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Let there be bees...


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I haven't been able to find them either after quite a bit of looking and was looking at the config file to get a clue.

It's a pretty rare set of conditions. Dry but not desert. Warm with lots of trees.

I started looking at things with similar conditions and found obvious signs of when to stop looking in a forest

Mushrooms, ,Forget-me-not, wild daisy ,cow parsley, edelweiss, Heather, western gorse, horsetails, ferns, all indicate too cold so skip to the next forest if you see these.

Cactus too dry. Skip it.

If you see soybean in a forest you found a climate match for bees

I'd say this could be a spoiler but even with this information they will be hard to find.

I think the rarity was intended to make this a multiplayer challenge or to extend gameplay but actually makes it very hard for a single person searching I think. I was thinking of making a mod to make it a little easier for single player or make alternative recipes for candles using string and fat.

I think this is a great way to make people explore for special items when the game has more content and advanced teir stuff. I found deposits of rare gold and other minerals when I was looking for bees. Just poking my propick occasionally.



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@Elwood: Thanks. I keep on trying. I also found lots of other useful things while trying to find bees, so no waste of time here. I'll have another close look at the forest with the soybeans! :)

@redram: Sounds cool. I'm looking forward to it.

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IMHO the rarity of bees is quite off putting of the entire game experience.  All of the good lighting requires bee products and quite a bit of them.  I have fat coming out the ears, mainly from the incessant war of the wolves I seem to be waging.  The processing @redram mentioned would be awesome right now.  I can't run around with my volume all the way up; one, I shouldn't have to, two, it's inconsiderate of the rest of my family to do so... three, I don't need hearing loss caused by the other sounds in the game when I have my earbuds in and the sound turned up (see #2 and Tinnitus sucks kids, take care of your ears).  I've gotten frustrated enough to play with the bees in creative mode, just so I could understand what I might be looking for (and to see how they work, I like the processes btw).  I dunno, may be my seeds sucks, I have only found one crop of soy, that was early on and I didn't know of the significance.  Again, it shouldn't be so rare that a poor seed destroys a world you're already invested in.  Don't get me wrong, I love TFC, so taking the long route to get somewhere isn't the issue, but there should be mechanics to use/progress to in order to overcome the obstacles.  The RNG gods are merciless and there is a difference between rare and extinct.  Bees might as well be extinct.  If it wasn't for the graveyard mod I would have given up on the first of the week worth of nights I've been walking.  @Tyron, frustration is not enjoyable, please fix this.  How about making some flower an indicator... as in the flower doesn't spawn unless a beehive has spawned first.  Make the general noise louder?  They do make a racket if they are buzzing you for an attack.  Expand the spawning conditions a bit.  There seems to be a very specific spawn condition that is all to easily sacrificed to RNG.  RNG sucks as a game mechanic, don't depend on it to do the right thing, because it won't (it's a trap!).  If I didn't like the game so much, I wouldn't have posted this, I would've just deleted it.  But this game has potential, so I'll stick with it, I want to see where it goes.  But tonight... I'm cheating in a skep.. I'll even toss out the 12 beenades I have found in my adventures... hey, there's another option, a recipe to turn those into skeps?   Fix the bees, don't let them be the downfall of something with this much potential.

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I don't think bees are as rare as people make out.

First of all, the dry but not desert -- I'm in grassland and the 'dry' still looks like grassland to me, maybe slightly less lush. There are no forests, but there are some spotty clumps of trees here and there... including some big giant oak trees... and I've got at least 4 beehives.

I'm a bit hard of hearing and cannot rely on sound to find them, yet I've had no trouble finding them. So, yeah, I think it takes patience and perhaps a systematic search, but it is doable unless you are just in the completely wrong environment. Even then, an examination of the large map gives the player the ability to head to a more favorable location.

It helps to be walking too. I can't tell you how many videos I've watched where the player is looking for bees and running right through optimal conditions without slowing down to look around.

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I have to agree with dakko on this one, I don't think they are as rare as people think they are. That said, they are a challenge to find. If you're just looking for hanging nests, well, good luck with that, but you're probably missing the bees that are there. The nests can also be inside logs and the only way you find those is by seeing the bees buzzing around or hearing them, oh, and those can be up in the tops of the big oaks too, so even harder to see the bees buzzing around among the leaves. As dakko said, patience and a good systematic search.

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Never found them in the 1.7 series, and in the 1.9x series, my wife and I spent the better part of a playing week looking for bees with no success.  I got sick of it, generated a damn hive and only after that have we ever seen them (and still rare at that).  Terrain type we found them in was where you find hyenas and brown grass. 

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