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The Homesteading update (v1.15-pre.1)

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Will chicken still reproduce in nature, since there are no "boxes" available? Or will they make nests from twigs and grass? All animals run around with their babies, so it would be weird for chicken to suddenly stop doing so because of a lack of boxes :P .

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31 minutes ago, Marc Thomßen said:

Where can I find the recipe for the longbow or recurve bow?
I am playing a hunter, but I cannot find neither the first nor the later in the crafting menu. Only the classic bow and the crude bow are available.



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Looking back at the update pre6 atm and the vote so far : I was wondering which of the following would be dropped out or are all of them going to make it?:

  • fruit trees ?
  • alcohol(i saw distillery mentioned for rc1, more animal(we saw a bear in devlog)
  • birds(saw a hawk from balduranne in pictures)
  • animal leashes(wip?)
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