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idea: Creature syndrome

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this idea is for the future, maybe infected human "mobs" can have this disease and then players can get it. When you get infected you get a choice, suicide: no infection and a respawn or continue sickness
the stage's
stage 1: player can only make axes, spears and fires 
stage 2: infected can only make fires to cook food, no longer like plant foods, monsters dont hunt them
stage 3: infected are faster, dont like light and there eyes glow, they cant use weapons, they can co exist with monsters in caves, they can see in the dark, cant cook sense they can eat raw meat, they can infect other players, can live in cold temperatures like winter 
good and bad things
+: infected are faster, dont need to cook or craft or farm to live, they can live in the cold, they can make tribes with a leader and members and the more members the stronger the leader
-:light hurts them, bees hate them and wolves attack them, non infected players can kill infected players, they cant make weapons, they lose ownership of everything so players can take there stuff if they chose to continue infection

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6 hours ago, Amber Furlong said:


Wdym with that? You might want to look up the abbreviation mob again...


Apart from that, a main thing in VS is exploration, the suggested mechanic will punish players for venturing far to get ressources, therefore is detrimental to the intended gameplay.

First thing is getting rid of infection by death only in combination with losing ownership as long as you are infected: okay if on the server deathpunishment is set to keep inventory (which seem to be a rare thing for multiplayer servers) or in single player, but losing ownership looks to other players as if something is abandoned and free to take, even though it's not as you just are on your way back with a full inventory of stuff you need and can't afford to lose through death, for example bauxite to start steel production from thousands of blocks away.

Another thing is wolves and bees attack players no matter if they are infected or not, while monsters only hunt player characters (who would have to be differentiated into groups to make it happen).

How is the leader of a tribe chosen?


Your suggestion might be an interesting gameplay variant for a pvp server though, some zombie apocalypse variant of VS. But it seems you suggested it without even knowing any gameplay.

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Posted (edited)

no one ever said it would be common and how would it ruin traveling? and it would be a setting not required did i not say that?

made tribes and leaders vague so it could be worked on

over 60 hours on the game i know how it works

Edited by Amber Furlong
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5 hours ago, Amber Furlong said:

and it would be a setting not required did i not say that?

No, you didn't write anything like that. The suggestion like you wrote it, looks like you wanted that to be a default mechanic, which is the biggest reason why i'm against it.

5 hours ago, Amber Furlong said:

made tribes and leaders vague so it could be worked on

A good suggestion gives as much needed information as possible, the little information you gave, gives the impression it only is a relevant mechanic for pvp multiplayer servers, and therefore as DrEngine said, may be a better mod idea than an idea for the default game (it doesn enrich the singleplayer or strict pve gameplay).

5 hours ago, Amber Furlong said:

over 60 hours on the game i know how it works

I had to guess otherwise, because it seems you don't know the mechanics around bee swarms (that attack everything when angered), wolves (that attack any animal and/or player characters), monsters (that only attack player characters and ignore everything else), want to get rid of most default mechanics for infected player characters...
Btw. i'm playing VS for several 100 hours (over 3 major and several smaller versions) and Minecraft for thousands of hours and still learn new stuff all the time, how long someone played a game doesn't say anything about how good the player knows the mechanics behind the scenes.

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