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In the future can you get dogs?

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I have an idea, for domesticate a wolf, you must kidnap a whelp - very dangerous for you, maybe you should kill first his parents, his pack.  it should be harder than in MC. He will need flesh, if you can't feed him, so he will leaving you and look for wolves. If you beat him, he will be fury for ever and he will be dangerous as a wolf! But in good times he will fight and hunt with u and he will give signal before for "catastrophes" like temporal storm or thunderstorm will come. A wolf should have only having fear for dark caves, and thunderstorms and for bears. Thats my idea. Did we will have bears in future? They should be more dangerous as wolf, but a bit slower and only as loner (only in the mating season, max. 2 bears, male + female). And little bears will grow up only by mother. 

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8 hours ago, MITroboticsHACK said:

In the future will you be able to domesticate wolfs? . Because in the trailers thumbnail you can see a wolf sitting next to the players

Yes, this is a planned eventual feature.

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It would be very interesting to have herds of sheep that need to graze, and you have to change locations every season to find better pastures - head to the mountain in the summer like shepherds do to this day in France.

The dogs are essential as protectors and guides for the herd in this scenario.

It would be an interesting and different lifestyle in-game than settling down and growing vegetables and doing everything else in one place... at the very least you need to have multiple bases to switch between.

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But the problem is, if you have too much dogs, or a strong dog - he will protect you too much. In MC you can craete so much much dogs, you lost fear for skeleteons. A dog would be nice, but only if the balance is keeping.

I have an idea, maybe a dog can caught rabies desease and you are in danger ;) - it means also, he never will stopp a fight (he feels only agression and no pain, and have not fear to die), fight until player or dog die. But rabies can also hit wolfes and foxes ;) that should increase danger too - e.g, more bite force, and fighting like Berserker.

The good news, they will die after some days.

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