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I had originally written a post back on Friday but since things have built up a bit more and we have more of a direction and goal in mind now, I felt it would be appropriate 

to delete the original post.

We're a vanilla game server that has temporal storms turned off. Our main goal is to build a thriving and friendly community that is built upon helping those in need. We ask that members who are interested in joining to be at least eighteen years or older.

In order to easily steer the direction of the server we have divided the needs and task for the community into FOUR departments. Each is tasked with overseeing and governing the needs of our budding town, that at this time has yet to be named. By no means are you required to join any of the departments. The core members and I just feel it would better help new members to help decide which "class" they'd like to choose and what activities they would like to help partake in. 

The departments and a brief description of each departments' duties are as follows:

Department of Construction and Forestry- focuses of the accumulation of build materials, focuses on the construction of public use buildings and path/roadways, assists in the construction of player owned homes. Controls regional deforestation by replanting saplings.

Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry- Upholds the protection of Foxes and raccoons and focuses on preserving wild life such as Hens and Rams around the village for animal husbandry. Focuses on the tending to town controlled farmland as well.

Department of Exploration and Extermination- Survey the land for resources that will be used for the development of the community. Become a cartographer and help map out our world and mark points of interest. Focuses on the culling of local and regional wolf and bear populations.

Department of Mining and Forging- Focuses on  mining for rare metals and minerals and spending your time working over a hot forge creating masterworks that will be used for the betterment of our town and society?

We also have an active discord of which you will be able to get the info need access to the server,and  converse with the growing community via text and voice channels. 

The server currently has nine out of sixteen player slots filled and we're wanting to grow beyond the current player player cap. If and when that does happen we will begin to request donation to help with server cost. All donations will be handled though the server hosting site of Nitrando. 

If you're interested in joining us on this wild and thrilling adventure then please shoot me a message and we'll start the process of getting you on board with us!

Looking forward to seeing new faces to join our server!

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Greetings All,

Lost World is entering its second month!!!!

We're eagerly looking for new members to join our ranks to help grow our town and enrich our community.

If these screen shots are enticing enough then please shoot me a message and we can get things rolling!















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