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Is there a world editor like the MCEdit for Minecraft that can edit terrain outside of Creative mode? outside the game in general?


Or am I stuck with switching to Creative mode and slowly tearing down a mountain block by block?

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Not sure if there's an off-game editor, but there's a fairly sturdy tool in Creative along the lines of WorldEdit. Just press the ° key (might vary depending in your model, it's the one below Esc) while in creative mode to open the advanced editor. You can select, copy and rotate large areas, place or delete multiple blocks at once (in round or square patterns), fill gaps, etc. I've had some trouble using the advanced tools with chiseled blocks (it can do it, but it gets super laggy unless you're only doing it with a handful of chiseled blocks at a time), but if you're just building or terraforming with vanilla blocks it shouldn't be an issue.

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