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Just a small console cheat request...

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I'm brand new to the game and found out after the fact that native ore on the surface is an indicator of buried deposits. Most of the places I found it I can't remember.

Is there any way to have such items restored to their world-generation state/position(s), so that I can have a little easier time finding more of them? I'm just now molding my first copper pickaxe, and I expect I'll have to spend a bit of time panning if I cant get lucky with it.

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No, you cannot selectively regenerate surface ore deposits. You can regenerate the entire chunk, but that's a completely new result - it does not guarantee that an ore deposit will spawn in it again. Most likely it won't.

You could consider packing up your things and running some 5k blocks in one direction (not north) before settling down again. Then you have a whole new area to explore with fresh deposits. The world is more than large enough! :)

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Okay, thanks. I was considering starting another world because of this, but I forgot the initial map showing isn't the whole thing.

I'm guessing you suggest that because blind mining is a rare success. I.e., one needs to exploit the easier hauls in order to make any progress.

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Blind mining is unlikely to work for earlygame progression, yeah. You don't have the durability on your first pickaxe to try 4-6 blind shafts and hope to luck out - and besides, it's tedious. Even later in the game you are better off determining where you are most likely to succeed, first.

Generally your tool progress should go pickaxe -> hammer -> prospecting pick -> replacement pickaxe -> anything else. If you lucked out and dropped cassiterite nuggets from a cracked vessel or found a merchant that sells you some, that can give you a big leg up; only two cassiterite mixed with 18 copper nuggets gives you a bronze tool.

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