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How do you mine

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Well I was wondering "how do people mine in VS?"

I must admit I´m kind off stuck with the habitual thinking of strip mining which kind of turns into a waste of time and ressources ^^

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  1. Using prospecting pick find an area with a decent reading of the desired ore.
  2. Find it's center with the highest reading. Quarter-chunk accuracy is enough. Even chunk.
  3. Start making shafts to the mantle. I use one block wide shafts filled with water. To hover in water - hug a wall. Hovering saves you if suddenly your shaft hits a cave, because you fall faster than water column spreads down.
    Careful - some ores like zink are nearly invisible is some rocks, so pay attention to block info window and e.g. dig down watching north-east waslls but float up watching south-west.
  4. Space shafts approx 6-8 blocks from each other, e.g. in spiral pattern from the central one.
  5. Good luck.

Read Wiki' article about ores and propicking, very helpful.

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