stick, very weak, not suitable for instruments, but intuitive. And the second one is making stick from logs with a saw and chisel. I guess, second variant is way better and way more realistic.

Anego Systems pls

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FYI- this is a frequently requested addition!

I added a recipe that uses a saw to make two sticks from one board. This simple recipe was a huge quality of life improvement,  but mostly because at the time I was building thatch roofs from the Grass Stuff mod, which uses a LOT of sticks!

It is a simple recipe to make or there are a couple mods that include it already built for you. But yes, I'd like to see this recipe in the core game. Lots of sticks get used in construction and it seems silly to spend so much time breaking trees or walking around picking them up when you already have tools to make them.

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19 hours ago, Alexander Monulenko said:

you always must stop crafting and change plans to go and find some sticks

? How many sticks do you use and for what?

I collect some sticks from the ground and from bushes and at the beginning of a game I make sure to break at least most of the leaves blocks before I fell a tree and smith shears for that as soon as possible (you get way more sticks out of trees that way). Then I normally keep one chest with sticks and only occasionally collect some more and rarely use the shears before I cut down trees, because I don't really want more than one chest with sticks. I think the only time I really run out of sticks is when I find a trader who buys ladders and I'm too far away from my base and that chest to just run back to craft some more.

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When you use ladders extensively in mining, you need a lot of sticks. Vertical shafts are the best method for searching for ore, after all. And if you get unlucky...

Well. In my currently world I have invested over one thousand sticks into looking for iron, and still have not found it yet. Since I cannot be arsed to manually collect all those sticks, I also modded in a saw recipe for 1 plank -> 2 sticks. It simply replaces consuming shears with consuming saws, so it's perfectly fair.

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17 hours ago, Streetwind said:

Well. In my currently world I have invested over one thousand sticks into looking for iron, and still have not found it yet. 

While there is no breathing restrictions in water in this game, you can use digging straight down in some water (usually suspicious pits underwater or in puddles). Mark place befoe digging down so you could see all places you have explored. Also it would help you get up if you find any cave and start exploring it after

You will get down while using space button to keep you swimming in water and eventually get into some iron (or other metal) vein or straight into some cave too if lucky.. And those veins are usually big! That way you won't need so much sticks, Once you get to some vein, dig to side and there will be no water anymore so you will be ready to collect stuff.

Unless you have claustrophobia or you are scared of the water, it's much safer because no drifter can get you in water. But be sure to hide you torch stack into bags, not main inventory - one mouse scroll can kill whole stack. :D

Sure it's a little bit cheaty, but you have to be carefull anyway. You can dig under lava (if hear one around) and some drifters can spawn once vein has been cleared thus making dark areas for them to spawn. Also if you find some deep cave there could be already some stronger drifters and you can fall straight into deeper cave. But since water will make waterfall in that place, holding space button will let you slowly get down using falling water. And after that pile up blocks near that waterfall and you will be able to swim back up.

Don't know how developers feel about this, but If your consceince is O.K. with this using method thus cheating a little with game's difficulty, :) it makes finding ores and exploring caves less stressful.

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