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v1.0 Flint Chisel - Stone Age Microblocks!

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A simple mod that adds the ability to make flint chisels. Flint chisels are significantly crappier

than the metal versions, at only a third of the duration of copper chisels,

but you can make 3 at a time with the flint knapping recipe. ūüėĄ

Our IRL ancestors made flint chisels, so I figured this would be a nice addition.


Flint Chisel v1.0.0.zip


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Cool :) I have been tearing my hair out that there hasn't been a way to make cave paintings, totems and something resembling Göbekli Tepe and the like in the Stone Age era of the game ... ideal for nerds like me, that enjoy roleplaying and rising on the technological ladder way slower than many.

Thanks for this.


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