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1.14.8 Calm Water Lodge - A Peaceful Modded Experience

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This server is for all who want to focus on surviving the elements, not walling off against monsters. All monsters have been removed & other mobs(wolves) are passive.

We have a friendly small community with many experienced members. 

Server is public & is in the public browser(you will need the mods below added).

Come join us if this sounds fun to you! 


Server Name: Calm Water Lodge


Discord Calm Water Lodge

  • PVE / 16 slots
  • Teleporters & roads near spawn take you around the map to give you some distance in your starting area
  • Increased 320 build height which makes neat mountains
  • Basic starting items
  • To account for temporal gears from drifters we have set up a vending machine area which sells them

Mods: Here is a Github to to download all the mods together

You can also download them from the Vintage Story forum post

  • Medieval Expansion3.3.3
  • No Monsters1.0.0
  • Primitive Survival2.5.2
  • Trade o Matv1_14.0-1.4.9
  • Workbench Expansion1.2.8
  • Carry CapacityVS1.14.3-v0.5.3
  • xlib & xskills0.4.5

We have a friendly crew who have settled in to the South & set up a communal road, come stake your claim!

  1. To install the mods, simply download the attached zips & put them in your vintage story mods folder
  2. -To find your mods folder open Vintage Story,  click "Mod Manager" then click "Open Mod Folder".
  3. -Simply put all the downloaded zipped mods into the Vs Mod folder(do not unzip them), restart Vintage Story & join!

xlib_v0.4.5 (1).zip workbench-expansion-1.2.8 (1).zip tradeomat_v1_14.0-1.4.9-B (1).zip primitivesurvival2.5.2 (2).zip NoMonsters-1.0.0 (1).zip medievalexpansion-3.3.3.zip CarryCapacity-VS1_14.3-v0.5.3 (1).zip xskills_v0.4.5 (1).zip

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