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Server Hosting Recommendations ( Modded Vintage Story)

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As the title says I am looking for a server host in order to start a little server with friends from generally Europe and all over US + Canada. 

Would be about 10 people and we would like to use mods. 

Anybody got some good recommendations for hosts ?
In the past tried multiple hosts for games like Terraria , Minecraft and other survival games with varying results of performance with even just 5 people. 
And regarding mods , many had that smart statement "If the game has workshop support it will pull from the Steam Workshop and install and update automatically" ... yeah , sure... VS on steam....
If the only option is to use an FTP client that isnt an issue either then. 

Thanks for replies and help in advance and all have a nice day/evening


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On 4/21/2021 at 5:22 PM, Stroam said:

I'm biased


Looking forward to when they can offer modding and higher player counts.  I know they are working toward that, eventually.
Would love to bring The Wilderlands back "home" one day. ;)

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