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-Collaborative Classes-

Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player.

Please note: I would personaly say that the one class that is the most useful would be the Engineer whilst the Soldier and Merchant is more for higher populated servers/bigger groups.

Mod Includes:

  • Revamps the classes to be more focused around collaboration and trading within a community.
  • Adds reinforced tools (2x Durability) that require mulitple classes to craft.
  • Engineer can turn Crystalized Ores into Gem Bits for other classes to use in recipes.
  • Merchant can turn Gem Bits into sellable gems.
  • Merchant can convert Temporal Gears into rusty ones with the jewellers kit.

Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/453



Important/Key Classes: 268953241_ClassBackgroundLineartGold.png.5278b313a0ade63e49749af78f6be04e.png  Standard/Base-line Classes: 236828673_ClassBackgroundLineartSilver.png.c5fefbe8544802ae23e38e949a437622.png  Optional/Extra Classes: 60639532_ClassBackgroundLineartCopper.png.c6c77cc3977d58ca07a027fb94441110.png














Things (Hopefully) To Come:

  • Finish Gem-Cutting Trait & Recipes.
  • Bone tools/weapons for hunter.
  • Seed recipes for gatherer.
  • More Classes Such As Cook. or maybe adding recipes for food to existing classes?
  • More Gem Bits recipes for Soldier, Gatherer, Hunter, Miner
  • Additional Items For Soldier.
  • Get Feedback=Better Mod?

Potential Issues:

  • Any mod that adds/changes classes or traits WILL clash with this mod. BUT should work with xskills and xlib mods
  • Any mod that edits the game lang file WILL clash with this mod.
  • Reinforced tools won't use other mods crafting recipes.





    0.9.0: Test Release: Collaborative Classes

    - Added classes and reinforcced tools

    0.9.5: Test Release: GemCutting

    - Added Jewellers Kit + Gem Bits w/traits
    - Added Crude Bow + Arrows to Hunter w/trait
    - Added pennypinching trait to merchant = 1/3 conversion of temporal gears to rusty
    - Finished the handbook info page
    - Rebalanced Classes:

        Miner - 40% > 30% Loot Animals
        Soldier -40 > -30% Ore Mining
        Soldier -10% > 0% Walk Speed
        Engineer -40% > -20% Loot Animals
        Gatherer 5 > 2 Extra Health Points
        Gatherer 100% > 60% Forage Rate



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