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wher to find bismuth?Cant´find it.

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  • Andre Simon changed the title to wher to find bismuth?Cant´find it.

In the game, press H to open the handbook.

Search for "nugget (bismuthinite)". Click on that entry.

Where it says "Obtained by breaking", there will be a bunch of icons. Mouse over them to see all the stone types that can host this ore. If you do not have one of these stone types around your base, you will not be able to find bismuth. But do note that the world has three stone layers, so you might find one of the right kinds of stone if you dig down.

As for how to find it? With the prospecting pick. Look for a video tutorial, that'll be much faster ans easier to grasp than a text writeup.


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On 4/5/2021 at 12:37 PM, Andre Simon said:

where to find bismuth

Bismuth does not spawn shallow enough to create surface nuggets, fyi.  So you'll need to search deeper, probably in caves, unless you are good with the propick.   It only spawns in igneous and metamorphic stones, not sedimentary.  As Streetwind mentioned,  you can check the handbook to find out the exact stones. 

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Also for me hard to find, I used first the first method, density for my propick, density was high, 2,8% ... - I was so much happy now ....

Than I took a pickaxe and I build a snake shaped tunnel and I used propick methode-2 - node, my node radius is 6, but my propick results were unfunny often very bad - I found only poor results and even areas with non scanned no-ores. I wasted a full brandnew copper pickaxe, and got only 9 bismuthinite rocks. I used methode again, the same field - now it was 2,7%. Still rich, but I don't want enhance my tunnel, or should I do that?

ps. I found my first 9 bismuthinite rocks in a granite-area, oh, my granite area is so so gigant, I walked in the game-beginning 2 days, from northeast to southwest,  and later also for hunting maybe 500 blocks further in each direction - I have everywhere granite. Only not far far away from my starting point, my Map - scanned a limestone mauntain area, covered a bit with basalt or slate, because some dark black fields. 


btw. for the tunnel building I used also the orientation of the vspprospectorinfo map, I build the tunnel from middlepoint to the outeredge, like a snail, used propick all 7 fields ... maybe 24 two times .... :(

and I found only bad results, in contrast of method 1 and with only with happy accident 9 blocks, granite with Bismuth. 

but okay, now I have so much granite blocks, for streetbuilding :D

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45 minutes ago, RobinHood said:

a snake shaped tunnel

I've no idea what you mean by that, but if you built anything else than a perfectly straight, vertical shaft down, you put in way more effort than necessary :P

Ores generate as flat discs. If you dig straight down from the surface, you go at them head-on, which maximizes the chance of hitting one. If you dig a horizontal tunnel underground, you'll only be able to hit the edge. Like shooting an arrow at the thin edge of a target instead of the large front face.

Find the highest probability reading you can, and dig a two-wide shaft straight down. Take secondary mode readings every dozen blocks or so. Dig all the way to the mantle. If you found nothing, then move 20 blocks over in one direction and make another shaft. Don't bother snaking, spiraling, or getting fancy in any other way. You just want to dig the minimum number of blocks possible, both for tool durability, and for playtime investment. And that minimum number is a two-wide vertical shaft, because a one-block shaft would see you fall to your death if you hit a cave ceiling, whereas a two-wide shaft keeps you safe.

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I don't understand, why one chunk is declared with 1,6% Bismuth decent, and one other chunk with 1,8% => poor, method 1. And why I did get in this chunk with Bismuth 1,6% no any ores - in method 2 - contradiction, but a huge one.

contradiction, but a huge one.
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Another Chunk today - thats a contradiction again, Method 1  - decent Bismuth results (method 1).

Method 2, around/within this first coordinate/chunk - zero, but really zero Bismuth, maybe I took 20 Node probes in this Chunk! Thats very weird, sorry.

No tunnel or such, no, I made a raster search on surface in this chunk (ca 30x30)*, after I got decent results of Bismuth with method - 1. And With method I got 12 times 'No Ores Nearby' - thats made me teird. Bit much more than needed but couldn't believe it, that I got everytime ZERO ORES results by method2 ....

No 40x40 because I used also prospectinfo mod.


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