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How to limit drifter spawn in home?

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Just picked this up today and something has me stumped.

It would be nice to be able to do things during the night sometimes but drifters spawn within my walls... effectively rendering my walls and closed gate pointless.  Does a roof help?  I've read on the wiki that drifters spawn "on solid blocks or inside tall grass below light level 8."  Does this mean the only way to prevent this is to blanket my whole base with "light level 8?"

What constitutes "light level 8?"  Am I thinking about this all wrong and is night intended to strictly be run-to-bed time?

Thanks :)

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Each light source in the game has a light level stat listed in its tooltip. That is how brightly it illuminates to block it itself occupies.

Every block away from the light source, the light level decreases by 1.

So if you had a lantern with reflective lining, the best light source in the game, it would have a light level of (I think) 22. Therefore, any location within 14 blocks distance from that lantern will be illuminated with a light level of above 8 - provided there is no solid block interposed.

Even without lining, though, lanterns are still very powerful. Myself, I don't even have walls - I just have eight lanterns spread in a loose circle around my house. That has reduced the amount of drifters visiting me at night by easily 95%. I still get one randomly wandering in now and then, but I don't have clumps of them dry-humping my windows all night long.

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other than that bottom slabs or other surfaces that are not full block top surfaces help too, don't use top slabs above full blocks though as it seems drifters can spawn on the full blocks beneath and glitch through the slabs sometimes.

Btw. diagonal counts as 2 blocks apart from the light source.

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Oil lamps are the cheapest and earliest light source that never burns out.  1 clay bowl + 1 fat lump.  It only has light level 11, but that still prevents spawns in a 2 tile radius, enough to protect a small room and roof quite cheaply.  

Torches are 14, like minecraft, and last for 3 days, which is plenty for caving.  

All other options require copper smithing at a minimum, but are way better.

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