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Underground World

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One of my friends buy VS, but stop playing coz he's like "minecraft's rich underground environment" and was disappoint with low quantity of small empty caves in vaste solid terrain. And it gets me an idea: What if below one quarter of world height will be generates complex cave system, which spanned across all world? Just like caves in old Dwarf Fortress game. Place there you can travel somewhat freely without using your pick. I think this not so hard to implement coz there is no needs to create new content, just some tweaks to world-gen algorithm (generate caves and place already avaible content more often than now).

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I'd love it if the game had at least 3 different 'major worldgen' settings: The normal, earth-like settings we have now; a crazy floating island world with no bottom; and an infinite cave world with no surface.
That's asking for a lot, but I think it would make the game 3 times as replayable.

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I always wondered why is MInecraft terrain so much repeated and finally boring (the first version had interesting terrain gen but next version got very dull and boring). VS is a different case. As I explore new and new parts of map I'm surprised again and again by new types of landscapes and new combinations of rock type, mountain shape, caves, etc. I think it'd be very easy to get more variations only by adding more parameters for generation. I think it'd be better to have all three worldgen setting in one generated map so standard terrain could slowly transform to very tall "table" mountains with huge cave system inside or transform to lower and lower terrain with finally missing bottom layer and floating island "world".

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I think that rather than a whole new world or realms or anything like in Minecraft or other games, we should have the following:

Down deep underground at the bottom of the world there should be areas of extreme temporal instability- something unusual that one notices when in the area, aside from just your temporal gear spinning like mad.  These places should be found in caverns that may or may not have tunnel systems connecting them to the surface.  Down there at the bottom of the world in these locations, we would find small cavernous areas carved out in the past that are now ruins- relics from our ancestors which they built in these special places.

Add some form of temporal device that can be repaired, picked up and moved. Placing a certain number of these devices in a certain configuration in one of these temporal areas creates a gateway of sorts that allows one to pass over into the rust world, but more completely than what happens when your temporal stability gets low- no damage is taken just for being there, you have crossed over completely.

Perhaps if damage is allowed to occur, let it be more slowly.  One would have to take poultices to keep hp up if you intend to be on the other side for long. Temporal gears would be a must as well in order to level out your temporal instability while on the other side, as your gear would spin at a high rate on the other side too. You would have to plan to manage stability issues.

When crossing over, you find that the rust world is the same as our world.  It is a reflection of all things physical, and natural.  Perhaps even buildings would be reflected there, or perhaps only buildings of certain types of materials.  In the rust world however, you find ruins and such that are not reflected in our world.  You wold find new items and resources that could be carried back through the gateway too- mementos of your time on the other side.  You could also find new terrain features that are additions to the reflection of our world- terrain features comprised of materials and resources only found in the rust world. 

You would encounter all of the drifter types that spawn during temporal storms, and they would move the same as well- faster and more aggressive.  Maybe they have a nest of some sorts that could be raided to help reduce their presence in a local area in the rust world.  These would re-spawn over time, and you would have to deal with them again in the future.

You also find other creatures that are unable to spawn into our world, yet, and face different challenges dealing with them as you explore the rust world. I would also suggest that in this world- in the rust world, we would find a more extensive cave system that would span significant parts of the world, if not the entirety of it.

Trans-locators allow us to move from one point in our world to another point in our world, sometimes over great distances.  Temporal gateways would allow us to move from our world to the rust world, and back again.  Activating multiple gateways could allow one to enter into the rust world, travel the extensive cave system to another temporal gateway, and emerge in a distant area in our world.  I would suggest that trans-locators are a thing of our world only, built by our ancestors to travel their world more easily and that perhaps the discovery of that technology led to the cataclysm- when they experimented with applying the technology to the special underground locations of unusual temporal activity.

The making of the gateways would be a mystery to be worked out through lore. Some of that lore could possibly be found on the other side.  It stands to reason that if ancestors made these doorways in the past, then they crossed over.  Surely they left some mark of their presence on the other side?

Perhaps the building of these doorways led to the cataclysm that befell the world and brought about the temporal instability that plagues the land, and gave birth to our race in the process. If we could understand what happened and how, maybe the effects of the breach could be mitigated. Maybe the breach could even repaired...?

Humbly submitted for consideration...

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12 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

I'd love it if the game had at least 3 different 'major worldgen' settings: The normal, earth-like settings we have now; a crazy floating island world with no bottom; and an infinite cave world with no surface.
That's asking for a lot, but I think it would make the game 3 times as replayable.


Sad, but we can't "travel" between these worldgen types like in Terraria. :)

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I get the idea, but i don't see reasoning for this suggestion. :)

I have played Minecraft and also Vintage story now for some time...
I wouldn't say Minecraft is too different in terms of cave systems (especially with new Minecraft cave update) although there are some differences in the way caves are generated. Also keep in mind this game is still in progress - so many things may come later here.

But exploring caves in Vintage story are more dangerous because of possibility to fall straight down many times and temporal instability. Ambient music in caves add great feeling of danger too. Falling in cave wouldn't be so bad in Minecraft, as you can simply make at least pixaxe from stone and dig yourself out. In Vintage story though you can fall into pit without easy access back to surface. Also dangers in Minecraft are more predictable as in Vintage story drifters can spawn at dark place in any given moment, even though it seemed tottaly safe place before - so you have to check your back all the time.

That saying i think that it's not the cave generation wich scares away Minecraft players from this game. It's creepy atmosphere and the fact, that without bandages, ladders, toches, good pixaxe and armor your fun journey into cave, can quickly turn into nightmare - no matter how caves will be generated. :) So journeys to cave are something you have really prepare yourself before.

Sure it would be nice to see some new content related to caves, but i think it will be sooner or later. :)
I have explored hundreds of caves in VS  and still  when i enter next one i don't know how it will end for me, although cave seems similar to others. All mentioned is great for me, but also can be too tiring for some players. I know it from the fact cause i also can't make any friend to love this game the way i do. :D

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